The Nokia Lumia 925, has just joined copetitors Blackberry Z10 and HTC One in the fight for a bigger share in the mobile market as Tuesday the new Windows phone was revealed today. The reveal came shortly after leaked photos of the sleek and sexy new Windows flagship phone hit the internet, causing a big commotion amongst fans of Windows OS. The device is truly a thing of beauty but many are wondering, how it holds up to the competition. To help answer those questions we decided to pull two other popular phones on the market right now - the Android HTC One and Blackberry Z10 - that are also looking to make a statement and gain some footing with mobile users.

Though at this point giants like Apple and Samsung own the majority of the mobile market with their flagships iPhone and Galaxy series, these three phones are not prepared to go down without a fight. To see how the Nokia Lumia 925 stacks up against players like the HTC One and Blackberry Z10 check out the 7 point spec comparison and break down below.

Nokia Lumia 925 vs. BlackBerry Z10 vs. HTC One Spec Comparison: Display and Screen Resolution

Okay so when looking at screen size and display quality, the Nokia Lumia 925 and Blackberry Z10 are pretty evenly matched with HTC One coming out ahead in this round. The Nokia Lumia 925 sport a decent 4.5 inch screen with 1280 x 768 resolution. The Blackberry Z10 has similar specs with an identical screen resolution but slight smaller screen size - 4.2 inches bringing it close in comparison to that of the iPhone 5. HTC one however outshines both in this department, with a sizable 4.7 inch screen and an incredible 1920 x 1080 screen resolution that really puts in in competition with the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you love to view a lot of media on you mobile device then in this case HTC one wins. Still, the specs on these other two competitor are nothing to laugh about as when put up against the iPhone 5 they actually look pretty good. The iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen and a resolution of 1136 x 640 placing it below both of these new competitors.

Nokia Lumia 925 vs. BlackBerry Z10 vs. HTC One Spec Comparison: Memory/Storage

Now when looking at memory and storage, here again HTC One is outshining these two players though Blackberry Z10 slightly edges out the Lumia 925. The HTC one comes with two GB of memory and a choice of 32 or 64 gb of internal storage. The Lumia 925 and the Blackberry Z10 not lag far behind the HTC one only offering 16GB of internal storage the Blackberry Z10 does have 2GB of memory but the Lumia 925, only 1GB. Place in ABC order in terms of memory and storage we have HTC One, the Blackberry Z10 and finally the Lumia 925.

Lumia 925 vs. BlackBerry Z10 vs. HTC One Spec Comparison: CPU and Battery Life

Okay, here these three phones have a good bit of variance and so it would be up to the user really to determine what they value most but again, overall HTC one comes out on top. The HTC one is coming equipped with the 1.7 GHz Sanpdragon 600, a quad core processor making it clock some pretty impressive speeds. The Lumia 925 and the Blackberry Z10 both have a 1.5Ghz processor but for Lumia 925, it is a duel core. When you talk about processing speeds though often the question f battery life comes in. The HTC one brings a 2300 mAh Li-ion battery along with it's faster CPU, while the windows phone 8 comes equipped with a 2,000 mAh Li-ion and the Blackberry Z10 an 1800 mAh Li-ion. For this spec the HTC One is the clear winner, followed by the Windows Nokia Phone and then finally the Blackberry Z10.

Nokia Lumia 925 vs. BlackBerry Z10 vs. HTC One Spec Comparison: Weight

It can be expected that from all we've heard about the HTC one that it will probably lose when it comes to the weight of the device, and certainly it is the heaviest of the three coming in a 5.04 ounces, while the Nokia Lumia 925 and Blackberry Z10 are nearly equal at 4.9 and 4.8 ounces respectively. This places all three of these phones at heavier weights than both the Galaxy S4 (4.6 ounces) and the iPhone 5 (3.95 ounces) .

Nokia Lumia 925 vs. BlackBerry Z10 vs. HTC One Spec Comparison: Price and Availability

Okay, so for many this right here is where the rubber meets the road is often the deciding factor after reviewing all the specs. Once you see them however, I think you'll find the decision is pretty simple. They all will be launching or have launched with major carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T and all are launching at 200 dollars with a two year contract, with the exception of those at T-Mobile where the Simple Choice contract free plan offers the phones at different rates (For more about T-Mobile's Simple Choice rates, visit their site here)

Final Thoughts

With the playing field leveled in terms of price and availability it makes it pretty easy to choose the phone, which seems to best suit your needs. Bear in mind however both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4 are also being sold at the same price with a 2-year plan and therefore, you may want to think about them as well. After all they both sport the two most popular operating systems around - Android and iOS and both come equipped with the latest version of the software.

To sum it all up there's really no simple choice and much of the solution comes down to the individual needs of the user as well as their preference for a particular operating system. I have many friends who have been diehard Blackberry fans fro day one and with all the upgrades in the latest Z10 I imagine this is the phone they would select. Windows operating system has also seen a pretty dramatic refresh of late and many report enjoying using windows ecosystem that maintains good stability while offering some attractive features. Still the apps and customizations available on a Windows phone are nothing like what you will find in Android. However for a reliable and user-friendly operating system with a nice splash of color, pizzazz and a pretty knock out camera, the Lumia 925 should please. The HTC One however if you are familiar with android, appreciate a quality camera and like a phone with a solid aluminum casing is certainly one worth placing on your list of things to get.

What do you think of the Nokia Lumia 925, HTC One  and Blackberry Z10? Which is on your list of next phones? Share with us in the comments below.