Movie2k went down about a week ago, soon to be followed by Both websites provided free online movies to stream and download from the site, while doing so in violation of copyright.

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As such, both and were first blocked, and then servers went down entirely towards the end of May. Both sites have been replaced by alterative free streaming movie proxies, but the safety of the new sites has come under question. Goes Down: What Happened To The Free Streaming Movie Site?

Movie2k has a site similar to it named Movie4k, which TorrentFreak predicted would be coming soon after the original free streaming movie site went down, and frequenters defaulted to a sister site, for their online movie watching.

About a month ago, however, TorrentFreak let users of and know that the sister site had been "compromised" and was leading people to an alternative site but that it wasn't the authentic streaming movie site.  It seems it's possible the movie4k, the recent replacement of movie2k could be experiencing the same fate as some new reports are stating the free streaming movie site could be giving visitors malware.

Movie2k experienced a high level of popularity with online move watchers due to the number of unique and hard-to-access offerings the site provided, particularly in their indie and foreign films index. Many who used Movie2k frequently stated their dismay at the site going down as they noted a willingness to pay for such a service if a viable alternative were to become available.

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Though there are any number of free or paid streaming movie sites including popular subscriptions sites like Hulu and Netflix, none of them offer the extensive indie and forgiven film selection did. Alternative Arrives But Is It Safe?

It is for this reason the alternative, Movie4k, went online and appears to be providing users with the same kind of free streaming movie content they enjoyed on the predecessor Movie2k. Though the site claims it is now "legal" as it is serving only as an index to free online movies, which may or may not be in violation with copyrights, safe to say, the activity there is being closely watched by groups like the MPAA which was responsible for the blocking of Movie2k in the UK.

According to the Examiner, however, it seems that though Movie4k appears to be offering a similar service as the website did, some users may end up getting more than they bargained for in the way of malware and safety issues for their computers. The Examiner cites reports from a website known as which advertises malware removal software. The site claims that Movie4k is not Movie2k and is listed as a phishing website which may be sending a malicious code to the PC's of users which may not be detectable by your virus scanner.

Thus far user reports of malicious software or viruses being installed on their computer due to using, the alternative, have not reached the web, but the site has only been operational a few days.

Here is the statement from Botcrawl concerning the Movie2k alternative.

"Movie4k, via,, is a malicious phishing website advertised to replace the seized Movie2k site, but has no association with the now dead Movie2k website and Movie2k name."

So what kind of viruses is the new Movie4k purported to be spreading? The program is said to be named "iehigutil.exe" and disguises itself as an Internet Explorer process.

Where To Watch Free Movies Online

As stated before, reports of malware being installed on users computers due to visiting Movie4k have yet to hit the web, but as new information becomes available, we'll be sure to update you.

In the meantime, we offered a listing of free and legal online movie streaming sites, which can be visited in an earlier article. Please feel free to peruse those.

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As always, iDesignTimes does not condone the illegal  watching and distributing of copyrighted material. Please choose your free streaming movie resources wisely.