When will iOS 7 Beta 4 release? Is iOS 7 Beta 4 coming today? New direct download link leaks suggest Apple's next iOS 7 beta 4 build number 11a4435a may already be ready and release as soon as Monday, July 29, 2013.

The news comes to us today after a disappointing week of watching and waiting and hoping that perhaps we would see the next iOS 7 beta 4 become active on the Apple developer site. However, a hitch in the system threw off every imaginable estimate people had put together for when the next beta would release.

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A little over a week ago, Apple's Developer center experienced a security breach in which the portal was hacked and saw some 275,000 third-party developers' information compromised. Soon after the breach, the developer portal went down for eight days in a row leading many to believe the down time was due to the recent hack. According to Apple, the entire site was revamped in order to increase security for third party developers.

Meanwhile, anxious developers hoping to get a glimpse at the latest iOS 7 beta 4 wondered if Apple would follow its normal pattern of release dates for beta 4 or if the hack would lead to a delay.

Though the answer is unclear as to why the delay occurred, none of the proposed iOS 7 beta 4 release dates came to fruition.

With historical "patterns" of releases broken, everyone was basically reduced to guessing on when the new beta 4 would finally make its way to third party developers.

Though we still don't have a definitive release date on iOS 7 beta 4, the leaked direct download links which surfaced today on MacRumors suggest Monday, July 29, 2013 could be the day.

So what about these leaked links then? According to MacRumors user aibner, some download links for the new iOS 7 beta 4 release have hit the web. These download links, when clicked, pull up the following message: "Your session has expired. Please return to the ADC Member Site and attempt to download the file again."

For those who may wonder if this message appears regardless of the link typed in, 9to5Mac reports that an incorrect link has a different message attached which says,  "Access denied."

Though again, these leaked links cannot be confirmed as the actual download links for iOS 7 Beta 4, it seems a pretty good bet that they are. The links are supposedly for build number 11a4435d. Even though the links are not currently active, the existence of them in the Apple Dev center seems to indicate that a release for iOS 7 beta 4 may be very near. If we're lucky, perhaps within the next hour, as Apple often releases its Betas around 10 am PST Over the Air (OTA).

In addition to the news that Beta 4 may release today, BGR has also reported that its sources revealed iOS 7 beta 4 will be followed but just one more beta and then will be the gold master (GM), and finally, public release. This of course fits together perfectly with the early September release date we are all looking forward to. As the direct download links for iOS 7 beta 4 become available, we'll be sure to post a new article linked here so stay tuned!