The Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) release date is still over 3 months away and for the last couple weeks little new has been divulged concerning the upcoming game, its features, new character and environment details, but this hasn't stopped anxious fans from piecing together hints and sniffing out clues about new GTA 5 features we can expect to see when the game releases. In addition, this week some leaks surfaced on Reddit as a one user started a GTA 5 AMA after attending a Rockstar event in Poland for industry insiders, which allowed them to take a look at the game in more detail. All the information posted by this user to the AMA has recently been deleted, but thankfully were able to tease out a few bits before it disappeared completely. Some of those details included new information about the HUD, maps, character details and more. Check out what was gathered from the GTA 5 AMA, show along with other new tidbits sniffed out by anxious fans around the net.

GTA 5 HUD Details Divulged

Okay, so though we've seen a number of very realistic-looking HUD mock-prelated to GTA 5 pop up on the net, based off of the description given by the redditor in the AMA, another user managed to create what we believe probably very closely resembles the true Grand Theft Auto 5 HUD we'll be looking at when the game releases. To view the mock-up HUD, check out the 2nd and 3rd photos in the slideshow above.

GTA 5 Photo Collection Shared

While participating in the Reddit GTA V AMA, the same user who shared the mock-up HUD photos featured above also shared a nice collection of related artwork and photos featuring more mock -ups of the character selection wheel and several pieced together maps of the city for GTA 5. You can take a look at the mock-up maps in the slide-show above featuring these photos from Brundle2Brundle's tumblr page or click here to begin the slideshow now.

GTA 5 Release Will Be A "Colorful" Surprise

According to the same redditor on the AMA, GTA 5 is pretty impressively colorful. Here is his description:

"GTA V has this magical thing called colors... It looked better than [GTA] IV, definitely, but it wasn't trailer-level. I'm quite sure I've noticed aliasing on more than one occasion."

This description, while brief, it is enough to let us know there will be no reason to be disappointed in what the game offers in terms of vibrance.

GTA 5 New Environment Details

The redditior also mentioned some new details about the environment that some of us could have guessed but was nonetheless nice to have reaffirmed. According to the redditor, GTA 5 has some amazing water scenes with incredible details, such as the way the sharks circle Trevor as he swims in the clear blue waters. The redditor also mentioned the landscape and it's attractiveness saying that the countryside was quite a sight to behold.

"How alive the countryside felt was nice - while Franklin was parachuting you could see animals running around, when he landed there was pair of fishermen near and deer sipping water across the river."
Though some gamers may have little care for details such as these, it's just one more testament that the time Rockstar has spent improving the game and preparing GTA V for release is going to be worth it as the stunning scenery and landscape will make for a more enriched playing experience.

Soon after these details were leaked, GameStop in the UK's twitter account revealed some details about weather environment details in Grand Theft Auto V. The account stated "GTA 5's real-time weather effects will create furious storms, rough ocean waves and puddles in the mud," while featuring a beautiful graphic to accompany it.

GTA 5 Combat , Gore, Violence and Character Scarring

Well, it seems some were disappointed when they heard the details on "gore" for GTA 5 would be equivalent to GTA 4 but the redditor also revealed some details of the combat and gameplay including interesting insights about character scarring whichwere appreciated.

 In terms of combat, the redditor said, "Nothing particular stood out in that respect."

He also mentioned that aiming in GTA 5 was similar to Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption but that lots of bullets will be needed to take enemies down.

In terms of details about how characters wounds were shown, the redditor had this to say:

"Sometimes damages (like wounds, bullets holes...) will leave marks on the body of the characters forever."

Some participating in the AMA then pointed out that we may have already seen the evidence of this "character scarring as in one scene from the "Trevor" trailer we hear him holler "bring me coffee or I'll cut your arm off!" while a shirtless character in the scene has a clearly seen scar on his stomach. Its quite possible this scar is remaining from some combat scene in the GTA 5 gameplay.This is a pretty awesome addition as it makes each gaming experience somewhat unique from others.

GTA 5 Leaks: Russian Rockstar Games Event Reveal More Details

In addition to the details provided by the redditor mentioned above, just a few days prior we saw leaks from a Russian Rockstar games event, which divulged more details about the upcoming game. Here are a few of the high points compiled by

1. In the beginning of the demo we seen Franklin jumping out of a plane with a parachute, While Franklin in the air, you notice a lot of interesting things:

2. A military base hidden in the hills.

3. Wild animals prey on each other.

4. Motocross track and a hunting ground. Also you see tourists walking in the mountains, near the river and a few people go fishing, and more.

5. Some of the problems that associated with the low capacity of some platforms still exist, like the number of cars on the street...

6. For the first time in the series there was background music.

7. The underwater world around Los Santos looks great, it's probably the most beautiful image of the sea in the games. Colored fish swim among the rocks and Shark swims near you.


GTA 5 Soundtracks and Background Music

One thing I've heard several fans mention is curiosity over what kind of radio stations will be featured in the new GTA 5 and with the above details that some background music will be playing, IGN got busy trying to predict what kinds of music just might be made available in the new GTA 5. Here's a brief overview of their predictions but you can check out the full article here.

1. Radio Los Santos which first appeared in GTA San Andreas will be back for GTA 5. IGN predicts it will be playing the early 90's west coast hip-hop, it played in the earlier GTA San Andreas

2. An EDM Radio Station since Electronic music is so popular, IGN predicts a station featuring artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5 will be available.

3. A Nu-Garage/Bass Music Radio Station will be available because Rockstar tends to like highlighting lesser known genres in their games. They predict we could se artist on this station like Zomby, Burial, Mount Kimbie, FaltyDL, James Blake

4. Techno/House music station because it seems this kid of music is rising to popularity again.

5. A Ska/Punk Radio Station we see to be a must in a California based game that is known for its skateboarders and surfers. 

6. A Reggae/Dub station has become a staple of GTA games and so for the sake of tradition, IGN expects we'll see one in GTA 5 as well.

GTA 5 Special Edition Details

Though this news isn't exactly new, we know GTA 5 will be featuring a Special Edition with fun stuff like blueprint maps of Los Santos and artwork of the game's three protagonists Trevor, Franklin and Michael. There are other goodies like character attribute boosts and free access to new weapons, which will come packaged with the Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition.

In addition there will also be a Collectors Edition of GTA V, which will feature more good stuff. All the features of the Special Edition will be there but you also get the choice of adding and using some of the classic GTA characters to your GTA 5 gameplay if you so desire. Vehicle addition will also be available including a hotrod, sports bike and electric car .

Check in regularly with iDesignTimes as we will continue to bring you the most up to date info on GTA 5 leaks, photos, trailers, features and more.


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