Though the release of iOS 7 is just around the corner and a new cycle of jailbreak anticipation will begin to build, for now the iOS 6 and below jailbreak tweak development is still going strong as June 2013 has brought a number of useful and cool tweaks to the Cydia jailbreak app store for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Here's my list of the best jailbreak tweaks released during the month of June 2013. Plus make sure to check out our other lists of top Cydia jailbreak tweaks for 2013 in the articles posted below. Happy Tweaking!



AltKeyboard, though takes a little while to become accustomed to, once you start using it, you'll wonder how you typed without it. So what's cool about this tweak? Basically it modifies the keyboard so that just above the default characters on the keyboard you see an alternate keyboard that may be your numbers and symbols or uppercase, depending on which option you activate. With this alternate keyboard added, simply flicking up on a give key allows you to type that alternate key without having to switch modes. I cannot tell you how much easier this has made my life!

Particularly when types a message with a phone number or some other numeric combination! Saves multiple gestures on the part of the user and once you become accustomed to it, there will be no going back. This is one tweak I would love to see implemented in the native iOS but am thankful at least we in the jailbreak community can enjoy it, thanks to some of our favorite developers, Sentry, maker of Auxo, and Alan Yip, maker of Tapto Widgets. The AltKeyboard is compatible with iOS 6 jailbreaks and above for all iPhones but not compatible with iPad. The tweak is live on Cydia app store via the Big Boss repo. The tweak is just 99 cents and well worth the money. Give it a try. 



O.K. This is probably one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks to release this month. With screenshot plus, this essentially gives you a "clipping tool" which allows you to take custom-sized or cropped screenshots on your iOS device. The best part is, it's attached to activator so you simply choose which gesture your would like to use to activate it and it's ready to go. I chose a double tap to the status bar. Soon a square area is outlined in red and you simple drag a corner to adjust the size of the clip or drag from the center to move the clipping tool to the location you want to clip. Very simple to use and a great addition to your jailbreak tweaks. The tweak is just 99 cents and live on the Cydia jailbreak app store via the Big Boss repo. The package appears to work on both iPhones and iPads running an iOS 5 or iOS 6 and above jailbreak. Definitely give it a try.



So this is a great new tweak by Jonas Gessner, that allows for setting up custom patterns to unlock your device. This tweak has had a lot of work go into it, as it comes with 5 customizable themes, or you can build your own themes around it. There is the ability to enable or disable device blocking if the pattern is put in incorrectly too many times. The tweak also adds several additional features like am emergency call button, a detailed usage, setup and theming guide, The tweak is available for all iPhones, iPad and iPods running an iOS 6 jailbreak or higher. This tweak is live in the Cydia jailbreak app store for $1.99 via the Big Boss repo.


This tweak is simple conceptually, but I can see a lot of people being appreciative of it. Basically NCEnough shortens the length of the notification screen to the size of the notifications. In other words, if there are just one or two, you don't have to pull the screen all the way to the bottom to view them. There is an option to keep the Status bar at the bottom of NCEnough, which allows for some nice multitasking. The tweak works for iOS 5 and iOS 6 jailbreaks and is available on the Cydia jailbreak app store through the Big Boss repo for 99 cents.

Face Off


FaceOff is a super-simple tweak but also useful. Basically this tweak allows you to adjust settings so that when you place your phone face down, it turns the screen off. There are some other options such as locking the screen only when the phone is placed face down or disabling the feature when hooked up to an AC adapter but either way this tweak can work as an easy battery-saving option. This is a free tweak and it is available now on Cydia jailbreak tweak store through the Big Boss repo.

Decode camera


Decode camera tweak is another fairly useful Cydia addition as it integrates a code-recognition feature to the iOS camera app. Just as you go to your camera options and can choose panoramic or auto-flash, once this tweak is installed you will find a QR code-scanning option integrated. The scanner is available for both the front and rear facing camera and works on all iPhones, iPads and iPods running an iOS 5 or 6 jailbreak. The option, once chosen, scans the code and then will beep once the scan has been successful. The tweak is $1.50 in the Cydia store under the Big Boss repo.

Flipswitch and SwitchIcons


Flipswitch is just another brilliant idea by Ryan Petrich and Jack Willis. Petrich  is a developer we know really gets the importance of creating practical tools that make our iOS devices better and easier to use and Flipswitch is no exception. This tool is mainly geared towards developers and basically offers a unique framework for implementing toggles in new tweaks that will be consistent with toggles in other tweaks. This can save developers a lot of time and energy in reinventing the wheel. It is also very simple to use and implement inside of jailbreak applications and tweaks. To see how it works, check out the video review below. The tweak is live and available in the Cydia jailbreak store now for free. To get the Flipswitch icons, designed by Sentry, make sure to also download SwitchIcons.

Wallpaper Cyclr

Alrighty. So for people who like theming and so forth, this tweak can be kinda fun. Basically Wallpaper Cyclr allows you to set up a cycling wallpaper changer based off of tags you have selected from Tumblr. If you have some favorite artsy tags you follow, this may be a fun way to "browse" Tumblr on a daily basis without even visiting the site. Plus it may be a really cool way to discover some awesome backgrounds you might not have otherwise used. In addition, if you find wallpaper you really like, you can share it or save it on your device simply by selecting a button in the settings for the app. The wallpapers rotate every hour and currently supports the iOS 6.1.2 evasi0n jailbreak. Lower firmwares may be supported but testing has yet to be completed to ensure this. The tweak appears to work on iPhone, iPad and iPod.


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