A little girl dancing on the news behind Chicago reporter Mary Ann Ahern of NBC5 is rapidly going viral, and when you get a look at her moves, you'll know why.

Though the clip of this little girl dancing on the news is not even a minute in length, it was hilarious and inspiring enough to get Gawker's Max Read to dub her "the only thing keeping me alive."

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And, indeed, the hilarious video clip of an elementary-aged girl dancing on the news behind Mary Ann Ahern may seem humorous enough, yet, when you discover they are outside a Chicago school and the news report is something grim, seeing a girl dancing with so much rigor, fervency, and a "just dance like you don't care" attitude, you can't help but feel uplifted.

It seems the miniature dancer not only brightened the day of viewers who watched her, but somehow also seemed to evoke a feeling of restored hope in humanity and that better times were ahead.

And truly, in a city such as Chicago, which is currently racked by financial problems, a bit of hope is needed. With schools scheduled to be shut down and the country grappling with how to handle the bankruptcy of one of our largest cities, this little cutie dancing behind Mary Ann Ahern is a reminder to us all that a new day has dawned, a brighter future is ahead, and that no matter how bad the news that comes may be, we can always find some reason to dance.

Some sources across the web are referring to this little girl's few seconds of dancing on the news a videobomb, but in my mind it was simply inspired. No one can watch this little lady and call anything she's doing a blooper. The only mistake Chicago news made in my opinion was not panning over and letting us get a few more minutes of her epic dance moves.

Watching the video clip of this little girl dancing on the news, many across the web and on social media sites like Twitter had comments to share about how this child had made hump day just a little bit better.

Here are a few of those responses:

Twitter Responds To Little Girl Dancing On The News


Little girl dancing behind live TV report is the only thing worth looking at today


Adorable! "Who knew @MaryAnnAhernNBC had a backup dancer?


This little girl deciding to dance in the background of a local news report in the US is A M A Z I N G


When you're in a not-happy place, watch this video of a little girl dancing behind a newscaster.


This kid knows what life is all about....

@KiraTV: This little girl just made my day. hysterical party dance


This child is perfect


Give your LOLs to this little girl today. She wins


I'm channeling this little girl as my power animal


THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE SEEN. and perfect for a miserable day sick at home.


The kind of world I want to live in. Dancing Little Girl on the News Thank you


literally cry everytime i watch the vine version


Its hump day & humanity is saved.


This little girl does not give a shit that Chicago Public Schools are failing all around her


if only all kids were this awesome.


This little girl for president!!!

Watch Original Video Clip "Dancing Girl Trolls NBC Chicago 5 Live TV"


Hope this video clip of the little girl dancing on the news brightened your day, and if so make sure to share it with someone else who may need a hump day boost.