When is the iPhone 6 release date? Will the iPhone 5S arrive this summer? What will iOS 7 be like? These are questions people can't stop asking this year as Apple fanboys across the web search and wonder what to expect in the next iPhone. One thing none of them want to hear however is we could possibly see a delay in the iPhone 6 or 5S release dates and well, T-Mobile's iPhone5 sales could very well be to blame.

Despite the fact we don't stop hearing rumors concerning the iPhone 5S and 6 and even in light of the fact Apple [AAPL] is rumored to begin iPhone 6 production this month for launch in summer, still, I think we won't see the day we hope for till the Fall or possibly even later.

Okay, so before you begin throwing tomatoes at me, hear me out.

iPhone 5 Pre-Order Open at T-Mobile: Could iPhone 6 Release Be Delayed Like iPhone 4S?

It's been less than a week since T-Mobile announced the long-awaited release of the iPhone 5 on its network free of contract. The smartphone will make its debut with T-Mobile in just a few days, on Thursday, April 12th. Pre-Orders began for the iPhone 5 on Friday. 

With this sudden development, in my mind, there is no way in the world the iPhone 5S could arrive in May or June as any number of rumors are asserting. I mean really-think about it. iPhone 5 will debut at T-Mobile contract free and with an easy $99 down and $20 a month for two years till the phone is paid off. I'm gonna tell you, I bet T-Mobile's sales are about to go through the roof on that one. I myself am a pretty thrifty person and it took me until this year to break down and buy a smart phone, but if I had seen a deal like that a year ago, I'd of jumped on board much sooner.

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The point I'm making is, it would be in the best interest of both Apple and T-Mobile to wait a bit before releasing an iPhone 5S or Phone 6, just to see what sales may come through the new T-Mobile plan.

If people think a more updated "next" iPhone release is just around the corner, there is a good chance they'll hold out for that.

So how long of a delay could we be talking on the release of the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6?

Well, my guess is, at least 6 months. I mean really it would only be fair to see how T-Mobile and this new "un-plan" pans out. Plus, in looking back on past decisions Apple has made regarding release dates, there is some evidence the delay could be a reality. After all, when Verizon took it's time releasing the iPhone 4, if you recall, the iPhone 4S release was moved from summer to Fall 2011.


(If you ordered the T-Mobile iPhone 5 and are wondering "When will I receive my pre-ordered iPhone 5 from T-Mobile", according to the site, shipping starts April 12th so it shouldn't long to see it in the mail. T-Mobile offers a 16GB iPhone 5 on its Simple Choice plan, for an easy $99 down and $20 per month for two years or $579.99 outright. T-Mobile will also feature the iPhone 4S, which costs $69.99 upfront and $20 a month and the iPhone 4 at $14.99 plus a $15 a month. iPhone 4 and 4S cannot be ordered through T-Mobile. Curious how to pre-order the iPhone 5? Visit T-Mobile.com for details. )   


Of course my thinking sorta collides with what most analysts are telling us, including Gene Munster of Piper Jaffrey. According to Munster via CBS,

"Apple will likely bring out its next iPhone in late June ...

Assuming that forecast comes true, Munster believes Apple will sell 4 million units of the new phone before the month and the quarter are over. That estimate compares with the 5 million iPhone 5 handsets sold during that model's opening weekend."

It's pretty obvious iPhone 5 sales will likely go through the roof with TMobile as its latest carrier, but in my mind, we won't see an iPhone 6 release this summer-possibly not even the iPhone 5S. More likely we'll be looking for the iPad Mini 2 or the iPad 5. In fact, some reports have claimed as much with Apple preparing for it's 6th anniversary selling iDevices.

Will WWDC 2013 Feature iPhone 5S?

WWDC is coming in June and we could see the unveiling of the iPhone 5S, but by the same token, I almost wonder if Apple might switch it up a bit, skipping the iPhone 5S altogether and releasing the iPhone 6 with iOS 7 which could very well be featured at WWDC 2013 as was the case with iOS 6 last summer.

If iPhone 5S comes, or rather if the release is in the summer, then what it will likely embody is the cheap economy version. I mean this is all we've heard about for months -- that Apple will be bringing an economy iPhone to the international masses in order to try to capture that market. This too would give them time to work on something to "wow" users in the next iPhone.

Though personally I think Apple has nothing to worry about in terms of the market, still, with companies like Samsung and HTC going all out to woo the masses, working on something outside the box of gimmicky features would be their best bet.

