Looking for the best and funniest Vine videos of 2013? You've come to the right place!

Vine video has been taking Twitter and the Internet by storm, and though it experienced a temporary setback when Instagram video hit the scene, I still find the 6 second looped video uploads some of my favorite forms of entertainment. With everything from funny comedy clips, to cats, to the creative and artistic, Vine video never disappoints and is a great momentary diversion in the work day — or just anytime.

With new Vine videos being uploaded every minute, it’s pretty hard to tease out what might constitute the best Vine videos of the week, let alone of all time, so for today, I’m going to showcase what I would constitute as the best funny Vine videos of the day.

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Check out the 10 best funny Vine videos uploaded in the last 24 hours. Then, in the comments section below, let us know which was your favorite. Or, if you know a better one, share it with us as well!

Best And Funniest Vine Videos Of The Day (July 18, 2013)

#1 Pizza Twerk by Chris Crocker

Yeah, this boy right here definitely knows how to work that twerk where there is pizza involved. ‘Nuff said.

#2 “Why My Twerkin Must Stop” by Simone Shepard

This, yes, I would classify as the one of the best funny vine videos of the day. I love the sense of humor behind this. Hats off to Simone Shepard.

#3 “SMACK CAM” by Curtis Lepore (w/ Austin Miles Geter, Eric Dunn)

Okay so smack cam is kind of a big deal right now on Vine. It’s crazy, unexpected and completely hilarious. Though I shudder to think how many younger siblings are being terrorized by this new Vine trend, the truly important thing is that it makes for some entertaining moments. So we just had to share a the latest smack cam with you, courtesy of the insanely popular Curtis Lepore

#4 “Hugging Random Old People” by Chase Bailey Geter

This Vine basically takes Betty White’s “Off Their Rockers” and reverses it. Instead of old folks pranking the young, the young people are doing a little light-hearted quirky pranking. In this case it involves finding random elderly folk and giving them hugs. The reaction from this older gentleman at first was receptive but when things got too intimate, he quickly established some personal space. Definitely one of the best Vine videos of the day in my opinion.

#5 “Darrel Thinks Miley's New Haircut Is Ridiculous” by Chase Hauck

Yeah so we’ve all talked about it, or at least thought it, “WTF happened to Miley Cyrus???” Now Darrel is saying it like it is and letting homegirl know that haircut is one f****d up mess. Definitely one Vine video I can relate to, and so I’m including is as one of the best ones uploaded today.

#6 “14k Followers Celebration” by Jake Holland

If I ever get 14k followers on any social network, I’ll be sure to hire this guy for my celebration…

#7 “Shut The F**k Up” by Detrakz

This guy has all the attitude you need to get the point across …

#8 “WHAT IS IT?!” By Iman Crosson

Yeah this one is one of those WTF moments, where you’re just minding your own business and then something bizarre crosses your path and makes you say, WHAT IS IT????

#9 “Crazy Girlfriend Pt. 5” by Worldchamp Santwon

So I’m pretty sure we’ve all had the misfortune of experiencing one fo these — the crazy girlfriend. Gotta love her. Or else.

#10 “Crazy Girlfriends Be Like…” by DRose

And speaking of mom and the crazy girlfriends, my best Vine videos of the day list wouldn’t be complete about this little number.

Hope you enjoyed our 10 funniest Vine videos of the day. Share your favorite in the comments section below of feel free to offer suggestions for tomorrow's listing.