UPDATE: Watch Legend Of Korra Season 2, Episode 1 Online Live Stream For Free! What Time Does Nickelodeon's Avatar Book 2 Premiere Air? [VIDEO] 

UPDATE: 'Legend Of Korra' Season 2 Episode 1: Watch And Download Premiere Episode Of The New Avatar Series [VIDEO DOWNLOAD LINKS] ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ONE DAY!!!

The Legend of Korra Season 2, Episode 1 will be shown Friday, July 19, 2013 at Comic Con 2013 in San Diego, and will accompany, we hope, an update on the Book 2 release date.

With the exciting news of the Episode 1 preview coming to us straight off Nickelodeon's Tumblr page, fans of the Last Airbender series are wondering, "What time will Legend of Korra Season 2, Episode 1 be shown, and where can I watch the live stream online from Comic Con 2013?"

The Last Airbender Book 2 will showcase its first episode at 11:15 a.m. PT, and 2:15 ET at Comic Con 2013 in San Diego in Ballroom 20. The new episode is named "Rebel Spirit" and our guess is, it will run about 20–30 minutes in length as the slot for the much-anticipated Nickelodeon show is just one hour long.

Watch The Legend of Korra Book 2 Comic Con 2013 Panel Preview

Preview includes details on the new actors, Aubrey Plaza, Lisa Edelstein, James Remar, John Michael Higgins 

Where To Watch Legend Of Korra Season 2 Episode 1 Live Stream Online From Comic Con 2013

Being as eager as anyone to see the new Legend Of Korra Season 2, Episode 1 revealed at Comic Con 2013, I decided to do some hunting around in search of a live stream to watch online of the event. Here is what I found.

First I discovered a Tumblr page where tons of Korra fans were requesting the same thing as myself, and after scrolling through enough of them I finally found what I was looking for — links to the Legend of Korra live stream online. The links came via Tumblr user, Solarisfire, who posted the following six online live stream links, along with the message, "This is all I could find, I hope they help everyone out!"







I was ecstatic of course — until I started clicking on the links. I soon discovered none of them worked. Then I realized these were about a year old. I continued to search for some other link to the Legend of Korra Season 2, Episode 1 live stream being shown online from Comic Con 2013, but it was all to no avail. Apparently the thing is being shut down pretty tight.

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Although there are several places showing live streams from Comic Con today, such as MTV and IGN, none of them will be covering the Legend of Korra Book 2, Episode 1 debut. However,we did find links to where to watch the Legend of Korra Season 2 via live stream once the series releases, along with links to older episodes. These links are listed at the bottom of this article.

For those who hope to see the first epoisode before it officially releases to the general public, however, we could be in luck. One very passionate Legend of Korra blogger feels fairly certain, it won't be long before a recording of the first episode surfaces somewhere online with so many avid fans hoping to see it.

According to the http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com blogger,

"I'm fairly certain they won't allow any one to record it, but there'll be no way of controlling the situation when so many Legend of Korra Fans are involved. Needless to say, someone will end up leaking the entire first episode once the convention is over, and Viacom will have to spend most of their time containing that leak."

Will Legend of Korra Season 2 Release Date Be Announced At Comic Con 2013?

In addition the blogger goes on to share what other new information he expects we'll hear about the Book 2 series, including its possible release date.

"The convention is only an hour long, so once the first episode is shown there'll only be about 30-40 minutes left for Mike and Bryan to talk about Book 2. In that span of time, we should expect new art work, some more information, and even that trailer Bryan hinted at earlier."

As a final note he throws in this tidbit about the Legend of Korra Season 2 release date:

"Surely we'll receive a release date too, right? The fact that an entire episode is being shown at Comic-Con strongly suggests that a release date will be announced too. There's nothing factual behind that, but showing an entire episode eclipses revealing a release date any day. And if Nickelodeon is allowing Mike and Bryan to show an entire episode, it wouldn't make sense for them to hold back the release date unless it doesn't exist yet. But because they've already started marketing, it would be highly unlikely that they don't have a release date set yet. At least, that's how I see it."

We certainly hope this Legend of Korra Season 2 fan is correct in his assumptions, as the wait for a release date confirmation has been killing us!

New Legend Of Korra Season 2 Artwork Reveals Spirit Battle And First Avatar, Wan

In addition to the news that Nickelodeon would be showcasing Episode 1 of Legend of Korra Season 2 at Comic Con 2013, Nickelodeon has also recently offered fans some new artwork, which fits right in with the title of the new episode "Rebel Spirit". We know from earlier trailers released, the upcoming season 2 of Legends of Korra will feature action-packed battles between Korra and a spirit. When the latest trailer released at a May Nickelodeon event, here is how IGN described it.

"The sequence we saw found Korra battling one of these spirits, initially just seen as dark tentacles, surrounded by a purple energy, coming out of the ground on a hillside. Korra asks, "Spirit, why are you so angry? What have we done to offend you?", only for the tentacles to violently knock her aside, as they do to anyone else who attempts to help her, including Tenzin and an adult, male Water Tribe member I didn't recognize at a glance.

Then, the full octopus-like creature rises out of the ground, and begins moving down the hill, ultimately crashing through a fence into a carnival being held, as Korra pursues it. On the offense, Korra shoots the creature with fireballs and begins to get the upper hand, but she is suddenly grabbed by one of its tentacles, and smashed down into the ground"

This description fell right in line with the earlier clip seen at the 2012 Comic Con in San Diego, which also featured a vicious encounter with a spirit.

We also saw another interesting piece of art surface recently showcasing the very first Avatar, who we now know will be named Wan. Several months back IGN featured an interview with Legend of Korra creators, where we were told the new Book 2 episodes would deal with the origin of the Avatar, which led many to speculate we could be getting a glimpse at the first Avatar — the one who started it all. It seems those speculations were correct as the Legend of Korra Season 2 fellow released this artwork recently featuring the first Avatar, Wan.

Legend Of Korra Season 2 Release Date Live Stream Links

So though a live online stream of the Legend of Korra Season 2 episode one debut at Comic Con 2013 is unavailable at this time, here are a couple interesting links you may want to keep bookmarked for when the Book 2 series releases.

1. http://www.avatarchapters.tv

This site is awesome to keep on hand because not only do they have Legend of Korra Episode 11 & 12 online in Full HD, they have also uploaded all episodes of Avatar: the Legend of Aang. In addition, these newly uploaded links are viewable from both iPhone and iPad. The site also goes on to boast that once Legend of Korra debuts on TV, the site will live stream every episode on its airing day. So if you don't have the ability to watch the new series on television when it debuts, this link to online live streams will be pretty valuable I think.

2. http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com

The Last Airbender fan that runs this site is so thorough in his information, if there are any leaks of the first episode, or any news about release date, new artwork, trailers, music etc. he always has it. In addition, there are some pretty excellent discussions that take place on this blog for fans of the Last Airbender series. Definitely check it daily as this guy keeps the updates rolling continuously.

 The Legend of Korra season 2 premiere will air Friday, July 19, 2013 from the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The panel will take place at 11:15 PT in Ballroom 20.


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