Ever since the release of evasi0n iOS 6 jailbreak in February 2013, the jailbreak tweak and theme development has been working overtime as favorite developers update their offerings on Cydia or bring us new inspirations on a nearly daily basis. The first week of May has been no exception as a ton of new jailbreak tweaks/apps have arrived on Cydia's tweak store and are sure to remind you just why it's so awesome to own a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Check out a few of my favorite new tweaks making their way to the Cydia store May 1-6 , 2013


This week Ryan Petrich and friends have been quite busy as his skills and NCSentry's ideas have produced a number of top Cydia tweaks jailbreakers will love. One of these tweaks is Luna. Luna is a smooth lockscreen/notification center tweak which allows easy transition into Do Not Disturb mode. Basically once inside of the Notification Center or Lockscreen, simply pull down on the op of the screen and you will see a crescent moon shape appear along with the words "Pull to enable Do Not Disturb". Let it loose and it's activated. Just another was Ryan is helping to make jailbroken device function more like the native iOS should and seamlessly as though it were a stock feature. The tweak is live on Cydia and is 1.99. It's unclear which jailbreaks it supports but safe to say both iOS 5 and 6 jailbreaks.


A second new Cydia tweak/app coming from Ryan Petrich, this is one lot of folks were raving about while in the Beta but now it's available live on Cydia. The tweak basically extends the functionality of you camera icon on the lockscreen. When Grabby is installed users can swipe left to reveal up to 4 other chosen applications for launch. This is a great tweak for those who like working with their classic lock screen while hoping to bring it a bit more functionality. It falls in the same category as Jelly Lock and Atom. Check it out it you haven't. It's 1.99 in the Cydia store and presumably available for both iOS 5 and iOS 6 jailbreaks on all devices.


A third awesome Ryan Petrich offering for May 2013, this tweak is one that definitely belongs in the native iOS but is accessible only to those in the jailbreak community. So basically what this tweak does is exactly what you might expect for the name. FullScroll always users, when scrolling to strip the screen of all the extra toolbars and navigation options that crowd and reduce the content viewing area. Once scrolling stops, toolbars and navigation options reappear. You can customize individual apps to decide what you want to be hidden while scrolling. All around I would call this is a high quality tweak just about every jailbreaker will want to have on their device. Best part of all, this tweak is free and live on Cydia now.


Okay, so Athena. This tweak is pretty cool for those who like to do cosmetic tweaking to their devices and I imagine will become a favorite of the theming crowd. To me Athena is kind of like Photoshop for your apps. It allows users to make a number of changes to the appearance of apps, from changing the color schemes, lightening or darkening, increasing or lessening the intensity of color hues chosen and a number of other options. This tweak appears to work on all iOS devices running an iOS 6.0 jailbreak or above. The tweak is live on Cydia in the BigBoss repo for 99 cents.


So Velox... I would probably call this one of the coolest tweaks to come out this week, as a swipe across a given app and users can get instant notification information as well as some quick options for use.

Here is a list of apps subject to Velox and the functions available with just a tap or swipe:

iMessage: Swipe up or down, tap on "Compose new message" and you can send a "quick message".
You can also reply to a message you received, right from the springboard.

Mail: Invoke Velox, see all your unread mail in a folder. Swipe left to dismiss that email but with a swipe to the right send a "quick reply" or tap compose new to send off a new email to tell your friends how awesome Velox is.

Photos: Do "the Velox swipe", and you can post the last photo saved on Twitter or Facebook, send it in an eMail or copy it the clipboard to for example send via an iMessage

Notes: Velox swipe, and you can write a new note on your home screen.

: See a list of missed calls and text or call them right back from the folder.

Calendar: Have a quick look at your upcoming events, tap on an event to see the details for that event.

 Weather: Do "the Velox slide" and you're looking at your location's weather for the day. Just a swipe to the left or right and you can filter though all of your saved locations.

Settings: You'll have instant access to some of the main settings for your iDevice: Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode, Rotation Lock, Respring, Data, Mute, Location Services, DND and Flash.

Camera: Take a photo or video from your home screen, directly save it to your camera roll

Safari: Invoke Velox and you can browse to any website that you need to from the home screen.

Downloads: Swipe on an app that is downloading and you see the download progress bar in the "Velox style" along with the progress in percent

In addition to all these stunning features the developers have worked hard to ensure compatibility with favorite tweaks such as Auxo, Zephyr, Abstergo, infinifolders, BiteSMS, Springtomize but note that the tweak is not yet compatible with Infiniboard, FolderEnhancer and SBRotator. This is one more tweak I'd love to see implemented in the native iOS. The package is only 1.99 on Cydia in the BigBoss repo and well worth the money. Give it a try.


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