As if T-Mobile's new iPhone 5, 4S, and 4 contract-free plans release date of Thursday, April 12th didn't sound good enough, the mobile retailer has just upped the ante again this time offering a deal few will be able to resist; the option to trade-in older iPhones for credit towards a new iPhone!

Though T-Mobile, the fourth-largest U.S. carrier,  was the last to bring the iPhone to it's turf, it appears the company is going for broke, listening to the customer and offering everything they are looking for in a wireless service--and then some. The new trade-in plan being one example. Read on to learn about the T-Mobile iPhone trade-in plan, new iPhone 5 4G offerings  and other reason's this company may soon be America's sweetheart.

Why T-Mobile iPhone 5 "Un-plan" Release is Revolutionary

The revolutionary shake-up by T-Mobile started just two weeks ago when the company announced it was finally bringing the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 on board to debut April 12th. In addition, T-Mobile will be offering the HTC One once it's release date is announced and will be the debut partner for the Galaxy S4 release in early May.

In addition to brining on some very desirable smartphone offerings the company also introduced us to it's incredible "Simple Choice" plan that offer contract free phones and plans for less than you can find anywhere in the market-and I do mean anywhere.

After seeing sales drop dramatically in the last fiscal year, T-Mobile decided it was time for a major change--both within their company and the mobile market as a whole.

The company has set out on a radical mission to rebrand itself, ridding itself of everything it used in the past to attract customers, from a "goodbye" to long-time sexy icon Carly Faulkes as the "T-Mobile Girl" to a dismissal of standard contract plans.

Yes, the company has turned it's nose up at the typical grueling smartphone subsidies carriers have forced us to pay for years and now users the option to make an affordable down payment on an iPhone, HTC One or Galaxy s4 and then pay the rest in $20 monthly increments for two years or until the phone is paid off.

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T-Mobile Brings Trade-In Plan For iPhone 5, 4S and 4 To Customers

In addition to this amazing freedom of choice, T-Mobile has just announced that it will also be offering a pretty sweet trade-in deal to those who already own iPhones and wish to upgrade.

According to the Washington Post on Wednesday,

"Customers who turn in their existing iPhone will get a new iPhone 5 without the usual down payment of $99.99, plus a credit toward future bills, Bellevue, Washington-based T-Mobile said. A 4S model, for instance, will bring a $120 credit."

Wow, trade in an iPhone 4S and the $99.00 fee is waived plus $120.00 off the price of your bill? This means the iPhone 5, which would cost you 579.99 over the course of 2 years with T-Mobile, (which by the way is already 70.00 less than buying an unlocked iPhone5 through Apple at $649.00) would now see a price reduction of $219.00 making a brand-new iPhone 5 just $360 dollars. $360 people! Forget the economy $300 iPhone 5S release date rumors that tout it's plastic exterior and slower processing speeds - you can get an iPhone 5 brand new nothing economy about it! Plus for those who were wondering "Should I buy and iPhone 5 or wait for iPhone 6?" I'd say you really have nothing to lose. Safe to say the iPhone 6 release date is still a good ways off--likely 2014--and well, this deal just looks really good. Plus for those who may be thinking about a jailbreak, word is the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 will come equipped with iOS 6.0 making it able to use the evasi0n jailbreak as ling as you don;t upgrade the operating system ( click here to learn more about jailbreaking an iPhone 5 )

Now if you are like me you might be thinking something sounds a little too good to be true in what the Washington Post is claiming so I decided to do a little investigation myself concerning T-Mobile's iPhone 5, 4S and 4 trade-ins.

Though I discovered the deal is not quite so glamorous as the Washington Post is claiming, still it's pretty nice.

According to the sales reps, anyone owning an iPhone who wants to trade for a new iPhone with T-Mobile can do so. So if you are with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T-wherever, you can trade-in that iPhone to T-Mobile for a credit. The amount of the credit however, is dependent upon the condition of the phone. Much like a trade-in on a car T-Mobile goes through a set of criteria to determine the condition of the phone and then issues credit based off that assessment. My guess is, the numbers Washington Post is citing are the maximum value you can receive for an iPhone 4S trade-in. Still, credit is credit, and safe to say it'll be more than you might get at the pawnshop and it will save you the waiting for someone to purchase your old iPhone online.

T-Mobile Network Coverage Uprades to 4G LTE With New Unlocked iPhone 5 Firmware

One concern of some, however, is the network coverage T-Mobile offers. Though the company in the past has claimed speedy service through with the HSPA+ 4G network, it is somewhat slower that 4G LTE connections offered by its rivals like Verizon Wireless.

It seems T-Mobile however has anticipated customer concern with speed and have begun working on the problem. Just last week T-Mobile announced a new firmware update for unlocked iPhone 5s on its network running 6.1 or above, which would allow the unlocked iPhone 5 to receive a true 4G LTE network connection. The firmware has rolled out to several major cities as of right now, but the company hopes to roll it out to all customers by early summer.

Why I Chose T-Mobile As My Mobile Service Provider

Many may be wondering at this point if I'm a paid consultant for T-Mobile and quite honestly I am not, however, I am a satisfied customer with the company. I came to T-Mobile after purchasing an unlocked iPhone 5 through Apple. I had been a customer with Verizon for over 5 years, but the change over, I have to say was seamless. No pushy sales people or hidden fees, just a solid take it or leave it unlimited data, talk and text plan, free of contract.

So basically, if you have an older iPhone, and you want to upgrade to a new iPhone or you've never owned one at all, now my friend is the time to hop aboard T-Mobile's "Simple Choice" wagon. There is really nothing to lose as the company is doing everything it can to give customers what they want without any hassle, including a brand new iPhone 5, 4S or 4 cheaper than an be found anywhere. Period. T-Mobile's all in and it's all about the customer.

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