iPhone 5S rumors peg the end of July as production start date for the next Apple iPhone, with a launch date in Septemeber 2013. The report comes via Business Insider, which spoke to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek concerning the next iPhone's production start and possible release date.

According to the long time Apple-watcher, the iPhone 5S production will begin sometime towards the later part of July 2013 which the analyst projects would set the next iPhone release date for sometime in September or early October at the latest.

The report seems to ring true as the latest Apple firmware, iOS 7, is also anticipated to release in the September time frame as well. Generally new Apple firmware and iDevices release near one another as was the case last year when the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 released in September 2012.

The news also comes right on the heels of a recent report that Foxconn has gone on an aggressive hiring spree in preparation for the higg demands during iPhone 5S production.

Jeffries also reported that production for a budget iPhone sometimes known as the "iPhone Lite" or "iPhone Mini" has also begun and may launch alongside the new iPhone 5S at a lower price point of between 300–400 dollars total.

The analyst projected the Apple will order 50-55 million iPhones in the third quarter to include 25 million iPhone 5S devices, 20 million budget or iPhone Mini devices and, oddly, 5 million iPhone 4S devices. However, the estimate leaves out the most current iPhone 5. The reason that the latest iPhone model has been left out of this estimate is unknown at this time.

 Check out our list of rumored specs and features to expect when the iPhone 5S release date arrives.

iPhone 5S Rumored Specs and Features: 6 Things to Expect When the Next iPhone Releases

1. iPhone 5S Will Feature Samsung A7 Processor

An updated Samsung A7 processor for the iPhone 5S is probably one of the most persistant rumors regarding the next iPhone as last month alleged photos of the iPhone 5S were posted by a notable Mac news source, MacRumors.

These photos seemed to reinforce all the news we have heard up to this point concerning the iPhone 5S processor, which we know will be produced by Samsung. When looking carefully a the photos offered, several Apple enthusiasts across the web have noted that the chip appears to have a new build number rather than the A6 chip found in the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5S chip model number appears to be APL0698, while the A6 chip in the iPhone 5 is APL0598. With this in mind it seems nearly 100 percent confirmable that the next iPhone — the iPhone 5S — will feature the A7 processor for faster speeds and more powerful processing. It will be interesting to see how the new chip will line up against competitors such as Samsung's Exynos Octa-core processor found in rival smartphone, the Galaxy S4.

2. iPhone 5S May See An Upgrade to All-Day Battery

Okay, so in terms of probably the most requested spec upgrades on the next iPhone, I think battery life takes the cake. iPhone 5 users repeatedly cite poor battery life as one thing they aren't exactly in love with on the latest Apple iPhone 5.

In looking at leaked photos of the iPhone 5S, very little appears to have changed on the inside, but there are a few indicators that a more powerful and updated battery could be coming.

In the photos we saw that, iPhone 5S logic board is somewhat slimmer and narrower than that of the iPhone 5 which lends itself to the assumption that it's to make rooms for new components — i.e. an better battery. The new battery will reportedly be a 3.8-volt lithium-ion polymer battery, with an estimated capacity of 5.92 Whr. This battery could extend the life of the iPhone 5S significantly. The current iPhone 5 has an estimated 9-hour battery on 3G and 10 hours on Wi-Fi. It would be great to see the iPhone 5S battery power upgraded by at least an hour or two.

We know in the new Mavericks OSX, as well as the iOS 7 firmware, Apple has been working on changes to save battery life in new devices. In addition, the latest MacBook models are boasting an "All-day" battery life. It's possible then Apple will seek to duplicate this goal for the iPhone 5S battery life as well.

3. iPhone 5S Powerful 13-Megapixel Camera With Slow Motion "Mogul" Feature

So last week a new iPhone 5S feature discovered by 9 to 5 Mac was some code within iOS 7 which indicted a slow-motion camera was on its way. Found within the documents related to the latest Apple firmware, iOS 7, a source for 9 to 5 Mac discovered some references to a new iPhone camera feature known as "Mogul" which they believe will be included in the iPhone 5S.

9 to 5 Mac source, Hamza Sood, discovered some references to the feature inside of the iOS 7 beta's documentation. While it's still being developed, Mogul could allow the next iPhone 5S to capture video at killer speeds while maintaining high clarity and precision.

How fast are we talking for this new iPhone 5S  slow-motion camera? Try a record rate of 120 frames-per-second! Videos recorded at this rate of speed give way to crystal clear, beautiful shots and video clips free of blurriness. This kind of technology is currently available in the Galaxy S4, and is featured in the video clip below.

Though the news of a slow-motion camera certainly qualifies as only a rumor, it's very likely we could see the iPhone 5S sporting the new feature upon its release, as it is clear that "Mogul" is being actively worked on by Apple. Plus, with the rumors that updated camera specs to the tune of 13-megapixels swirling around, all these details seems to fit together nicely.

Of course, news that the next iPhone will have improvements to the camera should come as no surprise. Some of the most important features competitors like the Galaxy S4 currently hold against Apple's iPhone 5 are things like increased screen size, faster processor, and upgraded camera. A 13-megapixel camera with a few gimmicks added sounds just about right for the upcoming iPhone 5S.

