iPhone 5S release date rumors seem to run in a continuous circle as just a few days before WWDC 2013 in Cupertino, California, we still have no indication whether or not the next iPhone will be introduced there.

Though a new Apple roadmap emerged this last week via DigiTimes, which pegs an iPhone 5S release date for somewhere in the third quarter of 2013, still rumors about the specs, features and changes to the new iPhone continue to pop up.

WWDC 2013 won't likely have any new news for us in terms of the iPhone 5S, its release date or anticipated specs and features but here is a quick overview of the most persistent rumors which continue to circulate concerning the next iPhone.

Gold Component Leaks Lead Many To Believe A Multi-colored iPhone 5S Will Be Available


There have been any number of new features rumors that have been attached to the next iPhone, from sapphire glass Home buttons to biometric sensors, but one that reappears consistently is the rumor that the iPhone 5S will feature a variety of new colors.

The rumor first got buzzing around April when a set of leaked photos of alleged iPhone 5S internal components emerged in a couple different colors, firing up the rumor that the next iPhone would offer customers many colors to choose from--namely gold. Then, a few weeks ago we saw these rumors strengthened as more leaked iPhone 5S photos showing another set of components leaked -- one of which was a gold SIM tray. 

Updated Full HD Display for iPhone 5S Specs

It's been reported the new iPhone 5S would feature a Retina + Sharp IGZO display with Full HD resolution [1080p]. This could possibly support some updated features, which have been talked of like 3D camera for FaceTime or 3D Skype calling. In addition, it could lend itself to us seeing updates to the camera which all expect would have to come with at least 13mp to remain up to speed with competitors like the Galaxy S4.

More Powerful Processor For iPhone 5S

Another popular iPhone 5S release date rumor is that the iPhone 5S processor will receive an upgrade as the current A6X chip found in the iPhone 5 has been utilized for quite some time now. Some believe the next-gen processor could be names the A7 processor chip but details on it are unclear. The hope is, whatever processor is included in the iPhone 5S, it will be able to stand as a worthy competitor to the new Samsung Exynos 5 Octa chip.

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iPhone 5S Release Date Rumors: Leaked Casing Photos Reveal The Next iPhone May Be A Cheap Plastic Redo Of The iPhone 5 [PHOTOS]

New iPhone 5S release date rumors emerge just about daily, as most hope WWDC will shed some light on new and upcoming Apple devices. One rumor that just won't die concerning the next iPhone is that it will be a budget model. Though we are unsure if the budget iPhone at its release date will be named iPhone 5S or simply debut beside it, one rumor that continues to be repeated is that the budget iPhone will be plastic.

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Over the weekend these rumors were strengthened as a set of leaked photos appeared on the web showcasing a plastic iPhone with a lightening connector attached, presumed to be the next budget iPhone - possibly the iPhone 5S.

The news came to us Sunday via Apple.pro, a Chinese blog which shared some photos of what is purported to be the back casing of the rumored budget iPhone. The photos are extremely blurry and details are difficult to derive but already they are spreading like wildfire around the internet.

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The pictures show a glossy black and clearly plastic iPhone with no markings on it to make it distinctly an Apple phone, except the tell-tale lightening connector attached at the bottom. Though some have claimed the rumored iPhone looks similar to the iPhone 3GS with curved edges, it also appears to resemble the iPhone 5 as well as the length seems equal to that of the current iPhone 5.

Of course this isn't the first set of budget iPhone 5S leaked photos we've seen emerge on the web. Other photos emerged in early April via Tactus, which also showcased a white plastic iPhone, them rumored to be the iPhone 5S and thought to have an early summer release date. Though both photos of the rumored economy iPhone bear some similarities in shape, there are some differences, leading viewers to believe either one or both of these photos may be fake.

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For example, though both bear a similar shape to the iPhone 5, The earlier Tactus model looks much more similar to the iPhone 5, is very flat and has slightly curved edges. The white budget Tactus iPhone 5S also showcased the classic Apple symbol on the back of the phone along with the word iPhone along the bottom as we've come to expect from all iPhone models. The newer budget iPhone photo brought to us by Apple.pro has an even more rounded set of edges and appears to be thicker than the prior. In addition, it lacks any logos or markings that would identify it as being a part of the Apple family.

Many are skeptical that these latest low-cost iPhone photos may very well be just a hoax.

Taking a look around a few online forums readers aren't incredibly impressed with these latest leaked photos and feel fairly confident they are probably fake.

"People making fakes don't even try anymore..." says macrumors forum member Kissaragi

"Blurry = 99% legit," added iSayUSay

Meanwhile phillipduran noted,

"These pictures have the same out of focus, blurry appearance of all other leak pictures. They have to be real! Seriously though, if you look at the mic, speaker and connector port on the bottom, you can clearly see that it is a case. That or a serious downgrade in Apple quality."

And indeed, the first thing most will notice about the alleged iPhone 5S in these photos is the noticeably cheapened appearance of the phone.

Though the rumor that a budget iPhone 5S release date could be coming quite soon and debut at around $300, some how it's pretty hard to believe, even if the next iPhone happens to be plastic that Apple would offer anything less than a quality device - even with a drastically reduced retail price.

What do you think of these latest budget iPhone 5S release date rumors? Will a cheaper iPhone be on the horizon or should we be looking for an iPhone 6?


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