Movie2k and counterpart both went offline on Thursday and have not returned to functionality since that time. What happened to cause movie2k to go down? Are there other sites like Movie2k for online movie watching? Will movie2k go back online? Though the cause has not been announced officially, most around the Web believe copyright infringement may have led to the site being blocked and/or going offline.

NEW: Moive2k Shut Down But Proxy Appears: Is The Alternative Free Online Movie Site Legal? 

At this time, some alternatives to Movie2k have been mentioned by our readers in the comments section of an earlier article, but none have been able to provide a legal free streaming movie selection as large as movie2k did.

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The popular free streaming movies site movie2k had a very strong fan base as thousands of questions and responses concerning the site's downfall have surfaced on social media and around the Web. The general consensus is that was taken offline due to a recent court order obtained by the MPAA which required Internet service providers in the UK to block the copyright infringing websites. and Linked: Did the Site Shut Itself Down?

Never heard of If not then perhaps you heard of its earlier counterpart Both sites were known for streaming a wide variety of copyrighted material illegally to users around the world. The sites are German based and it is thought that both movie2k and were shut down by the GVA - an equivalent to the British MPAA and American DCMA. Surprisingly, however, GVA officials say the suspect shut down of its own free will. Here is what the organization had to say about the matter [translation]:

"We can not say what the reasons leading to the current unavailability of movie2k at the moment. The fact is that the GVU has gained from the still ongoing process complex very extensive knowledge of the scene of the digital fence. This includes movie2k ... Is possible now that they have switched off the page ... if those responsible have switched from movie2k their illegal offer itself, we interpret this as a first signal of their willingness not to deepen the damage to the film industry even further."

Though those who support reining in viewing and distributing copyrighted material illegally like what was found on, this may be registered as a triumph, much as when PirateBay, another copyright infringing website went down.

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Fans Of Movie2k Share Their Outrage After The Streaming Movie Site Goes Down

However for those who enjoyed streaming free movies online from the or movie2k website, they have a different opinion altogether. Here are just a few of the opinions voiced recently by iDesignTimes readers who first read that movie2k had gone down earlier this week:

"The great thing about movie2k was their Indie and foreign films on the right column, separated from the Hollywood blockbuster camrips in the center. The great thing about those indie and foreign films is they are next to impossible for many to see in theaters. Movie2k was the only sight that hosted many of these type of films." - LEE

"This is retarded! Put MOVIE2K.TO BACK UP! Who cares people. Just put it up and get over it." - James

"This is a bunch of utter bull ... the government spies and watches everyone(free of charge) through embedded cameras in your LCD monitor, and then have the nerve to say who can watch their movies. Its sick!"

While these readers registered their distain at having the favorite online streaming movie provider movie2k and shut down, some brought a few arguments to the table they hope would be heard. It seems the biggest loss to many was the ability to access movies that are unavailable anywhere else both paid or for free and this was a concern heard more than once from our readers.

"[Movie2k] Indie and foreign films directory listed on the site was amazing and so convenient. Movie2k should have disabled the ability to downloading movies from their site, their Download4All broke the UK's Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. Really dumb on the host's part as I was perfectly content with just watching the movies via the website or back-links. With the wide variety of media converters and add on extensions on the web, users could have just downloaded them on their own, similar to what people do to YouTube videos. This was a fail on the host's part." - Chris

"The great thing about those indie and foreign 
films is they are next to impossible for many to see in theaters ... and not on netflix usually either.....THIS is the point and what suggestions may be made so we may find these independent non block buster and foreign language films films to STREAM?And I don't mind paying a reasonable amount for streaming."

Where Can I Stream Free Movies Online At Sites Like Movie2k?

The MPAA recently set up a website which was meant to counter the need to visit illegal sites such as to stream online movies for free, b offering a legal alternative called, which aggregates a listing of all free legal streaming movie sites available on the web.

We also compiled our own list of free online movies as well.

Entertainment Magazine On Line



Google Video

Legal Movies Online

Open Culture

However, as one of our readers pointed out, these sites is hardly equivalent to what movie2k provided users.

"Those movies aren't recent and popular like Movie2k ones were. And why should you pay $2.99 for an episode of a tv show that's already been on tv ? That's why people go to illegal streaming sites" - Micky

So it seems the conundrum then is finding a way to bring more and better content to the masses and at an affordable price. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and if alternative or proxy servers for the popular streaming movie website will arise.

Know of a place to stream free movies online legally like those on movie2k? Let us know in the comments section below.