UPDATE: Google I/O Keynote Recording is now posted at the bottom of the article

Exctied to watch the Google I/O live stream kickoff at 12pm EST 9am PDT? Wondering if Nexus 7 will be revealed? Or maybe you're hoping to see Android Key Lime Pie 5.0 features and release date revealed? If these and other thoughts are floating through your brain right now then you're not alone as we're pretty stoked to find out just what the tech mogul's developers have been cooking up in terms of new devices and features. With the Google I/O kicking off in just a few minutes, here is a brief overview of what we expect to see during the Google I/O live stream of keynotes which you can watch at the link posted below.

Google I/O 2013 - What to Expect:


1.) Android Key Lime Pie 5.0, Nexus 7

Though we would like to hope that this year's Google I/O developer's conference in San Francisco will feature a lot of juicy features concerning the upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS or updates to the Nexus 7 tablet, the chances of us hearing much about that are actually pretty slim. According to Google's senior vice president Sudnar Pichai, the event "will not be a time much in the way of launches of new products or a new operating system". Maybe we shouldn't read too much into it, but it sound to me like we'll of course hear some things about the new Android system and maybe anticipated devices like the Nexus 7 but extensive details will likely be not present. As we know Nexus devices are usually the first to see a new operating system roll out and so it's very possible we'll see Key Lime Pie and Nexus 7 details roll out together at a later time and date. It's a pretty big mystery actually what direction Google might go with the next Android operating system 5.0 as up to this point it seems it will be a slight modification of Jelly Bean. The most recent android operating system was wildly poplar and so it makes sense that maybe not much has yet been planned for 4.3 since Jelly Bean has been such a crowd pleaser already. We know there are been a lot of recent changes within Google Chrome and more integration with non-android devices, such as the roll out of Google Now for iOS, but still it's possible they may hold back a bit. Either way though we'll be on the edge of our seats as we watch the live stream of Google's I/O keynote for what details may emerge.


2) Google Glass

We're kinda are putting our chips on the fact that Google Glass will play a central role in Google's I/O now that the public is well aware of it, and developers are taking a stab at it. My guess is we will be hearing a lot of details about upcoming official apps for Google Glass. Finding out what we can expect for Google Glass in terms of official and possibly even 3rd party apps is just one more reason we're pretty stoked to be watching Google I/O live stream.


3) Google +

Okay so if new operating systems are off the table then it seems pretty likely the Google I/O live stream may focus on other features such as the company's social network Google +. Though there are some things everyone seems to enjoy about the Google + social network like hang outs, video chat, and circles, for some reason it really just hasn't taken off. However, with competitors like Facebook and Twitter refreshing and adding new features I think we may see Google following suit. There has been some speculation that Google may be preparing to launch a kind of Game Center like iOS users enjoy for Android users which may integrate right into Google +.

4) Google Maps

So Google maps we already know and love regardless of what operating system we might be running but some recent reports have suggested that Google is looking to launch a redesign of their mapping tool, and hey, we're not complaining one bit. Probably one of Google's most widely used applications it's hard to imagine how it could be improved but there have been some hints that indoor mapping of major public buildings may be coming. Several months back we heard of Apple toying with a similar idea for their next mobile device, the iPhone 5S or 6 but honestly I'd be thrilled to see it come to Google maps making it an even more powerful tool for users of all kinds.

Watch the Complete Google I/O Keynote live stream recording here.

LIVE UPDATE 12:30pm EST -- Google I/O Keynote live stream has this far focused on Google Play API Including new Google Play services like updates to maps, location service updates, and GSM updates. Much focus is on synchronizing services across devices and increasing user engagement through social connections.