iOS 7 features were finally unveiled at Monday's WWDC 2013 Keynote, and with it came more revamps and innovations than longtime iOS users might have expected. One of the most practical and stunning changes to the iOS 7 system by far was the lockscreen redesign. (If you missed it, click here to watch the complete recording of Apple's Keynote). With the new changes in iOS 7 we see the lockscreen gaining increased usability and function, bringing updated features that will maximize productivity and increase user satisfaction. Check out the deep details of what's new with the iOS 7 lockscreen and why you'll wish you had it right now!

iOS 7 New Lockscreen Feature 1: Slide to Unlock

We're not sure if it's Android envy or what, but it seems Apple decided users might like a new or easier way of unlocking the iOS device; and so, instead of only being able to unlock by sliding the familiar bar at the bottom of the screen, in iOS 7 user can slide horizontally anywhere on the screen and enter the homescreen or springboard. This would be increasingly useful in situation where it's inconvenient to locate the slider at the bottom of the screen -- in the middle of the night, while at a meeting, driving, etc. The lockscreen still showcases the current time and music playback controls when you double-tap the home button, along with the draggable camera launcher button beside the "slide to unlock" text -- but as noted, you can now slide anywhere on the screen from right to left to unlock.

iOS 7 New Lockscreen Feature 2: Notification Center



Okay, so this is a biggie right here, and one we've been hoping for a while now, whether we knew it or not: Notification Center in the lockscreen. That's right: With a simple vertical swipe from top to bottom we get a full display of the Notification Center right from your lockscreen. Notification Center has seen some major changes as well, which include tabs across the top labeled "all," "today," and "missed." This break up in notification is a nice addition. With the "missed" tab you can view only the notifications you may have overlooked, while the "today" tab includes important notifications about things pertinent to your day. Information like what the weather will be like, appointments, to-dos and anything else you might need to know for your day. The Notification Center redesign, along with its availability from the iOS 7 lockscreen, will be a feature many users will find makes life just a little simpler.

iOS 7 New Lockscreen Feature 3: Control Center


Also accessible from the iOS 7 lockscreen is the Control Center -- a brand new iOS 7 features that had been rumored for a while and is sure to be a big hit with iOS users. How do you access the Control Center from iOS 7 lockscreen? Simply swipe upward from the bottom to the top of the screen vertically and you're there! The Control Center brings with it a number of really useful device setting control toggles, including airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb mode, and portrait orientation lock. One-tap access to AirDrop and AirPlay are also found in the iOS 7 Control Center along with brightness adjustment and music playback control. Some smaller but equally useful features which can be reached from the Control Center also include Flashlight, Clock, Calculator, and Camera apps. The Control Center is certainly one of the most powerful changes in iOS 7 and quickly accessible from your lockscreen.

iOS 7 New Lockscreen Feature 4: Live Dynamic Wallpaper

Though this feature is really more of a gimmick than anything, it should delight a good number of users nonetheless. iOS 7 lockscreen now includes support for 3D and dynamic wallpapers which can be configured from the settings menu. The 3D wallpaper effect is actually aware of hand movements, but is, again more of a gimmick than a necessity. Still, it was something we figured was worth noting in a discussion of iOS lockscreen changes. Check out the video below of various iOS 7 lockscreen features in a review compliments of Dom Esposito of AppAdvice.

Apple's Annual Developers Conference, WWDC 2013, kicked off Monday, June 10, 2013 with its keynote at 10 am PT. During the keynote Apple introduced viewers to the iOS 7 system, set to become available this fall for iPhone 4 and above, as well as iPad 2 and above. To watch the full recording of Apple's keynote, be sure to visit Apple's event page, where this and other developer conference videos will be posted daily. In addition, be sure to check out iDesignTimes' tech page as we'll be adding new articles about the iOS 7 redesign and other new Apple offerings throughout the week.