UPDATE: Randy Travis Condition: Family Fears Brain Damage After Stroke As Road To Recovery Is Long And Slow [VIDEO & REPORT]

 How is Randy Travis doing? Recent reports on Randy Travis's condition and recovery have revealed the country star's heart failure may have been due to amphetamine use, as sources revealed the Travis family has a long history of drug problems.

Was Randy Travis Addicted To Speed? Sources Say Yes, And It May Have Caused His Heart Failure!

As fans of the Grammy Award–winning country singer wonder anxiously how Randy Travis is doing and if his condition has improved, shocking new reports have revealed the singer's heart condition may have been caused by the use of amphetamines.

Anonymous sources for The Enquirer claim drug abuse has long been a problem with Randy Travis' family and friends and played an integral role in the star's recent congestive heart failure known as cardiomyopathy.

According to the source, "Randy's addiction to speed coupled with his boozing weak­ened his heart."

At this time, the family fears that Randy's recent serious heart condition, which led to stroke and brain surgery, could end up rendering him disabled. The worry of brain damage looms in the hospital room.

"The family is petrified that Randy may have permanent brain damage ... They're all praying for a miracle," said the source.

Randy Travis Still In The Hospital And Slowly Recovering But Will Drugs Be A Problem In The Future?

Randy Travis was hospitalized earlier this month for complications with his heart, at which time, doctors opted to complete a procedure in which an "Impella peripheral left ventricular assist device for stabilization" was implanted in the singer to help pump blood through his body. Though at first it seemed Randy Travis' condition was improving, soon after that it took a turn for the worse. The singer suffered a stroke and was quickly transferred to The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano where he underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

Latest reports from Travis' doctors revealed the star was recovering well, though it would likely be a long and slow process, with weeks or even months in the hospital before he could return to normal life, and work.

In light of recent claims via The Enquirer that Travis was using drugs before his stroke, it's frightening to think what might happen to Randy Travis when he does return to life outside the hospital. Sources revealed that the singer has spent years around people who had problems with drugs and may have influenced him in this way.

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Just last week, Randy Travis' brother, David Traywick, was arrested for a second time on Meth trafficking charges. Authorities discovered a meth lab Traywick was running in his Marshville, NC home and soon arrested David Traywick, along with his wife Jessica and another woman. Both Traywick and his wide were held on a $500,000 bond as this was their second offense. The other woman had a bond of $250,000.

What Was The Real Cause Of Randy Travis' Stroke? Father Harold Traywick Blames Fiancée Mary Beougher For Singer's Condition

Randy Travis' brother David Traywick, however, isn't the only near and dear one to Travis who has a problem with drugs.

According to The Enquirer's sources, Randy Travis' lady love and fiancée, Mary Beougher, also has a problem with drug abuse — particularly amphetamines.

Mary was busted in 2003 for forging a prescription to get her hands on phentermine. Phentermine a form of synthetic speed and another kind of simulant like meth, which Randy Travis' family members were arrested for.

At the time of the charges, Mary faced the prospect of extended prison time — anywhere from two to 10 years — along with the possibility of incurring a $10,000 fine. When the case was over, however, Mary Beougher ended up getting off pretty easy for pleading guilty to the charges. Randy Travis' live-in finance only paid a $1,000 fine, and went on a three years' probation while being required to complete 120 hours of community service.

 "Speed is a big problem with Randy's family," the source told The Enquirer.

According to the source, before Randy Travis was hospitalized, where he suffered a stroke leading to brain surgery, the star was reportedly taking amphetamines along with alcohol prior to performances.

"He was drinking heavily and tak­ing speed to help get through his performances without passing out on stage ... there were times when he went without sleep for days," the source said.

Harold Traywick, Randy Travis' father, also spoke with reporters stating that the real person to blame for Randy Travis' drug problem and recent heart failure is Mary.

"Mary got him drinking and drugging again. When he was with Lib, he was clean and sober for 19 years. Mary destroyed my son's life."

How Is Randy Travis Doing? New Details In The Star's Recovery Revealed

After Travis's stroke, the singer remained unconscious and in critical condition for several days. With no word reaching fans of how Randy Travis was doing, both they and fellow county stars were sure to issue statements of sympathy and support when Randy Travis' publicist released this statement:

"His [Randy Travis'] family and friends here with him at the hospital request your prayers and support."

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Last Monday news finally arrived that the star had finally awoke from his coma and was responding to family and friends. Randy Travis reportedly opened his eyes and squeezed the hand of his fiancée Mary Beougher, which seemed to mark the start of his road to recovery.

Doctor Gary Erwin, an intensivist at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano and one of the doctors who has been supervising Randy Travis' case, has this to say about the singers condition last week:

"He [Randy Travis] does remain on intravenous medications to help support his heart, but we are decreasing the doses of those every day and actually beginning to start him on oral medications which he will use long term to help support his heart ... he is breathing spontaneously with the help of the ventilator and [we] hope to have him weaned off of that very soon breathing completely on his own ... In terms of his stroke, he has responded well to the surgical procedure he had to relieve the pressure in his brain. We're seeing improvements in brain scans showing decreased swelling of his brain. He is awake and alert interacting with his family and friends and beginning to start doing some early physical therapy."

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In addition, Randy Travis' father Harold Traywick, gave The Enquirer further updates on his son's improving condition.

 "He's moving his feet and arms, they removed the pump and his heart is beating on its own. And when someone entered his room, he followed them with his eyes. This may not seem like a major thing, but it's huge - it means his brain is active and aware."

Friends, family and fans continue to pray for the speedy recovery of Randy Travis. The hope is, perhaps this recent incident will serve as a wake up call. If the star does struggle with problems of drug and alcohol abuse perhaps now he will get the help needed to live a long and drug-free life in the future.