Kickass Torrents aka kickasstorrents file sharing website recently transferred servers after the domain was seized by Philippine authorities Thursday. Though it took little more that a day for the site to transfer its server to the new domain name,, in the meantime, numerous fake out sites have cropped up which could be potentially dangerous for those seeking to download torrents of music, books or videos from the notorious website. Kickass Torrents is not the first controversial website to go down in the last month and reestablish it's alternative proxy at a .to domain name. In fact  just a few weeks ago we saw the massive free movie website, Movie2k, go down and then set up a new site under the name

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Where Did Kickass Torrents Go? What Is The New Web Address for Kickasstorrents?

So what are .to domain ne so popular with site like Kickasstorrents? The domain name .to is hosted on a remote Island known as Tonga. Tonga has no affiliation with the United Sates and is therefore in no way under its control. As such many notorious file sharing and free movie sites find refuge in Tonga, with Kickass Torrents being no exception.

The earlier domain name, shut down on June 13, 2013 due to complaints from a local record label. The label claimed that Kickasstorrents, the largest free torrent site on the Web was causing "irreparable damages" to record labels and the music industry as a whole.

"The complaint alleges that the registrant of is violating intellectual property rights by making copyrighted music available for download to its users,"  reads the dotPH registry. The information was transmitted via TorrentFreak, a site which stays abreast of all things bit torrents and issues in copyright infringement.

Though the Kickass Torrents site, initially went down due to "maintenance" it took little time at all to transfer to the new domain

Beware Fakout Site Claiming to Be The Proxy

Unfortunately, during that time, several other nefarious website owners began posting fake out supposed website links to  Kickasstorrents, claiming them as the new proxy. This could become problematic as often sites like these will transfer malware and viruses onto the unsuspecting visitor's computer. This was the case a few weeks back when Movie2K went down. Though the proxy arose just a few days later, a number of fake out domains like and arose which were later detected by a malware detection site Botcrawl as being problematic.

Here is the statement from Botcrawl concerning the Movie2k alternative.

"Movie4k, via,, is a malicious phishing website advertised to replace the seized Movie2k site, but has no association with the now dead Movie2k website and Movie2k name."

The sites purportedly were spreading a  program named "iehigutil.exe" and disguises itself as an Internet Explorer process but is in fact a virus.

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Fans of the Kickass Torrents website which was previously hosted at should take caution only to use the official proxy otherwise they could experience similar problems as those who were looking for free movies online via Movie2k's proxy Movie4k.

Even worse, some have noted that privacy issues could become involved in using sites such as Kickass Torrents. Here is what one reader said concerning one of these kickasstorrents fake out alternatives he accidentally visited:

"It's to bad that the site cant get legal rights to the material that it
distributes. That's why I stay away from this type of sites. I have a
wireless router and I had my internet shut down because some body was
pirating something very illegal with my wireless without me knowing. If I
were you I would stay away from these sites because they can trace your
location by your IP address rate to your back door. No joke I have
really seen it happing. NOT FUN I tell ya because I care."
- darkluckdragon

Though it's unkown if will suffer the same fate as, one thing is certain: the battle against piracy seems to be one that will not be easily won. As long as sites like kickasstorrents and movie2k have new places of refuge to move their servers, piracy may be a problem for authorities to deal with a very long time.