Legend Of Korra Season 2 fans have been in a tizzy today after two new commercials were released by Nickelodeon Thursday, which seemed to indicate the much-awaited Legend of Korra Book 2 series would arrive two weeks earlier than the release date we expected. The videos, while not showcasing much that was new, did include an interesting tidbit that has become the center of the current Legend of Korra Season 2 release date controversy. In the videos, viewers saw a message flash that the new series would be coming "tonight" and "Friday," or, as most Korra fans assumed, Aug. 30, 2013.

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Of course the news that Legend of Korra Book 2 would be airing two weeks ahead of the scheduled release date is enough to get any Last Airbender fan off their rocker for a minute. But alas, it seems it was all a mistake, explained to us by a quite avid Legend of Korra blogger at http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/. Here is what our friend had to say about the matter.

"Sometime yesterday, Nickelodeon posted two new Legend of Korra Book 2 commercials on their official website. The commercials were very similar to the last we received, the only difference being the premiere date listed for Book 2. The original commercial listed Book 2 to premiere on September 13th. The two commercials Nickelodeon recently released changed things up a bit and suggested that Book 2 would air this Friday or today.  For some reason, many people believed this and I've been getting tweets and emails from many confused fans. Book 2 will still be airing on September 13th. These two commercials Nickelodeon released are just commercials that they plan on airing when we get closer to the September 13th release date. For example, a week from Book 2's release date, Nickelodeon will air the commercial stating that Book 2 will air this Friday. On September 13th, Nickelodeon will air the commercial stating that Book 2 will air today.  Nothing has changed in terms of Book 2's release date. This is just an example of Nickelodeon looking to the future, but getting a little excited and jumping the gun. I have no idea why Nickelodeon posted these two videos as they have only caused confusion so far. No matter the reason, fans now have an early look at the commercials they'll be seeing in about a week's time. We're almost there."

And indeed, though it has at times seemed like a far longer wait than we wanted to bear, two more weeks till the release of Legend Of Korra Season 2 on September 13, 2013 is not really all that long. Plus Nickelodeon has been throwing tons of goodies at use the last few weeks in the form of teaser trailers, commercials, and leaked episode titles. Not to mention the three-part Legend of Korra Mini Series 'Republic City Hustle' that had us all salivating this week. If you haven't had a chance to check out those or the most recent Legend of Korra Season 2 commercials, we've embedded them below for your viewing pleasure. Legend of Korra: "Republic City Hustle: Part 1"     Legend of Korra: "Republic City Hustle: Part 2" [HD]     Legend of Korra: ''Republic City Hustle Part 3''     The Legend of Korra - Book 2 Trailer #5 [HD]        The Legend of Korra - Book 2 Trailer #4 [HD]        The Legend of Korra - Book 2 Trailer #3 [HD] Twitter Legend Of Korra