4. iPhone 5S Improves Photography With Dual LED Flash

Okay so recently some leaked photos revealed that Apple was revamping it's LED flash, making it longer and more oval-shaped. The change in the iPhone 5S LED flash indicates it is a dual flash and makes perfect sense in light of the upgraded camera specs rumored above. Not only will the new dual-flash feature improve lighting, it can also help to give better and more authentic color saturation and brightness to photos. This will work beautifully with the 13-megapixel camera we're expecting.

5. iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor For Identity Authentication

Throughout 2013, the rumor that the iPhone 5S would feature a fingerprint sensor for fingerprint scanning  has remained strong and has been repeated reconfirmed by various sources. For example, back in May, chief information security officer of PayPay, Michael Barret, suggested that Apple was going to incorporate fingerprint readers on their smartphones as part of new way to protect personal information.

Following this report, Reuters also confirmed that the rumored iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner would actually become a reality. According to Reuters, last month,

"For this year, Apple is expected to launch two new models, widely referred to as the iPhone 5S, with new fingerprint technology..."

This new sensor would allow users to unlock their device via fingerprint making it more difficult for thieves to break into a stolen device. Add this to the upped security in iOS 7 via "Activation Lock," which offers supercharged "Find My iPhon"e features and the most secure smartphone in the world just became a little bit more secure.

6. iPhone 5S Will Showcase Apple iOS 7 Firmware Effects Including The Parallax Effect

Last but not least we have iOS 7. iOS 7 we known is rumored to release in September and it's a pretty sure bet that the iPhone 5S will release within the same time frame. With iOS 7 users will experience numerous changes to the UI and UX as new features such as the control center, greater multitasking capabilities, new gestures and flat design are just a few of the things that will surprise and excite new and old Apple iOS users alike. Probably one of the favorite effects that is just there for the sheer fun of it is the iOS 7 parallax effect.

According to Apple's iOS 7 web page,

iOS 7 takes full advantage of technologies in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to push the iOS experience further. Distinct and functional layers help create depth and establish hierarchy and order.

The use of translucency provides a sense of context and place. And new approaches to animation and motion make even the simplest tasks more engaging.

In an inital review of the new iOS 7 features, iDownloadBlog's Sebastien Page had this to say about the stunning new effect:

"Apple's iOS 7 aims to delight through subtle use of lively user interface animations and effects, employing physics, translucency, smoked panels and other visual tricks to achieve its multi-layered appearance. Among them is the so-called parallax effect that creates a sense of dimension by putting your Home screen icons onto a layer separate from your background image.

It comes to life when moving your device around, which tilts the wallpaper behind the icons slightly. The effect is also observable in a few other places throughout the system and is coming to your favorite apps via new APIs in iOS 7. "

iOS 7 is still in development as the Beta 3 was seeded to developers on July 8 and not set to expire till early August 29, 2013. At that time we can expect a final golden master beta will release to developers, followed by the public version launch of iOS 7.

Thoough iOS 7 brings in a multitude of new features, not all of these features can be enjoyed by all iPhone owners. Although all parts of iOS 7 work for the iPhone 5, those using an Phone 4S or iPhone 4 will find many of the newer features unavailable on their devices. Meanwhile the iPhone 3GS and earlier Apple iPhones are not supported at all by iOS 7. Therefore, it is expected that the new iPhone 5S will likely be a perfect device to showcase exactly what can be done in iOS 7 and how the system has changed.

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Other Popular iPhone 5S Rumors Rounded-Up

In addition to the 6 things to expect in iPhone 5S we listed above, a few other rumors, which we find highly unlikely but continue to surface on the web are as follows.

Various Casing Colors

Talk of multiple casing colors has been a regular part of the iPhone 5S rumor mill, with the most often reported color being an addition of Gold to the standard White and Black color choices. Meanwhile, the budget iPhone is expected to feature up to 5 rainbow-colored casings made of a hard plastic.

4.7 - 5.7-inch Screen

The rumor that an iPhone 5S or even the iPhone 6 will feature a larger screen is one that continues to surface with reports ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches in size. Though numerous concepts have appeared showcasing the updated iPhone 5S or 6 screen specs being accomplished through pencil thin or disappearing bezels, in our opinion, that's pretty much wishful thinking — at least for the iPhone 5S.

Numerous leaked photos which have emerged online seem to confirm that the iPhone 5S will be the same size and build as the iPhone 5.

Doubled Retina Display Pixel Count

The rumor that Apple intended to double the pixel count in the iPhone 5S retina screen emerged sometime last month via the Chinese-language Wei Feng Network. The report stated that the iPhone 5S could sport 1.5 million pixels, which would in essence double the 727,040 pixels found in the current iPhone 5 Retina display. The iPhone 5 display has a 640 x 1,136 resolution with 326ppi. This update to the pixel density in the iPhone 5 would bring it up to speed with competitors like the Galaxy S4 which boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 441 ppi. With the updated camera specs and the new iOS 7 firmware coming, a higher pixel density screen for the iPhone 5S seems completely plausible. However, little more has been said concerning the updates to the iPhone 5S display.

As more rumored iPhone 5 specs and features emerge we'll be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, check out some of our earlier articles on the iPhone 5S

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