The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is upon us! Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, will be launched in India, the United States, and in some European countries on April 26, 2013, as well as in Australia on April 23, 2013.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 release date will finally bring to light what was speculation and what was fact, as rumors of the Galaxy S4's features, specs, and display have been circulating recently in anticipation of the launch.

In India, the Samsung Galaxy S4 price is expected to cost a little more than 40,000 Rs (738.84 USD). The phone will be released in two different versions. One Samsung Galaxy S4 will be powered by a Qualcomm S600 processor and one will be powered by Samsung's 8-core Exynos processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 operating system will be Android, as it is the successor to the popular Galaxy S3. Samsung is expecting to sell about 10 million units of the smartphone within one month of the launch.

The Galaxy S4 launch in Australia will take place on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. The launch event will be held at the Sydney Opera House. The event will mark the first for the Sydney Opera House and Samsung as they announce a three-year, multimillion dollar sponsorship deal.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event will be 250 invitees and media. The Galaxy S4 is currently being viewed as the leading competitor to Apple's iPhone. Industry analysts say that the S4 will be a commercial success. The Australian Financial Review reports that it forecasts Samsung to ship 70 million Galaxy S4 units worldwide this year.

"It will be one of the world's top-two best-selling smartphones," said mobile analyst Neil Mawston at Strategy Analytics. "We expect the S4 to be popular in every region worldwide, especially Europe, Korea and North America."

Samsung Galaxy S4 features will include:

  • Hand and eye gestures
  • 5-inch high-definition screen
  • More powerful battery than the Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S4 also touts upgraded web browsing, camera quality and photo-editing capabilities. "We expect [these] to be among the most popular features for mass-market users," Mawston added. "Tech geeks will like the eye-tracking software and S Translate."

The Apple iPhone, though, has a slight edge over the Samsung Galaxy S4. According to Charles Golvin at Forrester Research, Samsung struggles to exercise control over retailers and telecommunications providers. "[Apple has] a couple of things Samsung doesn't: details like pricing and a specific launch date by country and operator," Golvin says. "Apple's brand power allows it to ensure that these critical pieces of information come out at the launch - and none of their competitors, not even Samsung, yet rises to that level."

For those iPhone users who have cracked their screen with one drop on the concrete, the Samsung Galaxy S4 features include a screen that is nothing short of innovative. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the first smartphone with Gorilla Glass 3, a new chemically-strengthened glass that claims to prevent scratches from many materials.

A YouTube video is now going viral about the Samsung Galaxy S4 display quality. Website's Szaboics Ignacz puts the smartphone through a "scratch test" that shows the Galaxy S4 standing up to a pen, multiple knives, keys and coins.

The website offers the following disclaimer: "This test can't simulate the repeated abuses of carrying the Galaxy S4 in a pocket with a hard object day after day for a year, but it does offer a look at how resilient Gorilla Glass 3 is to abuse."

Samsung Galaxy S4's glass is three times harder than its predecessor, Gorilla Glass 2. It helps prevent damage when dropped, though it is not impervious.