Will Apple's next iPhone 5S include a fourth "graphite" color choice? The next iteration of Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5S, is coming soon as rumors fly around the net faster than we can ever keep up with. With claims of A7 chips sporting faster speeds, fingerprint scanner, slow-motion cameras and duel flash, this latest rumor of a fourth color choice is putting the iPhone rumor mill over the top.

If you haven't been keeping up with the latest news, specs features and possible release dates on Apple's next iPhone 5S, we've rounded up the top five rumors which just wont stop and added our two cents as to why we think they will or won't be happening.

iPhone 5S To Feature Four Colors, Including "Graphite"


So, all year long we've been hearing rumors of Apple bringing new colors to its next iPhone. Though most of us assumed a rainbow selection would only be available for the budget iPhone 5C, which would come with a cheaper plastic casing and with less powerful specs, the rumor that a gold iPhone 5S might be on Apple's list of things to do just wouldn't stop. Over the summer, a massive outpouring of leaked photos showing a gold iPhone 5S came our way which seemed to make the rumors hold a little more weight.

Just last week, Reuters made the claims even more valid by announcing that Apple was indeed getting ready to launch a gold, or rather "champagne" colored iPhone 5S. We'd barely had time to adjust to the idea when along came the latest rumor of a fourth iPhone 5S color. Leaked photos of the steel gray or graphite-colored iPhone made their way to the web via well known Apple blogger, Sonny Dickinson, who has been responsible for a number of leaked iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C photos this summer. The new graphite iPhone 5S is edged in black and makes a quite stunning addition to the default white and black offerings we've seen in the past.

Apple iPhone 5S To Include A7 Processor For 31 Percent Faster Speeds


Another very recent iPhone 5S rumor to emerge over the weekend had to do with the processor inside the upcoming device. Until recently, virtually no information was available concerning the chipset for the iPhone 5S — other than the fact Samsung would be the maker. On Sunday morning, however, Clayton Morris, a news anchor for Fox who covers technology and sports related news, shared on Twitter the following hints about the next iPhone 5S chipset.

"Sources are telling me the new iPhone's A7 chip is running at about 31 percent faster than A6. I'm hearing it's very fast," tweeted Morris.

The A7 chip, as it's being named, is presumed to be a dual-core processor just as its predecessor the A6 was, but 9 to 5 Mac claims there will be one major differentiator between the two — 64-bit.

"We've independently heard claims that some of the iPhone 5S internal prototypes include 64-bit processors ... It's unclear if 64-bit will make the cut, but it's been in testing. We're told that the 64-bit processing will assist the A7 chip in making animations, transparencies, and other iOS 7 graphical effects appear much more smoothly than on existing iOS Devices," blogs Mark Gurman.

And, truly, a faster more powerful 64-bit processor chip seems a strong possibility as iOS 7 is certainly demanding in terms of the graphics, animations and transparency features integrated. In iOS 7 Beta 5 we saw the removal of the panoramic wallpapers for all current devices. Perhaps the option is being saved for the next Apple iPhone 5S to showcase via this new A7 chipset.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner


The iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner rumor has been one of the most pervasive of this iPhone release season as 2011 and 2012 were years stuffed with stories of stolen iPhones being a large source of crime in cities like New York and San Francisco. As many as one in three crimes reported across the nation involved the theft of an iPhone during those years. Apple, known chiefly for producing products people love to own, seems to have heeded the security and theft concerns, and began working on the much-anticipated fingerprint scanner, which by all accounts, will be showcased in the upcoming iPhone 5S. The fingerprint scanner would allow for login via fingerprint scan, increasing security and hopefully significantly reducing theft of iPhones in general.

iPhone 5S To Feature Slow-Motion Camera and Duel LED Flash For More Beautiful Photos


Pill-shaped dual LED flash rumors have also swirled for some time, but early this month we finally saw some "proof" that the component might actually exist. The confirmation came via leaked schematics on Nowhereelse.fr. The incorporation of a duel-LED flash on the next iPhone 5S would lend itself to better lighting for photos overall, which would nicely compliment the 12 mega-pixel camera that has been rumored throughout 2013. In addition, we heard rumors this summer of a possible slow-motion camera feature, which would allow for high-dynamic range pictures and 120-frames-per-second video recording — much like the camera features of the Galaxy S4.

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumored For Mid-September

Though we've heard any number of release date rumors for the iPhone 5S, ranging from late June through sometime in 2014, many of them have finally settled down on September as the month the next iPhone 5S will likely release. iOS 7 is rumored to have the final beta — iOS 7 GM go out to Apple employees September 5, 2013 and other developers on September 10, 2013. Meanwhile, it is expected the iPhone 5S will be showcased in a September 10, 2013 Apple event alongside the budget iPhone 5C. Both devices are rumored to actually release on September 20, 2013 — ten days after the unveil event. The iPhone 5S price on release date is expected to be similar to previous models, coming in around $199 down with a 2-year contract.

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