It appears a recent Kickasstorrents domain,, went down Thursday as fans of the torrent site began searching the web for answers to what happened to, why it went down and if or when the domain would go back online. Though the domain has in fact been seized, it appears a proxy server is already up and running.

Where To Watch Free Movies Now That KickassTorrents Is Down! Disappears After Maintenence Note Is Posted

At first it seemed Kickasstorrents' Phillipines domain might simply be undergoing some maintenance, but as time went on, it appeared more likely that something serious had taken place. On Thursday afternoon, Torrent Freak confirmed that the domain had in fact gone down.

As Torrent Freak, a website devoted to all things BitTorrent related, wrote on Thursday, June 13, 2013,

"A couple of hours the ago the site [] simply disappeared from the Internet with the site's operators departing with a brief "We have an unexpected maintenance" message on Twitter. All emails to KAT's operators are currently bouncing due to what appears to be an issue with their domain. 'Destination .PH Domain does not exist or has expired,' is the message we get in return."

The post goes on to say that when inspecting if Kickastorrrents' domain was indeed having a problem, at first none seemed readily evident. After taking a closer second look, however, Torrent Freak came to the conclusion something more must have happened and that the domain was in fact down.

"On closer inspection we can see that instead of pointing to the usual IP addresses associated with the site, currently the domain points to an IP address range associated with DotPH, the official registrar for the Philippines where KickAss registered their domain. We cannot say with absolute certainty what this means, but it seems likely that KAT may be experiencing issues with DotPH over their domain. It is feasible that the domain has been reclaimed by the registry although on what grounds and for how long is impossible to predict"

Later in the day, it was confirmed that Kickasstorrents Philippine domain, had in fact been seized. Here was the message left by Kickasstorrent admin.

"As some of you know, doesn't work. Please use (it's safe). The has been taken down cause philippines suddenly seized our domain"

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Like a number of other websites that have undergone scrutiny for their copyright infringing actions, it appears Kickasstorrents' new place of refuge will be in Tonga. This is where the domain .to is derived. Tonga is an archipelago of 150 islands and islets, 40 of them inhabited. The oldest monarchy in the South Pacific, the Kingdom of Tonga has a population of 104,227 inhabitants.

MPAA Targets Kickasstorrents Aling With Numerous Other "Online Notorious Markets"

The Kickasstorrent site has long been a site targeted by organizations such as the MPAA for its violation of copyright laws and illegal distributing of copyrighted material. In 2011, the MPAA listed Kickasstorrents as one of 20 "online notorious markets" along with well-known sites such as the PirateBay, PutLocker, MegaUpload and Movie2k. The MPAA noted that the site had a "commercial look and feel that could deceive users into thinking it is legitimate." The United States Trade Representative (USTR) later copied this description in its overview of sites that are "notorious for infringing activities."

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After these reports were released, sites like Kickasstorrents quickly looked for ways to get around eminent shut down by moving their servers to overseas locations where the US has no control. Up until recently, the Philippines has become a region where many popular torrent sites have moved their domains, including and Demonoid. It appears, however, that new places of refuge will need to be found.

Kickassstorrents is not the only copyright infringing website to recently find itself in some hot water. In late May, many online movie watchers were dismayed to find a favorite source of online movies, Movie2k, had also gone down due to presumed pressure from the MPAA. Though the site soon also found an alternative proxy, it is very likely both that site and the new Kickasstorrents proxy are being watched carefully and could see shutdown in the future.

 (NOTE: iDesignTimes in no way condones the illegal viewing or distributing of copyrighted material and as such recommends for viewing free movies online, make sure to check the free legal website listings we have here.)