Miguel leg drop kick memes are here! That;s right people, though the Billboard Music Awards 2013 was a pretty eventful night, one occurrence which no one is soon to forget was the moment Miguel did a WWE-like leg drop kick on a pair of unsuspecting fans in the audience that spawned a whole sea of memes.

So what's the deal with this Miguel Leg drop or kick?

Well basically, on Sunday Night during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards 2013, Miguel attempted to make a dramatic leap  over a pit of fans but, well, it didn't come off quite like he expected.

Falling a little short of the goal Miguel did arrive at his destination but not without taking down a couple of innocent bystanders. In his leap Miguel managed to kick one fan in the head while whacking another with his crotch in a leg drop kick move that would be hard to believe unless you saw it. Soon after Miguel's infamous moment, Vine and other video clips began to pour in to Twitter sharing the moment with the world and of course before long an epic meme was born. We soon saw Miguel turned into a WWE wrestling champion and it caused both he and Hulk Hogan to trend on Twitter.

We've gathered together a few of the crazy memes that surfaced as a result of Miguel's leg drop and kick as well as some of the responses from Twitter viewers. Check the memes out in the slide show above after seeing the videos below of the Miguel Billboard Music Awards 2013 moment.

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Miguel BBMA's Leg Drop! (WWE Jim Ross Commentary Version)

@BebesChuy 17s

Did Miguel really do that?!?!

@edwaaardcruz 15s

I didn't know whether to laugh or feel sad when Miguel jumped on that girl. These man-period symptoms are too much for me

‏@Yes_its_Jes 15s

I was just watching the billboard awards to see Miguel fuck that chick up,, hahahaha

@DeidreDuhh 17s

Miguel still mah nigga... She should've moved, She saw him coming

@DThompson25 47s

@asvpxtim Miguel still jumped higher than Derrick Rose has all season.

@Ju_1xx 20s

@FonzyyPaniagua I know, no ones performing well at all. Even Miguel, with that Hulk Hogan Leg drop!

@MXG__ 20s

Can't stop watching that Miguel shit man he really killed that girl off WWE style with the leg drop

‏@KPelar 58s

So Hulk Hogan is trending because of that Miguel leg drop and that Drake polo is hilarious.

‏@Attorney_SCM 33s

But i've watched that Miguel leg drop video like 865322457890 times .

@inmyprime423 1m

I know for a fact imma dream about the Miguel leg drop tonight and Drake gon be in the crowd with the dada suit on



‏@hypeasgus 1m

How long till a mix tape references Miguel's leg drop?

@JaySaintAubyn 2m

That leg drop Miguel dropped was WWF worthy

@bozackula 6m

tell me miguel farted as soon as he landed that drop kick...

@VixenMonet 7m

There's really a Miguel drop kick page.

@SantanaB973 11m

OMG i just saw miguel drop kick those 2 chicks..but they bounced back quick

@MambaKidd 14m

Man that Miguel drop kick is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile lol

@mzz_whitt 23m

Omarions last dance off with himself was more ridiculous than Miguel's drop kick

@mrbpass 2m

Anybody in a bad mood must go to worldstarhiphop and watch the Miguel leg drop video, I almost cried in laughter

‏@RobKennedy_ 3m

Lmfao the Miguel leg drop.

About Miguel (From Wikepedia)

Miguel Jontel Pimentel (born October 23, 1985),[1] who performs under the mononym Miguel, is an American recording artist, songwriter and producer. Signed to Jive Records in 2007, Miguel released his debut album, All I Want Is You, in November 2010. Although it was underpromoted and performed poorly upon its release, the album became a sleeper hit and helped Miguel garner commercial standing.[5][6] After Jive's dissolution in 2011, he moved to RCA Records and released his second album Kaleidoscope Dream in 2012 to critical acclaim.

Miguel incorporates R&B, funk, hip hop, rock and electronic styles into his music.[13][17][29] Miguel described his sound as "nostalgic in a sense that it's familiar... it's shocking, edgy, energizing".[17] In an interview with Paper magazine, he regarded his music as "fly, funkadelic, intergalactic-hip-hop-meets-sexy-orgasmic crazy, dope shit". Miguel is often compared to Babyface and Prince.[14] His vocals are influenced by classic rock bands such as The Beatles, Queen, The Police, and Def Leppard.[30] Brian McManus of The Village Voice writes that "[Marvin] Gaye, Prince, and (his comparison) Van Morrison all linger in his voice."[31]