The iOS 6-6.1.2 Evasi0n jailbreak arrived in February 2013 and since that time every week we see some new and exciting jailbreak tweaks released from favorite developers and newbies alike. This week Cydia saw a few notable new tweaks come to its jailbreak app store and so I figured I'd call out a few that caught my interest. Each week I take a look at what's new on Cydia and then pick out what I would consider to be the best jailbreak tweaks for that week. Though not all the tweaks will work on every jailbroken device or every iOS, I do my best to not which iPads, iPods and iPhones are compatible and using which jailbreak. Check out a few of my favorite new tweaks making their way to the Cydia app store May 12- 19, 2013.


Okay so this is probably my favorite tweak that became available in the Cydia store this week. Or those of you who loved/love Grabby which I featured last week by Ryan Petrich, I have to say this tweak by @Sentry_NC kind of kills it, while coming in at just 99 cents in the Cydia store.

So what is Axis?

Basically like Grabby, you can choose from a variety of apps to have quick access to from the lockscreen. After setting it up you can simply "grab" on the camera icon on the lockscreen and 4 additional app choices appear to the left. Simply slide your finger over to the one of your choice and then swipe up and it automatically launches the app from the lockscreen.

The major difference however between this tweak and Grabby however is the number of different app choices that are available. Grabby allows you to choose from a few stock apps but Axis has a large range of apps to choose from (pictured below), has a custom passcode UI and is one dollar cheaper than Grabby. It is an idea @Sentry_NC has been working on a while and it's definitely a quality tweak. The teak is available for iOS 6 jailbreaks and above and for all devices except iPads. I would definitely place Axis on my list of Best Jailbreak Tweaks of 2013

JellyLock Beta


K, most people who follow me on twitter know I've been talking about Jelly Lock for a while now. Though Atom by @Surenix and @Tyler_Nettleton came along around the same time and sort of momentarily stole its thunder I definitely think those that like Atom or other lockscreen customizations should check it out as the creator is constantly adding new pieces to this tweak. Basically this is a tweak I'd place in the same category as the one above, Axis, expect the way the applications are arranged is in a circular motion and can be customized in a number of. You can change things like the color of the circle, the label, size of our icons, and position on the screen. Ways Plus you can find a ton of custom sliders to go along with. JellyLock . The tweak allows 6 lockscreen apps to be chosen so it's definitely a powerhouse choice. This is another tweak to add to a list of Best Jailbreak tweaks for 2013.

This is a really cool lockscreen tweak for those who love theming and one I would try for sure. Though it is being offered in the beta version currently it's still a tweak I'd recommend and it's free. It is available for all iPhone but does not support the iPad. It will not work if an alphanumeric password is set so that is a downside and is incompatible with Callbar. The tweak is live on Cydia in the Modmyi repo. Check it out!"

Carrier and iMessage Unlimited Media Send


These are two fun jailbreak tweaks for those who want to send bigger video messages than what is allowed by default. Carrier Unlimited Media Send and iMessage Unlimited Media send allow users to send video clips that are longer than 3 ½ minutes through SMS or iMessage. This jailbreak tweak is free and live on Cydia now in the Modmyi repo. IOS version is not noted so my assumption is that is works on all iOS versions and devices.


For those who are concerned about theft of their devices, this jailbreak tweak is something to consider. It offers a lot of features for finding and retrieving your stolen device. Foe example, it can get the phone number of the thief after your iPhone is stolen, get the location of iPhone anytime, Real-time and historically track the path of movement as well as take photo of the thief and send back. There are other features such as capturing the screen and recording video or sound as well. It can also forward any messages sent from the hone to another mobile device, allow you to power off and reboot the phone or hide all contacts' info. The jailbreak tweak is available for iPhones 4, 4S and 5 running an iOS 5 or iOS 6 jailbreak. Inner is live on Cydia for free in the Modmyi repo.



Okay this is a really simple jailbreak tweak but I think it is one that might interest some people. Basically affix places a small icon for going to settings on the corner of the notification center so it's a quick shortcut to settings like is available on Mac Mountain Lion. Like I said, very simple jailbreak tweak but I can see it being very useful and it is free. The tweak is live on Cydia in the ModMyi repo and appears to work on all iOS systems and devices that are jailbroken.

LS Flat Alerts

K another really simple jailbreak tweak but one I can see folks being interested in. This tweak basically kills the notification badges that pop up on the top of your screen and sends the notification directly to the lockscreen list. I for one don't really care about the banner thing and generally have those turned off so this is a useful tweak. It appears to work on all iPhones and any jailbreak.


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