iPad 5 release date rumor mill is in high gear, as iMore shares today that the iPad 5 could arrive in less than a month. Citing an "April-ish" release date, iMore believes the iPad 5 will precede the next iteration of the iPhone - iPhone 5S, slated for an early summer release. Of course with this news we also know it is likely the iPad Mini 2 could come right in line with big brother devices iPad 5. Still while other sources believe the iPad 5 release is certainly on its way, not everyone is quite so optimistic for this April-ish release.

In fact, around the same time iMore published it's report with the early release date, iDigiTimes was found writing another line of thinking: One that would project the iPad 5 release for later in the year. According to iDigiTimes,

"Volume production of the fifth-generation iPad will kick off in July-August 2013 ... Yield rates for key components, especially touch panels, will be a major concern for smooth production ..."

With this in mind sounds as though they are expecting an early Fall release. More evidence, however, emerged today which points to the fact iMore's estimate may be closer to the target.

iPad 3 Prices Slashed: Another Sign iPad 5 Is On Its Way?

According to TechnoBuffalo, Wednesday several major retailers slashed prices dramatically on iPad 3.

"Wal-Mart, Best Buy and MacMall initiated clearance sales, reducing their 3rd-generation iPad and current iPad mini prices roughly 30% across the board."

In addition iDigitalTimes reports, the following:

"Best Buy is selling the 16GB third generation iPad at $314, a drop from $449.The 32GB version, which was earlier priced at $549, is now being sold at $384. This means the entry level price of a third generation iPad is lesser than that of an iPad Mini."

With these sudden price reductions on older iPad models, one would be very tempted to believe the iPad 5 release date has got to be just around the corner. Perhaps even within the month.

It seems we're not the only ones who are thinking this as Fox anchor Clayton Morris also commented to this effect in a recent Branch Chat.

"I've been hearing rumblings of an April event for sometime now, as I'm sure we all have and ... spring has traditionally been iPad season."

iPad 5 Specs Rumors: Lighter, Smaller Bezel, Gaming Vibration Features and More

In terms of specs rumors, some popular ones which have resurfaced this week are that the new iPad 5 would be lighter and thinner and more like its newer smaller cousin the iPad mini.

Though many will welcome a lighter iPad 5, still not everyone is convinced the smaller bezel will be beneficial. According to Product Reviews, the change could equal unseen hardware issues.

"Some of you might wonder why Apple has not done this before, but you have to consider that keeping with the same size display and reducing the bezel will mean the entire tablet will need to be reduced in size. While this [a smaller bezel] may seem like a good idea, you have to remember this will cause all sorts of hardware issues, with the battery being one of them. Apple's rivals must have thought the same thing; because when you look at most 10-inch Android tablets they all have rather larger bezels, which means a lot of wasted space."

Though the author makes a decent point, somehow I think Apple could manage to pull it off if so desired.

Another spec rumor re-circulated by iDigiTimes on Tuesday is that the new iPad 5's display is expected to be by LG and Sharp. Of course this is not new news to us as it has been several months now Sharp was rumored to be making Apple screens for both the iPad 5 and the next iPhone-presumably the iPhone 5S. The best part about Sharp being the possible screen provider is that with Sharp's IGZO display technology, less power is used over all, making the battery life longer. This is a good thing considering retina displays certainly take their toll on our battery packs. I for one would be happy to see an upgrade to display specs, particularly if a side effect is improved battery life.

The final iPad 5 release date rumor we gathered today was a reltively new one and involves a new feature for the iPad 5 and iPhone 5S as well - one which the gaming fans should enjoy. It seems a recent patent was filed for a set of vibration and notification features could be coming to the new device, to inform gamers of messages during an intense gaming session.

Though this feature has been available a while now in Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 it looks like Apple is hoping to bring the same feature to its iOS gamers in the iPad 5.

According to the patents the new vibration notification feature that will let iPad 5 games know that somebody is trying to contact them. This could be via an iMessage, an email or even a gaming related notification based on the app that you are currently playing.

While all we have for now is rumor to go on, and with WWDC 2013 just a couple months away, safe to say we should be seeing something new coming out of Apple very soon, be it the iPad 5 release, the iPhone 5S or even the iPad Mini 2.


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