Microsoft's Xbox Reveal Event  live stream, provided courtesy of and the Twitch app, allows you to watch the next-generation Xbox Reveal event anywhere you may be from any mobile device or PC. What time does the Xbox reveal event begin? The event begins Tuesday May 21st and 10 a.m. PT or 1 p.m. ET. (To watch the live streaming Xbox Reveal event be sure to scroll down to the embedded video player below!)

Live Xbox Reveal Event Updates: Meet XBox One

The Xbox Reveal event has begun and the name of the new console is the Xbox One. Check out all the features, specs and games revealed including an awesome Call of Duty: Ghosts Reveal Trailer!

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Xbox One Specs - Hardware:

8 core CPU

8GB system memory


Blu-ray drive

802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct

HDMI in/out

USB 3.0


 Xbox One Specs - Built In Kinect 

Microsoft Confirms That The Xbox One Will Come With An Incredibly Sensitive New Kinect

1080 HD RGB Camera

30 FPS Color

Time of Flight (TOF) Technology

Microphone Arrays


Whoa. Kinect can now read your heartbeat when exercising. Sorry Snap, now THIS is the most impressive thing I've seen today.


Three operating systems on Xbox One - Xbox, Windows 8, and a third OS to connect the two. Kinect included with console


"Microsoft's new Kinect is official: larger field of view, HD camera, wake with voice


The new Xbox has a kinect that you can use without a controller


new kinect understands wrist, shoulder rotation. it can read your heartbeat. "human control for a human experience

Xbox One Games

15 exclusive games in the 1st year of ‪Xbox One - half of which are brand new franchises

Madden NFL, FIFA, NBA LIVE and UFC, all on ‪Xbox One. All coming this yea

Meet the future of racing. Forza Motorsport 5

Quantum Break. Immersive Games and Blockbuster Television; together at last.

Microsoft Studios plans to release more than

A ‪Halo live action TV series directed by Steven Spielberg is coming to ‪Xbox One

Gridiron fans are you ready? NFL is coming to Xbox One

New characters. New story. New generation. Call of Duty: Ghosts coming to #XboxOne 

Watch Call Of Duty Ghosts Reveal Trailer

XBox One Additional Features (via XBox Twitter)

Team ‪#Xbox is on a new mission: an all in one system for Games, TV and Entertainment

Introducing the all-in-one entertainment system. Meet Xbox One.

Saying "Xbox, On" will begin your ‪Xbox One experience

‪Xbox One has Instant Switching. Quickly jump in an out of a game

Welcome ‪@Skype to the ‪#Xbox family. We're thrilled to have you on the ‪Xbox One.

Instantly switch between Games, Movies, Music, Web and now both

Skype and live TV. This is the beginning of intelligent TV.

The new Kinect sensor has a 1080p wider field of view. More powerful than ever

Three operating systems in one, powered by 300,000 servers worldwide. Welcome to the future


Original Post 4:30am 05.21.13

Though the news has been full of rumors about the specs, features and release date of the upcoming Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity as some are calling the next generation gaming console, still there has been little set in stone. That however is set to change Tuesday, May 21 as Microsoft will finally reveal the gaming console we've all been waiting to see in an Xbox reveal live stream event. 

To learn more about the specs, features, release date and other things expected from the Xbox Reveal event keep reading below.

What to Expect from Xbox Reveal

Xbox 720 Games Releases

Of course no gaming console event can be complete without talk of the games to expect, right? Just yesterday fans of Microsoft Xbox who are looking forward to today's reveal event got a bit of news I'm sure they were excited to hear. As part of the live streaming event, EA confirmed it would be using the platform to launch the latest FIFA for Xbox 720. The news came to fans from the EA Facebook page, which states "see the next generation of FIFA."

In addition to the Launch of FIFA however, some other anticipated game releases for Xbox 720 include:

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag,

Bungie's Destiny.

Watch Dogs

Gears of War



Xbox 720 Specs

Microsoft and the Xbox 360 have done an amazing job of positioning themselves well in the gaming console market, coming in first in sales over both Sony and Nintendo for the past several years. The company does an amazing job of bringing to fans everything they are looking for in a gaming console including a wide range of gaming options, incredible graphics, and hardware to power the lightening fast gaming speeds demanded from a top tier console. What, then, will the Xbox 720 bring in terms of updated specs? Here's a quick roundup:

DVD/Blu-Ray Drive

This is probably the least substantiated rumor of all about the Xbox 720 specs but still one that isn't exactly a long shot. Blu-Ray and DVD are pretty popular features to include with gaming console, as HD gaming almost demands it. As a result we think this may be one spec the Xbox 720 will see at the reveal live stream event that previous Xbox models were lacking


It's been pretty heavily rumored that the Xbox 720 will feature an 8-core X86 AMD CPU Jaguar at 1.6GHz and 8GB RAM

With a powerful central processing unit such as the one described above it only makes sense then for it to be paired with an equally powerful graphics processor (GPU). Many are banking on the GPU similar to a Radeon 7790.

