iPhone 5S release date rumors are ready the go into high gear, as Reuters provided enough fodder concerning the next iPhone -- and those to come in the 2014 year -- to keep the front pages of Google buzzing for quite a while.

According to the news source, test production of both the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone, the latter of which has been a major part of the 2013 iPhone rumors mill, will begin in July, with production taking off in August and the release date falling in September.

According to Reuters' sources, some of whom are part of the supply chain in Asia, "Trial production was originally planned to start in June, but the mixing of colors is taking longer than expected as Apple has very high and idealistic standards"

The next budget iPhone's rumored price is $99, with a plastic housing, and will be extremely colorful, offering 5-6 choices.

The source went on to say 20 million plastic iPhones are expected to ship in the October-December quarter.

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumors: Is a Gold iPhone The Next Big Thing?

Though the iPhone 5S will maintain its standard black and white option, another report via Macotakara Thursday claims the iPhone 5S will add a third gold model. In the last several months we've seen numerous reports of leaked components and parts, which proliferated the rumor that the iPhone 5S will feature a gold model. Here is what the report said:

"iPhone 5S, which will be shipped in August, has new color model. It is gold, which color is reported by BGR with showing SIM-tray photos".

Of course it is difficult to know the reliability of either the Reuters or Macotakara sources, as the two seem to be conflicting in the proposed release date for the iPhone 5S, but at this point, the Reuters accounts seems more probable.

The iPhone 5S will continue to be made of the aluminum frame we've come to expect; meanwhile, the budget iPhone will be an entirely different offering from the price and specs, to the color and materials used. According to Reuters' sources, that's exactly what Apple had in mind.

The company wants to ensure there is a stark contrast between the classic next iteration of iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5S, and it's cheaper counterpart, the budget iPhone. The budget iPhone is being created for launch in markets where Samsung is dominating -- markets like India and China.

Though not a lot of details were divulged concerning the upcoming iPhone 5S rumored specs and features, hearing that test production is set to begin next month is a pretty good bet that we'll see the iPhone 5S release along with the latest iOS 7. In the WWDC 2013 keynote on Monday, attendees were informed the beta 1 of iOS 7 was already available to developers, while consumers could expect a Fall release of Apple's new mobile OS.

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumors: Specs, Features and Updates Expected

So what new specs and features will the iPhone 5S include? The most persistent rumors suggest the iPhone 5S will feature a higher resolution display while utilizing a new IGZO material, which could increase brightness and slightly decrease the thickness of the device. The next Apple iPhone will most likely include upgraded camera specs with a 12mp camera expected. It is also rumored that 128 GB capacity jump could be a possibility, as we know this technology is certainly available and was showcased in the iPad 4. The most viable rumor concerning the iPhone 5S, however, is the rumor that a fingerprint sensor for identity authentication and mobile payments will be incorporated. This rumor has been backed by patent submissions, job advertisements from Apple, and commentary from a PayPal executive.

As the weeks go by leading up to the release of the next iPhone, be it the budget, iPhone5S or both, continue to check in with iDesignTimes as we'll be posting about all the latest rumors and updates related to Apple devices.


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