Is the iPhone 6 released date on its way? We've been hearing reports that the new Apple devices won't likely surface until 2014 but a new rumor which has just hit the web states that the iPhone 6 could be on it's way.

It seems that Stuff Magazine received a spy shot of a UK mobile operator's system, '4G iPhone 6' on a product list. This is leading many to believe the iPhone 6 may very well be the next version of iPhone not the iPhone 5S and could be coming as soon as this fall.

With Apple's reveal of the iOS 7 system less than a month away it seems feasible we could soon see the release of an iPhone 6 soon after. Last year when Apple revealed iOS 6 at the annual WWDC even, the iPhone 5 was released just 3 months later.

The photo which is serving as latest evidence of an iPhone 6 coming or way equipped with 4G specs, was taken at a UK operator store, Vodafone. Vodafone it appears has added the iPhone 6 to its stock inventory system. Though this is common practice with carriers to plan head for new releases of cell phone hardware it seems a pretty good indicator we should be looking for an iPhone 6 release date over an iPhone 5S as has been expected. Though many sources seem to believe a plastic and economy iPhone 5S will make its way to users this summer, these reports have yet to be confirmed.

So what are the latest spec rumors concerning the upcoming iPhone 6? Let's take a look at t afew of them below

iPhone 6 Spec Rumor 1: 4G Antenna

If that Vodafone listing is to be believed then it appears the iPhone 6 will come fully equipped with a 4G to accompany 4G networks in the UK. This would be a major improvement over the current iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 Spec Rumor 2: Larger Display, Thinner Body

Many are hoping the iPhone 6 will be a lighter and larger phone and some rumors appear to fall in line with that hope. We know a new display is in the works via Sharp and that display may also reach a size as large a 5 inches. While there are mixed feelings amongst Apple fan boys as to whether or not the screen size should be increased or how, quite a few concept videos have emerged which offer some good solutions. Here's hoping that a larger screen will make it's way to the iPhone 6 without compromising ease of use.

iPhone 6 Spec Rumor 3: 12-Megapixel Camera

Just this week we saw both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4 slammed in a Nokia Lumia commercial featuring the camera capabilities of Nokia's latest Lumia offerings. Ever since the Lumia 620 and 920 released last fall the push for better cameras in all of the top smartphones has been evident. The most recent flaunter of incredible smartphone cameras being the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. With both camera sporting high pixel density cameras it's a pretty sure deal the iPhone 6 will have to feature one as well. Most of the noise in iPhone 6 camera specs has been that it will increase to a 12mp camera, a sizable upgrade from the iPhone 5s current 8mp camera.

iPhone 6 Spec Rumor 5: Touch Sensitive, Invisible Home Button and Sliders

Of course when talking about the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 6 a lot of speculation has focused around the navigation, and home button. From the idea of a fingerprint sensor to flexible framework, people seem really interested in changes to buttons and sliders on the iPhone 6. It seems Apple is too as they recently submitted a patent called "Disappearing button or slider" which would give the iPhone 6 "invisible" buttons and controls that disappear when they aren't in use, but reappear when needed. The buttons would know to appear based on heat sensors and definitely seem a novel idea.

iPhone 6 Spec Rumor 5: New iOS 7

With Apple's WWDC kicking off on June 10th most were expecting to see perhaps a glimpse of an iPhone 5S revealed but now it seems it could be iPhone 6 instead that will feature this latest operating system. Apple has struggled somewhat this year with falling shares, but with a new head of development Jony Ive working the iOS 7 re-design, Tim Cook let Apple fanboys know some exciting changes and devices are on their way. The iPhone 6 would be the first iPhone Steve Jobs had no hand in designing and creating and will be an indicator of what Cook is capable of inspiring in terms of innovation, features and updated hardware.

Though none of the rumors above about the iPhone 6 and its release date have yet to be confirmed, it still is something to keep in mind as we look to the next iPhone Apple will bring us.

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