Elder Scrolls Online leaked gameplay footage from the beta has made its way to the web once again, and you can check it out now in the video links posted at the bottom of this article. Though the release date for Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Online has been scheduled for spring of 2014, beta testing for the new Bethesda Softworks MMO RPG has already begun. Beta testers are under NDA and therefore not allowed to share information about the new Elder Scrolls Online game, but still, leaks do happen. The first set of leaked footage from the game beta came back in April, with the most recent arriving Sunday, July 21, 2013.

The leaked footage of Elder Scrolls Online was first published by Beta tester and YouTube user Scotty Mcbotley via YouTube, but then was mysteriously deleted by the user himself. However, before the video disappeared, a user on Reddit, managed to download the leaked footage video from YouTube and then reupload it on several popular video sharing sites. To watch the new leaked footage from Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Online, check out the links at the bottom of the post.

The video itself, while being somewhat short — 20 minutes total — did showcase some new details we were hoping to learn about the gameplay, including combat details, as the beta tester shows a confrontation with a some skeletons and wolves, but overall the presentation given was a little boring and probably will lead to some criticism by viewers.

A lively discussion took place on Reddit concerning the new, or not so new features showcased in the leaked Elder Scrolls Online beta video, with some listing the gameplay as disappointing or boring, while others were ecstatic. Here are a few excerpts from that discussion.

On the positive side, here is what some Redditors said:

"That door sound is going to get so annoying haha. This game looks good though, any word on a release date?"-- NBKxSmokey

"If I can walk where ever I want without level restrictions, if I can explore the world and run dungeons without having to start the quest with a npc, then I think this will be my favorite mmo. But if they don't have that, it takes away everything I like about Elder Scrolls." -- allmightysmiter

"I thought it was going to suck but this actually looks pretty fun to me. I'm relieved and kinda want to go explore the world of Elder Scrolls this way." -- Edward-Appleby

"Looks pretty good for low level play and fairly well polished. It's definitely improved since I saw it last." -- pausemenu

"I'm in beta as well and let me say that I had my doubts but it surprisingly felt a lot more like and Elder Scrolls game rather than some Elder Scrolls skinned MMO.Actually looking forward to it now, still not an instant buy for me and I will wait to see how the first month or so goes." -- Ezzme

On the other side of the fence, however, there were those who had big complaints about what was shown in the Elder Scrolls online leaked footage.

"This video showed exactly what i was expecting to see from a Elder Scrolls MMO... I was hyping this game like crazy (Since i've been playing WoW for 7 years and have yet to see a better MMO)...And for some reason, from what i have seen in the video at least... It doesnt look fun. Auto attacking your way through quests while competing for quest mobs. So all it is is just a bunch of people making the same, repetitive, auto attacking animations. Plus if there's no target locking, Archery/Magic will be nearly impossible to hit in PvP. Anyway... I'll wait until i see more to give it a final decision" -- ginfish

"Just another generic MMO with TES name slapped on, those saying the video is not representative of the game, what he does in the video is what 80% of the players are going to do when they get in game. That is what MMO players do, get to the end fast to be the best. The game looks very lackluster but of course I'll be called out by fans saying that it's only beta, blah blah.. but beta or not, you can see they aren't really doing anything new here. TES + Online.. No thanks." -- RainyCaturday

"For me the magic of Elder Scrolls lies in feeling like a hero, being special, and all the fun mods. I just don't see this game translating into a MMO because all that makes the game fun for me will be lost. It's basically just a regular MMO like all the others just with a elder scrolls theme except you have to pay monthly. I wish gaming companies would just stop making these mediocre mmo's, unless you have something drastically new to bring to the table its just going to be another flop/soon to be f2p." -- canastaman

Of course while all these opinions can be helpful in informing your decision, the best opinion may be your own. So without further ado, here are the links to watch the latest Elder Scrolls Online leaked footage.

Enjoy and be sure to share with us your thoughts about the leaked footage and if you are considering playing Elder Scrolls Online when it releases.

Leaked Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Beta Watch Links