The iPhone 5S release date is not too far away it seems, as each week new leaks arrive on the net bringing the rumor mill frenzy to an all-time high. The hottest featured rumors to arrive this week include a new name for the device, based off of leaked photos dubbing the next iPhone as, not the iPhone 5S but rather the iPhone 5C. In addition, Apple's iOS 7 beta 4 seemed to contain an interesting string of code that further confirms a fingerprint scanner for the next iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C or iPhone 6 is definitely on its way.

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iPhone 5S Now Named The iPhone 5C? Some Speculate the C Could Stand For Color or Cheap

So we've been hearing about the economy iPhone that was supposed to be coming all year. The phone has been referred to as the iPhone 5S, the budget iPhone, the iPhone Lite and now seems to have acquired yet another name — the iPhone 5C — based off of photos that surfaced online this week.

The photos show a kind of rectangular-shaped case which is assumed to be the box which new iPhone will come housed in and clearly printed on the side of it are the words "iPhone 5C" leading many to believe this has to be the new name of the cheaper iPhone. It has been rumored that Apple's next iPhone will release in September and perhaps the iPhone 5C will be its name.

iPhone 5S Rumors: Ahead Of Production, Leaked Photos Reveal Display and Case Details About Next Apple iPhone [PHOTOS]

Multiple rumors have swirled concerning the budget iPhone by Apple including that it will come in a plastic casing, be available in multiple colors and resemble the iPhone 5 or possibly the 3GS, but now with these new cases, a name change to iPhone 5C can be added to the list of release date rumors.

Fingerprint Scanner For iPhone 5 S or iPhone 6 Confirmed In Apple's iOS 7 Beta 4 Code Folder "BiometricKitUI"

The second rumor to be confirmed this week is the long running rumor that the next iPhone — be it iPhone 5S or 6 — upon it's release will feature a fingerprint recognition scanner for confirming the owners identity and preventing fraud. The latest confirmation comes via a string of code found within Apple's iOS 7 Beta 4 that was released Monday, July 29, 2013.

The code containing information about the fingerprint recognition scanner was first discovered by Developer Hamza Sood who says it describes a user touching the Home button with their thumb. A fingerprint then appears on the screen that changes color and then the "recognition is complete". This description was found within a folder in the new iOS 7 beta 4 labeled "BiometricKitUI."

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In addition to rumors that the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 would feature this kind of biometric technology, it has also been rumored that Apple's iWatch could have this kind of technology integrated when it is released, though the timeframe for when the new Apple iOS watch will arrive is unknown.

Chinese Labor Watch Reports Confirm A Cheaper Plastic iPhone 5S/5C Is Coming

Unfortunately, amid all this talk of a cheaper iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C there are uglier rumors also being associated with Apple, related to work conditions in Apple's Chinese manufacturing facilities. These rumors ironically have served to confirm that a plastic iPhone really is on its way. A report by China's Labor Watch which has been investigating working conditions at Pegatron, alluded to a plastic iPhone in the works. Here is an excerpt from that report.

"Today's work is to paste protective film on the iPhone's plastic back cover to prevent it from being scratched on assembly lines. This iPhone model with a plastic cover will soon be released on the market by Apple. The task is pretty easy, and I was able to work independently after a five-minute instruction from a veteran employee. It took around a minute to paste protective film on one rear cover. The new cell phone has not yet been put into mass production, so quantity is not as important. This makes our job more slow-paced than in departments that have begun mass production schedules."

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We know a low-cost iPhone has long been talked about and when taking all the recent leaks and rumors together, it's a pretty safe bet that in September of 2013 we could be looking at the release of a new budget iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C that is cheap, plastic, and available in six vibrant colors. The fingerprint scanner, however, will more likely be saved for a newer model of the premium device such as the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

As more iPhone 5S release date rumors emerge be sure to check back here for details. Meanwhile, read a few of our older Apple rumor roundups below.

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