#ABCReports: A trending Twitter hashtag that proves NBC and CNN aren't the only mainstream new sources the internet will scoff at when their attempts at being relevant just register as ridiculous. The ABC network scored a major fail in the online community Tuesday, as the news source printed a report called "Twerking: A Scientific Explanation." If you never expected science and Miley Cyrus' favorite new pastime (or should we call it "twerk time?") to end up in the same new report together, think again.

Bringing in an exercise science professor from Auburn University, Michelle Olson, to comment on the dance that has seen increased visibility due to Miley's recently shameless and bizarre rendition on the VMA 2013 stage with Rob Thicke, ABC went on to describe — in ever so scientific terms — what "twerking" was all about.

"You take a wide stance with your legs turned out at 10 and 2 so your hips are externally rotated, then you pulse up and down as you thrust the pelvis bone forward and back," described Olsen. The science professor then went on to extoll the health benefits of "twerking one out" every now and then.

"The booty dancing move is a good "twerkout" for your butt and thighs. It also works the deep muscles of the hips and the core muscles of the lower back and abdominals." However the report does offer this admonition: "Over-twerking might throw out the lower back or make the knees creak."

Yeah, so either ABC is trying to shake it up and get relevant, or their just shamelessly targeting trending Internet keywords. Either way, the gesture wasn't exactly appreciated by the Internet community as many scoffed at the fact that the news source had nothing better to report on that day.

Of course anytime American's get outraged or finds a situation beyond ridiculous you know they're gonna bring it to social media, with trending hashtags being a favorite way to register shock, anger, outrage, disgust and then eventually downright satirical humor.

The ABC report "Twerking: A Scientific Explanation," has made its way into the ranks of the trending Twitter hashtags as #ABCReports was born. Though the last several days Twitter has been plenty fired up, featuring everything from #NSAPickupLines to #Batfleck and #MileyCyrusAss, this trending hashtag is one that's had me laughing-out-loud all day as the wit and humor of the internet community's outrage is a sight not to be missed.

Here are the top 25 funniest #ABCReport tweets we found just absolutely, undeniably hilarious.

#ABCReports Tweets