Up to this point iPhone 6 specs, features, release date and other pertinent details have been kept tightly under wraps, but this doesn't mean iPhone 6 concept creators aren't busy dreaming up new ideas of what the next iteration of iPhone could be like. This week some new concept photos and videos have surfaced which represent some popular rumors we have heard concerning the upcoming iPhone 6. These concepts include some coveted features such as LED Notifications, HD display, waterproof and dustproof casing as well as projector, customizable UI and more - some concepts and rumors more believable than others.

Check out these latest iPhone 6 renditions along with the dreamed up features included.

 iPhone 6 Rumors Concept 1:

Larger Screen

Okay, so one thing we never stop hearing about when it comes to the iPhone 6 is the size of the screen. With Samsung's line of bigger-is -better phablet devices like the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S4, consumers have gotten accustomed to larger screens which make the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen seem completely outdated. Though most of us will agree the size of the iPhone 5 certainly lends itself to greater one-handed use than these other newer and larger devices; still, "bigger" is something most across the board are asking for. In the first concept I have, created by a Deviantart user Fishbertus, the iPhone 6 is imagined with a larger screen. While the device is still the same size as the iPhone 5, the screen has been extended to cover the entire face of the device with an almost disappearing bezel, stretching display coverage to roughly 4.5 inches or so. This design seems probable since it's not the first concept we've seen featuring a nearly non-existent bezel.

LED Notifications and Touch Sensitive Casing

In addition to a larger screen this concept features some rumored iPhone 6 specs and features we've seen surface quite a few times imagined here. They include a touch-sensitive home button and LED light up notifications. Both of these ideas come straight from some recent patents we've seen submitted by Apple which describe 3D wraparound screens, touch-sensitive casing, and disappearing home buttons as well as changes to the vibration system. It seems to me this concept by Fishbertus is one to keep our eye one, as the I imagine features found there won't be disappearing anytime soon.

iOS 7 Customizable UI

Deviantart is a website a lot of iPhone jailbreak users like to visit as we can find a lot of beautiful backgrounds and theming customizations for jailbroken iPhones. It comes as no surprise to me then that someone from this community would imagine the iPhone 6 as having a customizable UI. With competition growing stiffer against Android devices, which are infinitely more simple to root as well as customize, iPhone users also wish Apple would get with the program and allow us a little more freedom to customize the User Interface (IU). This concept imagines the iPhone 6 this way and though I think it would be a long shot to hope this will happen, still it's one we all hope for. Thus far the only real hints we have about the iPhone 6 and iOS 7 is that it's very likely we'll see the UI undergo some dramatic changes, as all we hear about these days is Flat design. With the latest iTunes mini player featuring a flatter design, it seems very likely this will be the face of the new iOS 7, but beyond that no other details are known regarding the new iOS features, design and customizations.

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Additional iPhone 6 Features

In addition to these features this iPhone 6 concept also dreams the iPhone 6 feature a 13-megapixel camera, edge-to-edge display with 2K resolution, 64 to 128 GB of storage, 8-core Apple CPU, LTE+ and 2GB of RAM.


iPhone 6 Rumors Concept 2:

Okay, this concept video was pulled together by Uygar Kaya and Ran Avni and showed up on YouTube just a couple days ago. It features a really slim and sleek new iPhone concept that most will find pretty attractive.

Like the previous concept discussed it also features the iPhone 6 with a slimmer bezel while maintaining a more squared shape like the current iPhone 5, where as the previous concept looked more to the old 3GS body style. With slimmed bezel this concept also imagines a larger display and showcases lit notifications by LED while home button remains the same.

Wireless Charging

This concept also imagines the iPhone 6 with wireless charging capabilities. This is one rumor that continues to surface as once again it is based off of patents that were submitted by Apple a few months ago. Apple has submitted patents that would imagine not only wireless charging but also possible solar charging as well.

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Water Resistant and Dustproof

In addition this concept imagines an iPhone 6 with some features other popular smartphones currently are touting such as waterproof and dustproof design much like the new Sony Xperia Z. The iPhone 5 as we recently saw in a drop slide and submersion test by, is pretty resistant to water as it is so it's not hard to believe a water resistant iPhone 6 could be in the works.

Plastic Casing

Another interesting detail of this iPhone 6 concept is the including of a matte finish along the outer edge of the casing. This would lead one to believe the creators are looking to showcase the iPhone 6 with the rumored plastic casing we've heard about continually. Though the idea of a plastic iPhone still doesn't exactly sit well with me, this concept certainly makes the idea look sleek. We know Apple is looking for ways to push into some Third world markets where price point is essential and for this reason the rumor that the next iPhone will include a plastic case continues to surface,

iPhone 6 Rumors, Odd and Ends

Release Date

There is no solid indicator of what the iPhone 5S or 6 release date will be, but it is thought we will see a new iteration somewhere in the fall, perhaps in September, as this was the same time we saw the reveal of the iPhone 5 last fall. There have been some recent rumors that Apple has begun production on the next iteration of iPhone and many are hoping more details will be revealed this summer at Apple's annual developers convention WWDC 2013.

It is expected that, short of an economy or budget model, the next iPhone will probably maintain a consistent price with those we have seen in the past. That would bring the new device in generally around 200 dollars with some kind of two year plan, or around 650 dollars or more on its own.

