The iPhone 5S release date is rumored to arrive this Fall as recent reports from Reuters have the release pegged for September 2013, while production is expected to begin within a few weeks.

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Meanwhile, components and hardware leaks along with new features rumors seem to hit the web on almost a daily basis. Monday's latest iPhone 5S leaks include photos of the purported iPhone 5S motherboard or logic board, which gives more clues as to what the next iPhone will be like.

iPhone 5S Logic Board Leaks Show Similar Build To iPhone 5

The photos of the alleged iPhone 5S logic board were first noted on the Macotakara website, and though they show what the inside of the next iPhone will be like, there is still missing information we wish would have been included. For example, what kind of processor will we be looking at for the next iPhone?

It is expected that the iPhone 5S will see some update to the processor and could possibly be an A7 Qualcomm chip which would follow the normal progression of new Apple hardware. Though the processor chip for the iPhone 5S was not revealed in these latest leaks, it appears from the photos that it will be the same size as the previous one, as the leaked motherboard looks to be the same size as the iPhone 5. In fact, the component could be nearly identical with the exception of one small detail: the change in screw placement. The screw is now located at the top of the iPhone 5S motherboard.

Of course, the similarity of the motherboard reaffirms rumors that the iPhone 5S will closely resemble the iPhone 5 with just a few refreshes for the Fall 2013 release.

New iPhone Specs: Updated Processor May Not Arrive Till 2014

Earlier this year some rumors suggested we actually wouldn't see a new A7 processor chip emerge until 2014, when the iPhone 6 is expected to be released. According to AppleInsider, the new chip could be made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. If this were the case, it would begin to sever the ties between Apple and Samsung. Samsung has long provided the iPhone maker with its processors chips, despite the hot rivalry between the smartphone makers.

iOS 7 Problems: Quick Battery Drain And Slow Operations Suggests New Hardware Could be Coming

On the other hand, with the coming of iOS 7 and the wide variety of features present in the new operating system, it's hard to believe some kind of change wouldn't be rendered in both the processor speed and battery power. One major complaint we've heard about the iOS 7 beta 1 is that the system is very slow and drains the battery of devices running it. Though of course many changes will be made to iOS 7 before it releases, presumably alongside the iPhone 5S this fall, it seems the possibility of updated hardware specs could be in order earlier than the rumored 2014 date.

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Other iPhone 5S Rumored Specs And Features

These latest leaks however are not the only release date rumors that have swirled around concerning the next iPhone. Earlier this month, a report coming out of the Czech republic, via Letem Svetem Apple revealed photos of the new iPhone's front camera to be used with FaceTime, a home button and a vibrating motor. Here is what the report had to say:

"In cooperation with our partner, we managed to get the front camera photos new iPhone 5s and its other components. Components you already have seen in some articles on our site after it published the Asian servers. This time, however, these components with a different serial number distributed directly to the country, which suggests not only the fact that the picture that appeared on the internet earlier is true and it is a real photograph parts of iPhone 5s, but also that the iPhone 5S appears in the Czech Republic at the same time as in other countries. Apple should thus begin to distribute iPhone 5s in the Czech Republic in the first wave immediately after the distribution in the USA. The photographs show the front camera iPhone 5s, the Home Button and vibration motor."


In addition to these leaks we've seen other components such as SIM trays in a variety of colors which are presumed to cofirm that the next iPhone 5S could feature a new color—gold. These reports were also backed by a report by Reuters last week.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Coming

The same report by Reuters also confirmed that the rumored iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner will actually become a reality. According to Reuters,

"For this year, Apple is expected to launch two new models, widely referred to as the iPhone 5S, with new fingerprint technology..."

This new sensor would allow users to unlock their device via fingerprint making it more difficult for thieves to break into a stolen device. Add this to the upped security in iOS 7 via "Activation Lock," which offers Find My iPhone features supercharged. With Activation Lock, Find My iPhone app cannot be shut off and the device cannot be erased without your password. Meanwhile, the stolen device will continue to display a custom message with the user's contact number, even if all the data is successfully erased.

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The new Activation Lock in correlation with the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S would serve to continue Apple's reputation offering one of the most secure devices on the market. The next iPhone would be no exception.

As more information comes in about the latest iPhone 5S, its release date and hardware and features rumors, we'll be sure to update you. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the iPhone and Apple articles posted below.

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