Well, the Twitter text prank king comedian Nathan Fielder of Comedy Central has done it again! This time he's encouraging people to fool their lovers with some fake bad news that "I haven't been fully honest with you" while producing hilarious responses few could have anticipated. The last time you heard the name Nathan Fielder was probably in association with a text prank for teens who would "accidentally" tweet their parents pretending to be in the middle of a drug deal and then never mention it, allowing the situation to "develop" as it might.

The responses had us all in tears but this time Fielder is up to another text prank he broadcasted over Twitter called the "I haven't been fully honest with you" prank. In this prank, lovers are told to text their significant others with the words "I haven't been fully honest with you" and then wait an hour before texting anything else back. You can only imagine the angst, anger and um... well, incredibly unexpected responses that emerged. Some were cussed at, others laughed at. Still others responded casually, while a few revealed secrets of their own!

No one could have ever anticipated the hilarious turn Nathan Fielder's text prank via twitter would have created but we're sure glad it happened. To see some of the best Nathan Fielder text pranks posted today check out the slide show above, or click here to start it now.  You can also check out some of the responses from twitter users after viewing the hilarious Nathan Fielder Twitter text prank.

About Nathan Fielder (from Wikipedia)

Nathan Fielder (born 1983) is a Canadian writer and comedian born in Vancouver, British Columbia. After receiving the 2006 Tim Sims Award for outstanding Canadian comedy newcomer, Fielder went on to join the cast of the CBC comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes as a field correspondent. He also helped write for Canadian Idol.

In 2010, he wrote and directed a number of sketches for season 2 of Important Things with Demetri Martin on Comedy Central.[2] He also did a guest voice role of a geeky boy named Nathan, on the Season 2 finale of Bob's Burgers.

Fielder played Jon Benjamin's sound guy in the 2011 television series Jon Benjamin Has a Van. He is currently at the helm of Comedy Central's "Nathan For You". Nathan Fielder is a Canadian comedian and star on Comedy Central's Nathan for You

Response To Nathan Fielder's "I Haven't Been Fully Honest" Text Prank On Twitter 



So mean ... & funny RT ‪@postsecret: Text "I Haven't Been Fully Honest With You" to the Person You Are Dating



Wow, hard core prank! MT ‪@postsecret: Text "I Haven't Been Fully Honest With You" to the Person You Are Dating



Can't stop laughing "Nathan Fielder's Latest Text Prank: 'I Haven't Been Fully Honest With You'



@‪@nathanfielder a sick, twisted bastard & love u LOL "Latest Text Prank I Haven't Been Fully Honest With You'



This is dangerous folks... Don't try this at home! MUST READ---> I Haven't Been Fully Honest with You




This is great.... Text you boy/girlfriend "I have t been completely honest with you"... These responses are classic