The GTA 5 offical gameplay video trailer released just a few moments ago after hungry Grand Theft Auto V fans queued up at the official Rockstar website, waiting for the trailer to play.

What time did the GTA 5 official gameplay video begin? The video launched on Tuesday, July 9 at 10 a.m. ET, 7 a.m. PT, and 3 p.m. BT in the UK. Wonder where you can watch the official GTA 5 gameplay video? It is now available on YouTube at Rockstar's official YouTube account.

(To watch the official GTA V gameplay trailer video see the video link provided at the bottom of the article.)

What can we expect to see in the GTA V official gameplay trailer? Well, Rockstar's trailer didn't really give us a lot of hints about what to expect, but our best guess is we can expect Rockstar to showcase the three main characters, Michael , Trevor and Franklin, switching on demand, as this is one feature of the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 game that we have yet to see showcased in any of the earlier trailers.

Rockstar Announces Release Of Offical GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer

The news that Rockstar Games would be sending us a new official gameplay trailer came sometime last week as the company tweeted that the first GTA 5 gameplay video would be releasing soon. However, when you're talking about Rockstar, which has already modified the release date of the game once when it pushed the date all the way back to September, it's hard to know what "soon" really means. Thankfully though, it really was soon as Tuesday, June 9, 2013 the official GTA 5 gameplay video was released and now available to be watched via the Rockstar website. Once the GTA V official gameplay trailer can be embedded, we will update the article accordingly. In the meantime, here are a few things people are hoping to see in the GTA 5 gameplay trailer released today.

Twitter Responds to GTA 5 Official Gameplay Trailer Release

About GTA 5 Characters: Meet Michael, Trevor and Franklin

So what do we know so far about the much-anticipated GTA V game? Well, while including all the typical GTA action, the new game also seems poised to feature three main characters in this release: protagonists Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Michael, who we suspect to be from the East Coast, leads a double life as a criminal and a family man. He has been deeply entrenched in a life of crime as a bank robber, and though he would love to become a straight up "good guy," old habits seem to die hard. Michael has a wife, Amanda, and two children, Jimmy and Tracy. Here is a quote from Michael himself via a recently released trailer focused on the character.

Watch GTA 5 - Michael Character Trailer

"You see it in the movies. I wanted to retire. From what I was doing, you know? From that, that — line of work. Be a good guy for once, a family man. So, I bought a big house. Came here, put my feet up, and thought I'd be a dad like all the other dads. My kids, would be like the kids on TV. We could play ball and sit in the sun. But, well, you know how it is."

Trevor, the second of the three protagonists in GTA 5, is a war-hardened vet. Formally a pilot, he's gone a bit off the deep end. His temper burns hot and that combined with his background gives him the perfect profile for an inner-city criminal. Trevor and Michael meet up at some point and become a powerful force pulling off some pretty epic heists.

Watch GTA 5 - Trevor Character Trailer

Last but not least we have Franklin, a South Los Santos boy who's been hustling for as long as he can remember. Without a family or a home, the street life is all he knows. He also meets Michael somewhere along the way, and the two embark on some jobs together.

Watch GTA 5 - Franklin Character Trailer

Each of these characters in GTA 5 also come equipped with some special abilities which will help them out along the way. Michael has an interesting, slow motion trick, Trevor can go off into a rage on the turn of a dime and Franklin is an amazing driver.

With characters like these combined with new maps, scenery and features such as possible refueling and tire wear out, when Grand Theft Auto 5 release date finally drops, it should be well worth the wait.

The GTA 5 official gameplay video begins Tuesday, June 9 at 10 am ET, 7 am PT, and 3 pm BT in the UK. To watch the official GTA V gameplay trailer video click here or watch the video link below


Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video



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