With the expectation that the iPhone 5S will release in September 2013, leaked photos of hardware components as well as feature rumors surface nearly daily on the web. This week we've seen a few leaks back to back concerning the features of the next iPhones - the iPhone 5S and the budget model purportedly being worked on by Apple.


Budget iPhone Case Photos Leak

The first leak which made a splash on Monday, featured a case design which is intended to fit the outside of the budget iPhone thought to release alongside the iPhone 5S this fall. Macotakara was the first to point out in a blog post [Google translation] MGM budget iPhone case.

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Macotakara has been in the center of a number of iPhone 5S and budget iPhone rumors of late. Earlier this month, the source claimed the iPhone 5S would add a third gold model to the classic black and white offerings.

"iPhone 5S, which will be shipped in August, has new color model. It is gold, which color is reported by BGR with showing SIM-tray photos".

Budget iPhone "Light" and iPhone 5S Blueprints Leak

On Tuesday, fresh on the heels of the budget iPhone case leaks, Apple Insider reported further leaks -- a blueprint which allegedly reveals the design of a so-called "iPhone Lighte" or budget iPhone, alongside the iPhone 5S. Apple Insider's source created a 3-D mock-up based off the leaked blueprints that show a very iPhone 5ish budget model. It has the same 4-inch screen, home button, and FaceTime camera on the front but there are some distinctions. The iPhone "Light" appears to have the same length as the iPhone 5 but a slightly curvier shape, and thicker casing. We've seen tons of leaks along the way and all have featured designs with this same curvy plastic frame, so these new mock-ups are quite consistent with other rumors reported thus far.

The blueprints have registered as pretty legitimate, as apparently, case makers like MGM have already begun the process of making accessories to fit the budget iPhone "Light" ahead of the release. These blueprints are likely the reason for MGM's leaked case photos that surfaced Monday

iPhone 5S Leaked Blueprints Confirm Name of Next-Gen iPhone

Though nothing much new could be learned from the blueprints of the iPhone 5S, one thing it seems to confirm is that the next-gen iPhone will indeed be named the iPhone 5S. There has been a good bit of controversy concerning this fact with some believing the "iPhone "5S' might actually be the budget model, an the next-gen flagship would skip straight on to the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5S is expected to look much like the iPhone 5 but the major feature change being the incorporation of a fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 5S Display Photos In High-Definition Give Clear Clues About Apple's Next iPhone

In May, we saw some photos leaked reportedly featuring the iPhone 5S display. These photos, while blurry, seemed viable as, at the time, rumors suggested iPhone 5S mass production of displays would begin in June 2013.  MacRumors was one of the first to share these photos. Though the size of the display appears to be the same as the iPhone 5, there were some differences in design, which would suggest a change in the logic or motherboard.

Last week, more leaked photos of the alleged iPhone 5S logic board showed up on the Macotakara website. The component featured few changes from the iPhone 5 logic board. In fact, the only visible change appeared to be screw placement. The screw is now located at the top of the iPhone 5S motherboard. While featuring the new motherboard, the photos failed to reveal the kind of processor might be included in the iPhone 5S. It is expected that the iPhone 5S will see some update to the processor and could possibly be an A7 Qualcomm chip which would follow the normal progression of new Apple hardware.

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Finally on Wednesday we saw more iPhone 5S display leaks, but this time, the difference was that they are high quality, high definition photos. No blurry hard-to-make-out leaked photos here. The iPhone 5S display photos were first published by Fanatic Fone. The photos feature the iPhone 5S display assembly right next to an iPhone 5 display for comparison. The big changes Fanatic Fone notes in the two models are as follows:

"When you first take a look at the front of these two digitizers and LCD screen assemblies, you won't find any difference except the length of the flex cable. The dimensions of these two screens are exactly the same, and even the distance between the edge of the phone and display is the same ... The flex cable of the iPhone 5S is much longer than the iPhone 5, which indicates that the inner components of the iPhone 5S do indeed have some differences compared to the earlier model ...The front housing of iPhone 5S is thicker on the top compared with the iPhone 5. And for the bottom part, the screw hole of the iPhone 5S is a little bit bigger than the one on the iPhone 5."

As more pre-release date leaked photos, specs and features rumors regarding the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone surface, we'll be sure to update you.


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