"Extreme Homeless Man Makeover" viral YouTube video may have seemed like a joke by prankster VitalyzdTv, but it has turned into anything but that as comedian Vitaly Zdorovetskiy helped to give a homeless man he met on the streets of Boca Raton, Fla., an extreme makeover which left the guy feeling really, really happy.

So where did the idea for this "Extreme Homeless Man Makeover" video come from? According to Zdorovetskiy, he wanted to let folks on YouTube and around the world know there was more to him than just pulling pranks.

"I wanted to make a random homeless guy's day and since I am usually a d-bag in my vids ... wanted to show people that I have a heart and I am a really nice guy".

So what happens in the "Extreme Homeless Guy Makeover" video? Well it starts out on the corner of Palmetto Park Road and 441 in Boca Raton, Florida. There Vitaly and a friend walk up to a guy who appears to be homeless and this interaction transpires.

Zdorovetskiy: "You hungry?"

Man: "Yes, I'm hungry."

Zdorovetskiy: "You need work?"

Man: "Yes I need work."

Zdorovetskiy: "Well it's your lucky day. You're on Extreme Makeover, you're on my show right now. We're going to get you a shower, get you a haircut and you're going to a steakhouse with us."

The video continues and through it we see Zdorovetskiy and his friend taking the man to a motel where he can stay for the evening, buying him a steak dinner and giving the guy the Extreme makeover of his life.

The pair start by renting a motel room for the homeless man then they head out to get him a haircut and clothing makeover.

When they are finished they load back in the car where the homeless guy proceeds to throw his own personal party in the backseat while on the way to a nice restaurant with an endless buffet. Through every step of the video you see this homeless man who received the extreme life makeover just basking in the generosity of this unknown stranger.

After the meal, the homeless man exclaims,

"I can't believe I ate so much food. I ate steak, plus lamb chop ... so many different kinds of meats it was unbelievable. This is a dream come true. It's unbelievable ... you made my day, you made my night and you made my year!"

The video of the "Extreme Homeless Man Makeover" is exploding online since its upload to YouTube Monday, and it's not hard to see why. Some days it feels like there is little good like this going on in the world around us.

Viewers on Reddit also seemed struck by the random act of kindness that gave this homeless guy a life makeover for a day as here are a few of the comments posted in reaction.

"Seen that guy before and he hits me right in the humble every time. If all of us regular, comparatively well off folk could do what the guys in the video do and take a random homeless person out once every couple of months, it would make such a huge difference to them." -- sgst

"I have been meaning to put together homeless kits (Food, water bottle, toiletries, etc.) for a while now, maybe I should on that sooner rather than later..." -- MrTortoise

"One thing that strikes me about this guy. He's super humble. He's not greedy or anything. At the store he never once even attempted to pick something. He had to be shopped for. Super respect for that all involved". -- ClassicYotas

"It really made me happy to see them do this for someone. It really makes you think about how much you have. If I wanted to, I could buy all of that, with maybe the exception of the motel, any day." -- SonOfLava

Though some viewers have questioned the motives of the "Extreme Homeless Man Makeover" video creator, when it comes down to it, how much bad could doing a little good be? Either was, we're glad it happened, and we hope it inspires others to try their own random act of kindness today.

Watch "Extreme Homeless Man Makeover!" Viral YouTube Video

What do you think of the Extreme Homeless Man Makeover viral YouTube video? Has it inspired you to do something good today?