Today it was announced that Vice (most recently known for Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea) has launched a new EDM channel on YouTube in partnership with Recreation Worldwide called THUMP. Why did they enter into this market?

In a statement released today, Vice announced "THUMP will chronicle every aspect of the global dance music movement: the music, the artists, the fans, the experience. Through original videos from the most electrifying events around the globe, to weekly music video premieres, mixes from the most forward-thinking DJs and an engaging slate of editorial features, THUMP offers a unique portal into the culture of electronic music."

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Today THUMP just released renowned DJ Tommy Trash's new video for Monkey See Monkey Do. It intends to launch videos from many emerging artists including Pretty Lights, Clockwork, Ali Love and more.

Electronic dance music has hit the mainstream recently. Popular artist Porter Robinson recently talked about the EDM craze to Spinner saying, "I think it's reflective of a cultural insecurity that we always need to be ahead of everyone else, but I think the positive side is that, one, people get to enjoy this very fun music. And if more people are exposed, then great. And two, the underground is 10 times bigger than ever before. For me, it's easy to be cynical about it but over all I think the effect is positive."

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With artists like Zedd's music being featured on Dancing with the Stars (seriously), it's no secret EDM is the next big music craze (if it isn't already).

You can check out THUMP here as they continue to release new content!