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So what happened in last week's episode of True Blood and what can we expect for True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 "At Last?" Check out our brief recap and spoilers below or scroll to the bottom of the article to watch the live online stream of True Blood season six episode four "At Last."

In last week's True Blood episode three of season six live stream, "You're No Good," we see vampire Eric learning the terrible news that the government has accrued numerous weapons and other resources to rid the area of vampires once and for all. After questioning the Governor's daughter, Willa, he soon discovers the gruesome truth about what could be in store for vampires who are captured. Many will be sent to a "camp," or secret prison/research facility where all kinds of horrific experiments will be performed on the vampires. The reason for the crackdown become clearer too as Willa explains the dark past of her mother. It seems Willa's mother had an affair with a vampire, which led to the governor's ire against the supernatural creatures. This crackdown may also serve well for the man's reelection and so for the vampires things are looking rather grim.

Because she wants to help the vampires, Willa runs away with Eric, Pam and Tara who are going into hiding. After hearing her story, Eric decides to have Willa shares his coffin in fear the other vampires might kill her. Things get a little steamy between Eric and Willa as the governors daughter attempts to lick some of Eric's blood off his fingers but he stops her and does it himself.

Meanwhile Bill and Sookie have a falling out as he asks her for a blood donation he can use to synthesize so that he can freely walk out into the sunlight without burning up. Sookie refuses and things get a little heated as Bill lets Sookie know, "You are dead to me."

True Blood Season 6, Episode 4 Spoilers

So what might happen in True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 live stream tonight? We're not sure of course but obviously the issue of synthesizing blood so vampires can walk in the light is one that could resurface. Meanwhile in the teaser trailer we saw Sookie speaking in a come-hither manner to an unknown man — perhaps Bill or even Warlow, asking him, "What is it about me that you want?"

Things are sure to be plenty hot in tonight's True Blood live stream online.

The new episode of True Blood airs tonight, at 9 p.m. EST. It will be available on HBO GO starting Monday, July 8.

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