Xbox 720 Price

Xbox 720 price has not been officially revealed but it's been rumored that it will come in at $499 stand-alone device or $299 with an Xbox Live subscription.This rumor is based off of an unnamed insider who spoke with Paul Thurrott of Windows Weekly. The source claims the console would feature the same capabilities as its more expensive equivalent, but come with a $15 a month subscription charge. This is to help alleviate the cost of forking over $500 bucks up front. Those choosing this plan will be locked in a contract much like a cell phone for 2 years to make up the difference on the console. Again there is no solid proof of this, but it is the rumor that continues to surface and so for now it's the best shot we have a naming an Xbox next-gen gaming console price.

Xbox 720 Features: Backwards Compatibility? Sorry, probably not.

The lack of backward compatibility is one feature fans of the Microsoft gaming console are bemoaning, but with a complete overhaul of the hardware platform, it's highly likely we won't be seeing a lot of backward compatibility. To undergo a feat like providing 100% compatibility is likely too costly and too time consuming anendeavor to be expected. Still, we could be surprised during the Xbox reveal live stream and find there will be at least some backward compatibility with games, if not 100%

Xbox 720 Media Features: More Music, Movies, TV and Skype

With all the major mobile and gaming devices as well as online streaming services vying for a larger share of the consumer engagement pie, we wouldn't be at all surprised if we don't hear something about exclusive streaming TV shows. This seems to be all the rage right now as companies like Netflix are boasting exclusive streams of shows like Arrested Development, a feature set to launch May 26. In addition we'll likely see more details and improvements to features such as streaming music, movies and more -- including a possible Skype integration of some kind, like embedded video chat for increased gaming engagement with friends. It's been clear for a while now Microsoft is hoping to make their devices something that people will use and integrate throughout their lives and by providing more non-gaming features in their next-gen gaming console they can move closer toward that goal.

Xbox 720 Broadband Features: Always-on Not a Go.

So the Always-On broadband connectivity requirement was one rumored feature of the Xbox 720 folks were screaming about not wanting and well it looks like maybe the got their wish Though the live streaming Xbox reveal event is sure to address this feature, it really shouldn't have to since Microsoft never has and likely never would demand internet as a requirement for using their device.

Xbox 729 Add On Features: Kinect + IllumiRoom

So it's a pretty sure bet that with the reveal of the Xbox 720 we'll also here about a Kinect 2. According to the rumors making their way around the web the new Kinect sensor can track up to six people at once while offering a more sensitive version of 3D mapping, and better graphic details. A 70-inch by 60-inch field of view, 4-meter depth, 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps color stream, and USB 3.0 are all features rumored for the Kinect 2

Since Kinect has been one of the most successful consumer electronic device of all times, it's clear to me that Microsoft is going to continue pushing it. In fact, the word on the street is that the next Kinect should be able to track six players and the overall resolution of the cameras (color+depth) has been increased to 1080p and 512×424 respectively. This is a good bump in practical terms.

In addition to connect we've heard a lot about this idea of IllumiRoom  -- a projection system that can project what's beyond the main screen onto the room making the experience more real and drawing gamers to greater engagement. It's hard to know if IllumiRoom will be a reality or not, but the Xbox reveal event today should answer all those questions.

What Time Does Xbox Reveal Event Live Stream Begin in US, Europe, UK, Asia, Africa and Australia?

The event begins on May 21, 2013 at the following times, depending on your location

1pm New York,

2pm in Sao Paulo

6pm in the UK and South Africa

7pm for Central Europeans,

1am May 22, 2013 in Malaysia and Singapore,

2am May 22, 2013 in Sydney

Excited to watch the Xbox Reveal event today? Which rumored feature or spec do you most look forward to?

Share in the comments section below, plus make sure to tune into the Xbox reveal live stream online beginning Tuesday, May 21st at 11 am PT or 1pm ET below.

(You can also watch the Live Stream from the XBox offical site here)

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