"Wife Has A Temper Tantrum" is a new video on YouTube that is quickly taking a turn for the viral — for more reasons than you might think. The video of a woman who throws an insane, explosive temper tantrum in the car with her husband just because she wants to go to the lake was first discovered on Live Leak, but has made its way to a number of major online outlets, with Gawker being the one to dig up the most information about this disturbing interaction. (To watch tantrum video, scroll to the bottom of the post)

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In the video, a man records his wife throwing a temper tantrum after he tells her he has errands to do like getting his tires rotated and therefore cannot take her to the lake. Whitney and James, as the couple are named, interact for about three minutes as the wife escalates further and further to the point where things just start getting insane. You see the wife throwing a huge temper tantrum, which involves kicking and screaming in her seat, crying and carrying on while yelling out a number of alarmingly child-like phrases and demands like,

"You have to stop and get me some cigarettes! I'm about to go crazy!"


"I never get my way! I just want one day when I get my way — ONE DAY!"

Meanwhile, the fit-throwing wife kicks the dashboard with her feet. The video was laced with heavy emotions and clearly shows an extreme situation — so much so that one viewer, loudrockmusic, had this to say:

"This is one of those videos that make me glad I rarely have to deal with women"

Video Man Records Of Wife Throwing a Childish Temper Tantrum Censored By YouTube: Why Did The Video Sharing Site Remove It?

Opposing Views website recently shared that the original video has been censored by YouTube citing it as "a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten." The video of the wife throwing the tantrum does contain quite a but of foul language and the woman is very much out of control, but the censorship move by YouTube seems a bit extreme.

Nevertheless, the scene of this wife having a temper tantrum because she wants to go to the lake is quite unsettling. And according to Gawker, the incident took place on the last day the couple was together. Sadly, the two have split up and their divorce is pending.

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Watching this video it's not hard to see why. The husband, Jim, has reportedly filed a restraining order against his temper tantrum-throwing wife as he told everyone in the film that no one believed how she really was and this was why he was taping it. According to his captioning, his wife freaked out and had this insane, explosive temper tantrum because he said his truck needed fixed.

"It's not the first time this has happened," Jim tells viewers of the viral YouTube video.

Jim apparently dished all the dirt on his wife to Gawker reporters sharing with them that his wife, who regularly throws explosive temper tantrums, has struggled with drinking problems. In addition, when he tried to make things work she wouldn't take marriage counseling seriously and often left early — perhaps to go throw fits — and would try to make her friends believe he was abusive to her. He also noted that her tempers could become violent and indicated that she had "broken doors off the jambs" at the couple's home.

Is Temper Tantrum Throwing Wife The Problem Or Is Her Husband The Real Issue? Viewers Debate Who's To Blame

Just hearing Jim's side of the story about his wife who has these insane temper tantrums, it seems as though he made the right decision to leave her. Some viewers who watched the video, however, felt that maybe it was he that was to blame, maybe he was provoking her or perhaps there were other ways this situation could have been handled.

As viewer SuperHybridSystem3 wrote,

"I'm willing to bet this fight is NOT about going to the lake. It's about a lot of other things, the latest manifestation of which is that they're not going to the lake. Also, as someone who has, allegedly, from time-to-time been accused of "pushing buttons", he is f**king with her... 'All this over a pack of cigarettes? *good-natured chuckle*', which basically translates to: "I've gotten you totally enraged and now I'm going to taunt you. And it's on video too. Aren't I clever?"

Meanwhile another poster wrote this,

"There are a lot of good strategies for dealing with individuals with high affect intensity. This is not one of them ... Angry people want others to be angry with them, upset people want others to be upset with them. You have to acknowledge their feelings, but also disengage from them. (I realize this is not easy trapped in a car.) Calling her a child is just adding fuel to the fire" -- Rhacodactylus

Still other viewers of the viral "Wife Has a Temper Tantrum" video believed Jim was right to record her so others could see what a mess his wife really was.

"My eldest nephew used to pull shit like this when he was four. I'd say blame her parents or get her into a bit of therapy. The old saying that life isn't always about what we want to do, but what we do what we have to do and then do what we'd like to do after that." -- homoman

To which viewer radio.one responded,

"You hit the nail on the head. I have a four year old right now and another who was four- and this is classic meltdown behavior... On four year old understandable... 30 year old, no way."

Meanwhile, another viewer of the explosive wife temper tantrum video reminded us that what's going on between this couple perhaps is really none of our business.

"I stopped watching. I realized I really have no desire to see other people's domestic disputes on video any more than I would like to see it in the street or the grocery store or anywhere else"  -- Lana, Lana,...LANAAAAAA!!!

There's really no telling who's right or who's wrong on this issue but one thing is certain: This was a broken marriage and the separation and divorce of this man and his temper tantrum–throwing wife is probably the best move for them both.

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