Are Kickass Torrents (, H33t, ExtraTorrent and BitSnoop down? It appears these popular TV Torrent sites aren't down but have been blocked by ISPs in Belgium this week. The is just one more European country to see stricter enforcement of anti-piracy measures by government agencies. The block has been active for several days now, and for those who attempt to visit sites like, H33t, ExtraTorrent and BitSnoop to download or watch free TV and movie torrents online, they are finding in their browser window the following warning notice that the website is illegal.

"You have been redirected to this stop page because the website you are trying to visit offers content that is considered illegal according to Belgian legislation. If you are the owner or administrator of this website and you consider to be wrongly redirected, you can report this by fax at +32(0)2/733.56.16."

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Belguim has long been considered a strong opponent of pirated materials such as TV and movie torrents, as in 2011, they led the pack in implementing a court-ordered Pirate Bay block. This led Pirate Bay regulars to seek other ways of watching and downloading movies, music and TV shows for free online at proxy torrent sites like Kickass Torrents (, ExtraTorrent, BitSnoop and H33T. Last weekend, however, Belgians began reporting the blocks of these popular torrent sites, which were confirmed this week by TorrentFreak. (NOTE: iDesignTimes in no way condones the illegal viewing or distributing of copyrighted material and as such recommends for viewing free movies online, make sure to check the free legal website listings we have here.)

The latest blocks by Belgium ISPs are nothing all that surprising, as many European countries have begun similar blocks of file-sharing websites with pirated materials. The UK has been the most aggressive in their blocking of not only porn sites but also many popular TV and movie torrent sites such as EZTV and YIFI, 1337X, fenopy, IsoHunt, KAT/Kickass Torrents, BitSnoop, Torrent Crazy, Movie4k, Monova, and Torrentz. Earlier this month, the PirateBay released a new browser of its own — PirateBrowser — which would reportedly allow users to get around the blocks set up by the U.K. Though the tool works inconsistently, it's nonetheless seen hundreds of thousands of downloads by people in a multitude of countries including the U.K.

Still, those who seek to use the tool were issued a warning by the administrators of the TorrentFreak. According to the site, PirateBrowser does not provide "anonymity and it's not secure to hide your identity. PirateBrowser is only supposed to circumvent censoring and website blocking." According to PirateBrowser's creators, making the browser completely anonymous would slow down browsing so significantly many users would not find it beneficial. For that reason, PirateBrowser was created without identity protecting features.

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So where can you go to watch free movies online or download torrents of free movies, TV shows and music? Though TorrentFreak reports that new domain still works in Belgium, we thought it beneficial to offer you so legal alternatives to the free TV and movie torrent sites.

To watch free movies and TV shows online, check out our extensive listing of legal alternatives to the blocked, ExtraTorrent, BitSnoop and H33T at the following link. Watch Free Movies Online Without Movie2K: Where To Watch Streaming Movies Now The Site Has Been Blocked 

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