New iPhone 5S release date rumors emerge just about daily, as most hope WWDC will shed some light on new and upcoming Apple devices. One rumor that just won't die concerning the next iPhone is that it will be a budget model. Though we are unsure if the budget iPhone at its release date will be named iPhone 5S or simply debut beside it, one rumor that continues to be repeated is that the budget iPhone will be plastic.

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Over the weekend these rumors were strengthened as a set of leaked photos appeared on the web showcasing a plastic iPhone with a lightening connector attached, presumed to be the next budget iPhone - possibly the iPhone 5S.

The news came to us Sunday via, a Chinese blog which shared some photos of what is purported to be the back casing of the rumored budget iPhone. The photos are extremely blurry and details are difficult to derive but already they are spreading like wildfire around the internet.

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The pictures show a glossy black and clearly plastic iPhone with no markings on it to make it distinctly an Apple phone, except the tell-tale lightening connector attached at the bottom. Though some have claimed the rumored iPhone looks similar to the iPhone 3GS with curved edges, it also appears to resemble the iPhone 5 as well as the length seems equal to that of the current iPhone 5.

Of course this isn't the first set of budget iPhone 5S leaked photos we've seen emerge on the web. Other photos emerged in early April via Tactus, which also showcased a white plastic iPhone, them rumored to be the iPhone 5S and thought to have an early summer release date. Though both photos of the rumored economy iPhone bear some similarities in shape, there are some differences, leading viewers to believe either one or both of these photos may be fake.

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For example, though both bear a similar shape to the iPhone 5, The earlier Tactus model looks much more similar to the iPhone 5, is very flat and has slightly curved edges. The white budget Tactus iPhone 5S also showcased the classic Apple symbol on the back of the phone along with the word iPhone along the bottom as we've come to expect from all iPhone models. The newer budget iPhone photo brought to us by has an even more rounded set of edges and appears to be thicker than the prior. In addition, it lacks any logos or markings that would identify it as being a part of the Apple family.

Many are skeptical that these latest low-cost iPhone photos may very well be just a hoax.

Taking a look around a few online forums readers aren't incredibly impressed with these latest leaked photos and feel fairly confident they are probably fake.

"People making fakes don't even try anymore..." says macrumors forum member Kissaragi

"Blurry = 99% legit," added iSayUSay

Meanwhile phillipduran noted,

"These pictures have the same out of focus, blurry appearance of all other leak pictures. They have to be real! Seriously though, if you look at the mic, speaker and connector port on the bottom, you can clearly see that it is a case. That or a serious downgrade in Apple quality."

And indeed, the first thing most will notice about the alleged iPhone 5S in these photos is the noticeably cheapened appearance of the phone.

Though the rumor that a budget iPhone 5S release date could be coming quite soon and debut at around $300, some how it's pretty hard to believe, even if the next iPhone happens to be plastic that Apple would offer anything less than a quality device - even with a drastically reduced retail price.

What do you think of these latest budget iPhone 5S release date rumors? Will a cheaper iPhone be on the horizon or should we be looking for an iPhone 6?


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iPhone 5S Increased Pixel Retina Display Rumor Lead Some To Believe A Larger Screen May Be On The Way [VIDEO]

A larger screen has long been the groan of fanboys awaiting the iPhone 5S release date as new competing devices like the Galaxy S4 featuring a roomy 5-inch display give iPhone users something to be a little jealous over. A recent rumor, however, which surfaced this week, could point to a larger screen for the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5S. The rumor comes in the form of new display specs via Wei Feng Network, which claim Apple may be working to double the pixel count on the iPhone 5S display. Though the exact resolution was not divulged, many speculate, with a standard Apple 16:9 aspect ratio, the resolution could very likely be around 1600 x 900 resolution on the iPhone 5S display, while delivering a whopping 1.44 million pixel count.

Of course it didn't take long for folks on Twitter to calculate these figures and assume with resolution like this, we have to be looking for a larger screen to arrive on the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S rumor somewhat supports this fact by adding that the display will take up more of the front, while the phone itself will feature smaller bezels, much like the iPad Mini.

Of course these rumors are not surprising, as a new iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 concept video is released almost daily and most feature a slimmed down or completely missing bezel in order to accommodate a larger screen on the next iPhone.

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As soon as this latest iPhone 5S rumor hit the ground running someone got busy actually creating a concept video that would resemble the rumored iPhone 5S with it's increased pixel density screen. (See Video Below)

It's not surprising really to see rumors like this cropping up on nearly a daily basis as we are just days away from Apple's Annual developers conference (WWDC) scheduled for June of 2013.

We know a drastic redesign of the iOS 7 is underway as Jony Ive has taken the helm and is hoping to leave his mark on Apple's native mobile operating system.

