Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date rumors are revving up as earlier this week new details about possible specs, features and models of the upcoming Samsung smartphone hit the web like a lightening bolt, sparking excitement in those waiting for the next-gen Samsung phablet to release.

According to the Korean publication ETNews the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may come in four to eight different variations  that points to availability at the four major US carriers.

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Galaxy Note 3 Specs & Features Rumor #1: Multiple Build Models Leaked

Okay, so the most recent rumor about the Galaxy Note 3 has to do with the new models, and let me tell you, there are a few. Around the web, up to eight different model numbers have been spotted for the new Samsung phablet which everything from a "limited edition" model of the Galaxy Note 3 that includes an unbreakable display, to an AMOLED version, and an LCD version. Numerous rumors have swirled that when Samsung releases the Note 3 it will be an entire family of devices, and by the looks of things, those rumors might not be too far-fetched.

Stefan Constantinescu, a writer for Android Beat, did a little sniffing around and in Samsung's database found multiple references to SM-N900 coded devices coming from South Korea. The models found were as follows:

SM-N900 - International version based on Samsung Exynos SoC

SM-N9005 - International version based on Snapdragon SoC (Possibly Snapdragon 800)

SM-N900A - AT&T Galaxy Note 3

SM-N900T - T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3

SM-N900V - Verizon Galaxy Note 3

SM-N900S - Sprint Galaxy Note 3

SM-N900R4 - Unknown

SM-N900P - Unknown

Now it's possible these are just test devices that won't ever see the light of day, but nevertheless, the list is extensive. One thing that was discovered via Samsung Updates, is that the V, A, T, and S codes in the Galaxy Note 3 model numbers above likely refer to major US carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. This will be good news to many who hope to get their hands on Samsung's latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 3. As to the additional model numbers, if not prototypes, they may be models that Samsung is developing for other markets as well.


Galaxy Note 3 Specs & Features Rumor #2: Upgraded 13-megapixel Camera

So, last month a picture was discovered on Picasa of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 featuring a 13-megapixel camera. Though the photo has since disappeared from the site, it still seem pretty probable we'll see these upgraded camera specs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It appeared the camera would feature a 2322x4128 pixel resolution, and may be capable of capturing in 16:9 mode. This would basically put the Galaxy Note 3 camera on equal standing with Samsung's other popular smartphone recently released, the Galaxy S4. Some rumors speculate that the Galaxy Note 3 will feature optical image stabilization, but those are basically unconfirmed by any source.

Galaxy Note 3 Specs & Features Rumor #3: Screen Size Increase to 5.7 inches

Okay, so reports have been everywhere when it comes to discussing the Galaxy Note 3 screen size with estimates as outlandish as 6.3 inches, to a more reasonable 5.9 inches, and as of this week, 5.7 inches. The 5.7-inch rumor has somewhat been confirmed with the new model number leaks. When looking at the various model numbers, two of them include references to a 5.7-inch display. This isn't the first time we've heard the Note 3 could release with a 5.7-inch display so it seems pretty likely that this will be the face of Samsung's new phablet.

Galaxy Note 3 Specs & Features Rumor #4: Upgraded Hardware


In terms of hardware, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should definitely see some updates, including a faster processor. The latest rumors claim the Galaxy Note 3 will feature the Exynos 5 Octa eight-core chip just like the the Galaxy S4 released earlier this year. This is based off the fact that, in the past, Samsung's Galaxy Note models often followed the flagship smartphone and would contain the same processor. It is a slim possibility we could see the new Samsung Note phablet sporting an impressive 4GB of RAM and 2GHz processor speed, but that may be speculating a bit on the wild side.

Galaxy Note 3 Rumor #5: Pricing

Okay, it's really probably pointless to even speculate right now on the price of the Galaxy Note 3, but with all the update features, it's safe to say the price may be a bit hiked up. One writer from Know Your Mobile attempted to speculate on the release price having this to say:

"Taking the price change between the 5-inch Galaxy Note and 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 5-inch into account, we think it could be around the £620 mark, which is a pretty hefty price to pay for a smartphone that's more a tablet, but designed to be a phone..."

In American dollars that estimate translates to over $900 and so in my mind I really hope that estimate is completely off base. Until more information emerges, though, it's probably best not to speculate what the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 price will be at its release date.

Galaxy Note 3 Rumor #6: September Release Date

Alright — last but not least, the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date. When will it be? Though no official announcement has come, many are speculating that a September release is likely. There have been numerous sources claiming Samsung will manufacture the Galaxy Note 3 in August, which leads us to believe September Announcement at IFA Berlin may be in order. This rumors however has some who disagree as a source for Android Geeks said that Samsung would launch the device at a separate event prior to the IFA conference. If this rumor is true, then we could be looking at Samsung Unpacked in Berlin, Germany on September 4. IFA 2013 begins September 6 and so we expect more leaks will come during the month of August as invitations for the event are sent out.

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