Certainly with new hardware like the iPhone 6, we can expect it will be running the latest iteration of iOS -- in this case it would be the iOS 7 system. This system is expected to receive a dramatic overhaul as all eyes are on the new head of this department, Jony Ive. Once again the newest version of iOS -- iOS 7 -- will be showcased in June at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

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First published March 25, 2013

iPhone 6, 5S Release Date 2013: 6 Concepts, Rumors and Features We've Gathered So Far [VIDEO]

The iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 is likely to be the center of speculation for the next few months now that Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S4 at their NYC "UNPACKED" event last Friday.

Though little has come down the pipelines yet concerning specs, features and release dates for the next iPhone, be it the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or even the budget model we've been hearing so much about, here is a quick collection of all the release date rumors we've seen cropping up repeatedly across the web.

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumor 1: 4.8 Inch Retina Display

This is probably the latest and hottest rumor about the iPhone 6 out there, but at the same time, the most unfounded. A concept video which surface this weekend showcasing iPhone 6 with a retina display of 4.8 inches, a 16 megapixel iSight camera, dual LED flash and a home button that has been redesigned looks amazing. Coming in a metal shell for increased durability. This is one concept/rumor I'd be happy to see surface.

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumor 2: NFC Capabilities and Fingerprint Recognition

After all the hype we heard last summer about the iPhone 5 including NFC capabilities, this was probably the one missing feature most were disappointed about when September rolled around. FC, or near field communication technology, has become a staple of many Android phones, including rival smartphone the Galaxy S3. With this in mind, it seems pretty obvious NFC would likely be a feature included in the next iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 and there are some reports to support this. According to The China Times, Taiwanese firm Chipbond will provide chips that would allow NFC to be possible in the new Apple device.

In addition to providing chips for NFC in the iPhone 6 the same company, ChipBond has also purportedly secured a contract with Apple in which they would also supply touch screen capabilities for  fingerprint sensors in the iPhone 6 or 5S. This in concert with the NFC capabilities would allow for mobile payment while enhancing security and providing a way to authenticate payments.

Here is what the China Times report had to say concerning NFC and fingerprint sensors:

"The iPhone 5S outgoing will support NFC and fingerprint recognition, fingerprint is more security than passwords, fingerprints can not be copied and will not be stolen, most secure mobile payment device allows Apple iPhone 5S."

This is supported by the fact that numerous analysts predicted the iPhone 5S could include fingerprint technology, including Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who posted in January an Apple roadmap for 2013.

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumor 3: Updated A7 Processor Chip

So according to DigiTimes, a source whose information you do have to take with a grain of salt, Apple's A7 processor is purportedly in the final stages of design and therefore production could begin in May or June. The report states that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will "tape out Apple's A7 processor on a 20nm process in March," meaning that the circuit design is nearly complete and the photomasking process is taking place. TSMC expects that the A7 chip will go into production in June but will not be shipping until 2014.

To me this seems a bit late for the iPhone 6, as most believe that model will arrive sometime this fall, but with no solid timeline on even the iPhone 5S, it's plausible that we could be looking at a 2014 release on the iPhone 6 and the updated A7 chip. I guess at this point only time will tell. A recent CNET report however, did disclose that Apple is designing new products around TSMC's 20-nanometer process.

"Apple, in fact, is designing products now based on the TSMC's 20-nanometer process" , a source for CNET who is familiar with TSMC's plans said.

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumor 4: Eye Tracking

So even though most will say this is a copy-cat move on the part of Apple, it wont be long anyway, it seems before most smartphones on the market will be featuring some form of eye-tracking technology including the iPhone 6. Thanks to a brilliant little start-up company in Israel called uMoove, eye- and head-tracking technology will soon be made available to anyone, including companies like Apple and software developers who make mobile apps.

The makers of uMoove have been on the project for over 3 years and have managed to track eye and head movements using a front-facing camera. Last Tuesday the company announced it would be only a little more time before the software tool kit to apply its technology would become available.

 "We made a very important decision that the technology is so diverse that we cannot just allow it to be confined," said Moti Krispil, founder of uMoove. At this time the uMoove Web site is open to register for its software tool kit. With innovations like uMoove available across devices, it would be silly for Apple not to take advantage of the technology in its next iPhone device.

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumor 5: Wireless Charging

The rumor that the iPhone 6 and other devices such as the iPad 5 will contain wireless charging capabilities is fairly widespread, and one I think it a pretty good possibility. Apple has already been found submitting patents for the iPad Smart Cover which would hold not only battery cells, but would also allow for wireless charging capabilities and in a true stroke of genius a series of solar cells that would allow the iPad 5 to run and charge with sunlight. Of course I am not sure if all that could or would be rolled into the iPhone 6 cover, but it certainly might be a feature people would desire. Still I have to laugh -- as one reader @StoneTad noted,

"I'm happy with my lightning cable, I'd be happy with a better battery, instead of the ability to wirelessly charge this one."

This is one point I think most iPhone 5 users would agree on. Better battery power would far out-trump the ability to charge it wirelessly -- though the solar power thing, I think, could catch on.

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumor 6: Network Improvement

Up to this point ,the iPhone has not been capable of supporting worldwide 4G -- a fact which is painfully obvious for some who would love to own an iPhone 5 internationally. This however, has been a rumor that continues to surface. The iPhone 6 will very likely support a worldwide 4G network. This would be helpful particularly as Apple has worked to secure a larger foothold in the Asian market, particularly in China. We've seen report of a new chip by Qualcomm that would enable the iPhone 5S or 6 to support global LTE. If this chip does actually come to fruition in the next iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, I think Apple could see some gains in its international market for sure.

As always, everything we have listed here are simply rumors concerning the iPhone 6, its release date and spec -- some with more supporting evidence than other but either way, we'll keep a eye out for new possibilities and be sure to send that news your way.


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