Samsung's Unpacked 2013: Episode 2 in Berlin, Germany begins Wednesday, Sep. 4, at which time the mobile mogul will unveil two highly anticipated new products: the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The event will be broadcasted via live stream online from the Tempodrom in central Berlin. For those who are considering the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as their next Android smartphone "phablet" or are just really interested in seeing what the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is all about, the Unpacked event is not to be missed. (To watch the live stream online of Samsung's Unpacked 2013: Episode 2 in Berlin, scroll to the bottom of the article.)

What Time Does Samsung Unpacked In Berlin Live Stream Begin?

So what time does the Samsung Unpacked 2013: Episode 2  in Berlin begin and where can you watch it? Though a complete list of times and time zones are pictured above, here are a few major time zone listings for reference. In addition, a live stream of the event has been embedded at the bottom of the article.

NEW YORK: 1 p.m. ET


UK: 6 p.m.


NEW DELHI: 10:30 p.m.

What To Expect From The Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 Live Stream: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Revealed

The first thing we know to expect from Samsung's Unpacked 2013: Episode 2  is the unveil of the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone "phablet." In terms of specs and features there have been any number of rumors about the Android device that, if we are lucky at all, will be confirmed at the Unpacked event. Here's a quick overview of what we've heard thus far concerning the Galaxy Note 3 specs, features, price and release date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs And Features

The Galaxy Note 3 LTE version is expected to come with a 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2.5GB of RAM. It's also been rumored that a non-LTE version will feature the same chipset found in the Samsung Galaxy S4 — the super powerful Exynos 5 Octa. In terms of screen specs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to sport a full HD 1920 x 1080 display and 5.68-inch screen size, giving it an estimated 397 ppi. Some recently leaked screen shots of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have also supported rumors that the new Android phablet will feature the latest Android firmware, Jelly Bean 4.3. Thus far we've only seen the Nexus 7 running the 4.3 operating system so this will be a big selling point for the Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price And Release Date

Other leaks that emerged this week via a Russian retailer, also gave hints about the launch price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The site claims the Note 3 will arrive at the price of 29,900 Rubles, which translates to £576 or just under 900 dollars. Though the price may sound a bit steep, with a subsidized two-year plan it's probably spot on. Last year the Note 2 launched at $299.00 with a two-year contract so the 900.00 price on the Note 3 seems probable.

Finally, when is the Galaxy Note 3 release date? There have been tons of rumors surrounding this with all of them boiling down to a mid to late September arrival. Some leaked documents published by Engadget a while back indicated UK carriers would begin selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on September 16th. Meanwhile ETrade had a rumor of their own which said the device would be available for pre-order in Taiwan on Sep. 16, with a release on September 27th. Historically speaking, Taiwan has always been one of the first regions of the world to get new Samsung flagships devices along with the United States and UK. A few other rumors have also indicated a similar September 27 release for the Galaxy Note 3 so that's the date we're banking on.

What To Expect From The Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 Live Stream: Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Revealed

Though we know Samsung's latest smartwatch concept, the Galaxy Gear, is set to make its appearance during Samsung's Unpacked 2013: Episode 2 live stream, it's not certain we'll hear anything about a public release date or even detailed specs on the device. Based on rumors around the web, the Galaxy Gear will run Android firmware, and will allegedly be able to perform some standard smartphone functions like placing calls and checking email. In terms of specs, the Samsung smartwatch is said to have an OLED display rumored at 2.5 inches and a dual core processor. Some of the fun features include possible near field communication (NFC) and even a simple camera. The same Russian retailer who leaked alleged priced for the Note 3 have also claimed that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be priced at around £290, or $450. Of course we won't know what's fact or fantasy, however, until Wednesday's live stream of the Samsung Unpacked 2013: Episode 2 in Berlin.

Watch Samsung Unpacked: Episode 2 Live Stream Online [VIDEO LINK]