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The iPhone 5S presumably would be one of the first iDevices to feature the new system and so with the reveal of iOS just days away we can expect a flood of rumors concerning the iPhone 5S to continue to crop up. Below we have featured the iPhone 5S concept video that was created to showcase the newly rumored display specs. Also check out the attached article from earlier this week with all the latest iPhone 5S rumored specs, features and release date news to get our up to speed on what we hope for in the next iPhone.

iPhone 5S Concept Video Featuring Increased Pixel Display


iPhone 5S Release Date News: Components Leak Reveal New Features Including Multiple Colors and Fingerprint Scanning [PHOTOS/VIDEO/REPORT]

It's been rumored since early spring that when the iPhone 5S release date arrived, it would include a "killer feature" and that feature would come in the form of fingerprint scanning technology and possibly a choice of colors for the device, but this week some new information and component leaks have surfaced which seem to make that iPhone 5S rumors seem slight more realistic. Keep reading for more about the iPhone 5S release date, rumored features and the latest component leak.

Up to this point we've basically believe that the iPhone 5S won't offer much in the way of upgrades and that what we should really be looking out for is the iPhone 6 to make a big splash. However, recent leaked l photos of some redesigned internal components seem to suggest maybe those previous predictions were wrong. From the looks of things if these are indeed new insides for the upcoming iPhone 5S then it seems Apple planning a total work over of the new device from the inside out. Most interesting however is not so much what has changed but rather what has been added.

iPhone 5S Leaked Photos: What New Features Might We Expect?

The images, which were leaked via BGR and are presumably new innards of the upcoming iPhone 5S. The parts include typical features like the loudspeaker bracket, ear speaker bracket, as well as Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon.

What's different however are the vibrating motor assembly and the SIM card tray. The iPhone 5S vibrating motor assembly was seen a few months back in another leak but these photos give us more insight in how the component differs from that found in the iPhone 5.

In addition these leaked iPhone 5S component photos also show two different SIM card trays for the latest Apple iPhone. The SIM trays appear thinner than that of the iPhone 5 suggesting perhaps a more svelte device overall, while also including some variation in color -- one being beige and the other gold. It is possible with this variation in SIM tray colors that we could be seeing more evidence that the iPhone 5S will indeed come in several different color choices upon release.

Will An iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Be The Killer Feature?

In addition to these changes in hardware it seems we are also one step closer to seeing the fingerprint scanning feature for iPhone 5S which have been speculated about for months now actually coming to fruition. This week a kind of lightly dropped hint by chief information security officer of PayPay Michael Barret suggested that Apple was going to incorporate fingerprint readers on their smartphones as part of new way to protect personal information. Of course we've seen this rumor surface and be "confirmed" numerous times by sources such as iDigi and other Asian tech new sites, but up to this point there has been no solid proof that fingerprint scanning will be a part of the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5S. Still when people like Mike Barret make statements such as these it certainly adds a greater hint of validity to the rumor.

Of course Barret went on to suggest that Apple wouldn't be the only smartphone looking to incorporate fingerprint technology into their next smartphone. During a recent keynote address at Interop, Barret stated,

"There is going to be a fingerprint enabled phone on the market later this year ... Not just one, multiple."

Take this declaration along with the fact that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently acquired AuthenTec and you can basically bet your money the iPhone 5S will be the first smartphone out there showcasing this new feature.

WWDC 2013: iOS 7 Will Debut And Flat Design Is Expected. Will iPhone 5S Be The One To Showcase the New System?

The news comes kind of perfectly timed, as WWDC is just a few weeks away. The annual Apple developer conference is something fan-boys look forward to each year, as this is when latest features on both new devices and coming iOS are typically revealed. Last year iOS 6 made a huge impression at the WWDC event and this year with competition being stiff against players like Samsung and Google Android, Apple will have some work to do to bring out something unique that sets it apart from the crowd. Fingerprint sensors in the iPhone 5S could be just the killer feature we'll see.

Still others speculate that while a fingerprint sensor might be a nice addition there are some other update the next iPhone must make in order to keep folks interested. The most updates of course would be a better camera, faster, more powerful processor, screen size increase and display resolution increase as even lesser tier phones like the HTC One are clearly out performing the iPhone 5 now.

In addition to hardware changes however, many anticipate large changes to iOS 7 as the rumor that flat design will rein continues to circulate the web. Just this week Apple released the latest version of iTunes - iTunes 11.0.3 which offered little more than an upgrade to the programs' user interface-particularly the mini player. Fans of a flat design for iOS 7 instantly jumped on the fact that this newly updated mini-player for iTunes was indeed changed to a flat design and took that as a sign this may be the direction Apple is moving as a whole for iOS 7

Whatever lies ahead in terms of the iPhone 5S, when it will release and what features it will include, we look forward to it. Check back regularly as iDesignTimes will continue to bring you the latest news, rumors, and leaked features on the next iPhone


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