We've waited a long time for the Legend of Korra season 2 release date to come, and many times it seems maybe it won't arrive after all. But after Nickelodeon's recent teaser trailer showcased early in May, fans began to see their hopes raised as the producers hinted that the new Book 2 of The Last Airbenders series, Legend of Korra would finally arrive.

While hints about the release date have been few and far between, some new hope that the Season 2 release date for Legend of Korra is right around the corner has emerged, suggesting we could possibly see a marketing campaign begin as early as June. Keep reading to learn more about the latest Legend of Korra Season 2 release date leaks and marketing campaign.

Will Marketing Begin For Legend Of Korra In June 2013? New Source Speaks Up

If you don't know the awesome Korra-centered blog avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com, this is one source you should add to your list of Korra-based information. Here is what the blogger Keval had to say on Tuesday about the upcoming season 2 of Legend of Korra:

"I have some very exciting news for all Legend of Korra fans out there - over the past few days, I have exchanged e-mails with an individual who has ties to Viacom. This individual is a very trustworthy person to me and he has decided to feed me details pertaining to The Legend of Korra from within Nickelodeon. This individual is not necessarily a high profile person within Viacom; rather he is in contact with someone who is working closely with Viacom. In order to protect this individual from harassment around the Avatar Fandom, his identity will remain anonymous. I will be referring to him as my "source."

I'm sure the word "source" is a red flag to just about any person on the internet. It's not exactly a term that draws much credibility. That being said, it's completely up to you if you want to trust my source. I'll be labeling any information that I acquire from my source accordingly so you'll know where all my information is coming from."

The blogger goes on to say he knows the idea of an "unidentified source" seems highly uncreditable. But if you've followed this blogger's posts at all, you know he's pretty spot on with anything related to the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Season 2. Here is the rest of what the blogger had to say:

"We [blogger and his source] exchanged some e-mails yesterday and he was able to give me some information on the current production status of Book 2.

My source has confirmed that the production on Book 2 is currently coming to close. I don't know any details on a specific time frame, but I do know that the next step will be marketing. Once Book 2 production officially comes to a close, Nickelodeon will begin working on the marketing of Book 2.

Marketing will be a fun time for the fandom because that's when we'll start seeing commercials and advertisements for Book 2. We'll also receive an official trailer and release date during that phase.

That's all I was told this time around. I'm not sure when I'll get any more information, but as you can see, the information I am receiving is not exactly high leveled information. It's just small tid-bits about production so don't expect me to start spoiling parts of Book 2."

Though the source is vague, it seems then we might be looking very soon for more teaser trailers, screen shots and artwork related to Book 2 of Legend Of Korra. Just a few weeks ago we saw some incredible Legend of Korra art to be featured in an upcoming book by Dark Horse Comics. To view the artwork, click here to start the slideshow.

Legend Of Korra Season 2 Fall Release Date Anticipated: Fans Weigh In


In response to this latest pseudo-leak about the Legend of Korra Season 2 release date, numerous fans submitted their comments to the blog expressing both excitement and speculation about the long-awaited series' release date.

Here's just a few of the responses posted:

 "It sounds very vague, but there's no way to disprove this information. Based on the words of the creators, the crew, and Nickelodeon, I find it is very likely that this source is reliable. There all talking about, "Soon". I think it's safe to assume that we can expect some sort of Marketing stunt in June or at the latest, Comic Con. If nothing is released by end of July, then I will be officially outraged and Sad.
But right now I thinks it's safe to say that we might get a trailer by end of June"-

"If an ad appears in June then I think that we'll probably be watching episode 1 in August. September is just a bit too late for me. It better be a damn good season if we've been forced to wait this long." - Mac

"Plus don't forget Book 1 is coming out on DVD in July, so in a way, that can sort be used as a way of marketing for Book 2, like a slogan that says "Book 2 starts on Nickelodeon this Fall, in the meantime, relive the entire Book 1" - Kyle Edgcombe

"I hope that they begin marketing in June. Unfortunately, I can completely see Nickelodeon holding out until comic-con because that's where they will likely receive the most attention from viewers... They really need to ask themselves... What would Aang do?" - Mitch Gunner

"Will Nickelodeon actually begin marketing on the series when it's all said and done? I swear if I hear a "coming soon" from them one more time, I'm going to form a spy team to infiltrate their HQ and force some answers. Who's with me?" - Chrispixx

Airbenders to Receive New Sub-Skill In Legend of Korra Season 2? Interesting "Soundbending" Theory Arises

In the meantime, some other speculation is surfacing concerning what new features or skills we might see in The Legend of Korra Book 2. Within the same blog, a guest posted some interesting ideas about what we could see happen in Legend of Korra Season 2 in terms of new Airbending sub-skills. Guest blogger Nikko (Karuk) shares with us his thoughts about a new subskill called "Soundbending" while offering a pretty good defense for his speculation. Check it out below:

"Over the course of our very long wait for any news or sign of Book 2 of Legend of Korra, I've heard of talk and banter here and there discussing the new Airbending sub-skill that might (and probably will) make an appearance in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. But alas, no concrete ideas on what that could be have officially surfaced. But I think I might have a clue what it could be. Airbending is going to start manipulating sound. I know this sounds far fetched, or maybe it sounds spot on, but I do know that the only conceivable thing that airbenders would and could manipulate would be sound, and here are a few reasons why:

Sound is created by vibrating the air to such a degree that our ears can pick it up and transmit those vibrations into signals that our brain interprets into whatever jargon is being communicated. The latter part of that statement is just for educational purposes, the former part is what's important. Sound is created through vibrating the air.

If you look at the instruments played by the Airbenders, many of them utilize air to play those instruments, flutes, horns, etc. In fact, we have seen very little string instruments that were made and played by the Air Nomads.

The Air nomads are musically inclined. As it were, music is considered free spirited and used for self expression. Think back on the Episode from ATLA when Aang is playing the Tsungi horn with his fellow fire nation classmates. It would make sense that sound would be something that greatly interests airbenders.

My last point is the limitations of what air can do. Air and the different physiological components that go into it are not that vast and expansive as let's say fire or earth or water. The forms that it can take are many and few at the same time. Sound just seems to fit right there with what the Air nomads are capable of, and also speaks to who they are as airbenders."


Whatever may be in store for fans anticipating the release of Legend of Korra Season 2, one thing is certain: They're excited and they're ready. Let's hope the June marketing campaign rumor can hold water.


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