Is EZTV down? As of Thursday morning, TorrentFreak reports the U.K. block on the TV torrent site EZTV and its accompanying RSS feed, exRSS, has finally begun as IP addresses and domain names are already being blocked extensively. As a result, many avid television fans in the U.K. are most likely searching for an alternative site to access TV torrents as they could at EZTV.

UK Blocks EZTV and ezRSS But Not Alternative YIFY-Torrents - Yet

Though it is uncertain how extensive the block is on the popular TV torrent site EZTV and ezRSS is, if you tried to access the site today and found you couldn't, chances are you've been blocked.

Censorship and blocking of websites are hot topics in the U.K. right now as EZTV has not been the first, and most certainly not the last file-sharing site we will see blocked or shut down.

Up until recently, it was fairly easy to download free TV shows via BitTorrents or Torrents with the help of sites like EZTV, but accessing free TV shows is getting increasingly more difficult as groups like the MPAA and FACT clamp down on illegal streaming and torrent sites.

In the recent months we've seen issues worldwide with sites like movie2k, Kickasstorrents, Pirate Bay and more being blocked or shut down in the U.K. and beyond. This latest block, however, is bound to send avid television show fans searching for alternatives to the much-beloved EZTV and its ezRSS and in return, some new sites have already begun to spring up.


What Happened To EZTV? Why The U.K. Blocked The TV Torrent Site

So why did the EXTV block happen?

It seems last month, the Motion Picture Association and FACT both confronted the illegal TV Torrent website, asking the owner to shut it down or prepare for legal consequences. The MPA stated the the site was "infringing creative content" as it "provides access to copyrighted material on a large-scale with no permission from the copyright owners."

When the owner of EZTV didn't respond, the groups went forward with legal actions. On June 25, 2013, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and FACT were granted a court order to block access to the TV torrent site EZTV.

When Will YIFY-Torrents Be Blocked?

It was first believed that another popular torrent site, YIFY-Torrents would also be blocked along with EZTV. However, as of Thursday, July 26, 2013, the site is still up and running and so for the moment, may be the best alternative to EZTV.

TorrentFreak reached out to the FACT group to try to discover if YIFY-Torrent will in fact be blocked along with EZTV. FACT informed them that YIFY-Torrents is part of a separate court case that is still pending so brace, yourself, it's blocking is probably on the way. In addition to this information, FACT also made this statement earlier in the week, regarding it's stance on TV torrent sharing sites like EZTV.

"We have made it clear that we will seek action against sites that continue to provide unremitting mass access to infringing content following due legal process."

MPAA Offers Alternative To Sites Like EZTV And Movie2k

FACT is not the only group that has been working tirelessly to end the illegal viewing, downloading and sharing of copyrighted materials such as TV show torrents. The MPAA has also taken an aggressive stance, working to shut down or block any sites, which illegally distribute video media.

After the shutdown of sites like movie2k and letmewatchthis, the MPAA attempted to dissuade illegal internet TV and movie-watchers from engaging in piracy or other copyright-infringing acts by offering an alternative to sites like EZTV and However, those efforts have not been well received.

The free movies online site, which the MPAA is promoting — — introduces online movie-seekers to a number of legal resources for watching free movies and TV shows online. It also lists a number of paid subscription sites such as Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Netflix and Amazon. The site goes into great detail reviewing how each movie platform works, devices supported and content available.

In an interview with the L.A. Times, MPAA Chairman Chris Dodd had this to say about online movie watching and the new WheretoWatch website.

"There have never been more ways to access movies and television legitimately online, and those platforms continue to grow and develop thanks in large part to a copyright system that encourages innovation, risk and growth ... the companies I represent are committed to continuing to create and develop the best ways for audiences to enjoy the entertainment they love."

Why TV Torrent Sites Like EZTV Remain So Popular

Unfortunately, these well-intended alternatives to sites like EZTV or Movie2k have fallen mostly to the wayside as many fans of the illegal TV Torrent sites claim the alternatives do not provide the extensive listing of TV show titles they are looking for. In addition, many believe that the cost one pays per episode is not warranted.

As one frustrated reader named Micky wrote when the site Movie2k went down:

"Those movies aren't recent and popular like Movie2k ones were. And why should you pay $2.99 for an episode of a tv show that's already been on TV? That's why people go to illegal streaming sites."

As more news arrives as to the fate of YIFY-Torrents, for those searching an alternative to the blocked EZTV torrent site, several websites have begun sharing lists of similar sites. Though iDesignTimes does not condone the illegal sharing, downloading or viewing of copyrighted TV shows at sites like EZTV, nevertheless, alternatives do exist.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in some legal alternatives to EZTV, check out this list we compiled a few months back here.


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