(iPhone 6 could offer much improved graphic performance with battery life enhancements, as Imagination Technologies extends its range of licensable Series6 GPU cores (Rogue). via ComputerWorld)

Of course only time will tell what happens with the iPhone 6 or 5S. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 6? Will the release be delayed? Will iPhone 5S release date precede it? Share your thinking in the comments below.


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iPhone 6 Display Specs, Features and Other Release Date Rumors Rounded Up [VIDEO] Published 3/22/13

 iPhone 6 release date rumors, as we predicted last week, have skyrocketed as everyone know the 2nd and third quarter are typically ruled by Apple's latest iPhone, iPad and other iOS offerings. Last year the hype over the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini release date was out of this world and this year looks to be no different for the iPhone 6, iPad Mini and iPad 5 release dates. So many rumors and concpet videos have surfaced and resurfaced this week concerning the possible specs and features to be found in the iPhone 6 that we thought we'd take the time to round them up for you and offer our thumbs up or thumbs down.

iPhone 6 Specs Rumor 1: New Display Screen Design By Sharp

The first sizzling iPhone 6 spec rumor fresh off the press is that Sharp Corp. is working on new display technology which would yield an eight times higher level of sensitivity to the capacitive touch screen found on Apple's next iPhone. The technology is made specifically for 5-inch smartphone displays to 60-inch for HDTV, adding one more nudge to the rumor that the iPhone 6 would feature a larger screen size. The screen is said to be sensitive enough that users could scribble notes on the screen with just an ordinary pen or pencil.

This report comes from Patently Apple, a website that stays abreast of latest patents submitted by Apple. In looking at the new patents, a larger more responsive touchscreen is not all that's been seen. It also looks as though Apple filed for its own rendition of the S-Pen stylus similar to the one found with the Samsung Note 2. Here are what the patents say the features of the stylus will be: 1) Ability to open most used app in the device. 2) Ability to switch into camera/scanner mode, allowing users to read bar codes. 3.) Ability to create one's own unique password with a motion or gesture.

My take on these patents... okay I guess, but I for one probably wouldn't use those features. Perhaps someone in a business or logistics line of work could profit from a scanning wand of sorts to accompany their iPhone 6 but for me, I'd prefer it as an add-on, not a stock feature.

iPhone 6 Specs Rumor 2: Built-In Projectors and Laser Keyboard

The built-in projector spec rumor for the iPhone 6 came to us from a concept video which surfaced a couple months back, featuring Apple's smartphone as something truly revolutionary. Upon placing the iPhone 6 on a flat surface two projectors display a keyboard in front of you and a full sized screen on the wall. This kind of technology, albeit complete speculation and dreamwork right now, could just be the thing to get everyone excited and lining up to buy Apple's iPhone 6 upon release. Imagine, no need for a desktop computer any longer. You could seriously carry it in your pocket if this concept were to be developed.

I give this rumor a definite thumbs up for innovation but about a thousand-to-one chance of actually coming to fruition.

iPhone 6 Specs Rumor 3: Higher End Processor, New Chip

Of course we all know with each new smartphone a more amazing processor with faster clock speeds is always expected and so the expectations for the iPhone 6 should be no different. DigiTimes, has been the center of this rumor as usual, stating that Apple's A7 processor is purportedly in the final stages of design and therefore production could begin in May or June. According to iDigiTimes, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will "tape out Apple's A7 processor on a 20nm process in March," which basically means the circuit design is nearly complete and will likely ship in 2014 with the iPhone 6.

Pretty safe to say this rumor will pan out as it's definitely time for a processor update.

iPhone 6 Specs Rumor 4: Improved Camera, FaceTime 3D Video Conferencing

An improved camera seems to be on the specs upgrade list of every new smartphone that comes along so the iPhone 6 is no exception. Recent rumors say that the iPhone 6 camera will be upgraded and capable of taking "Super HD" pictures... whatever that means. In addition, we've heard stirrings that Apple is working on improving its FaceTime stepping it up into the 3D video calls and video conferencing realm. The technology, known as Synchronized, Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) Displays would allow numerous deviced to be linked together for ive 3d calling and information sharing.

Here's what PatentlyApple, had to say about the new camera technology.

"The granted patent is about a device that can receive live video of a real-world, physical environment on a touch sensitive surface. One or more objects can be identified in the live video,"

Perhaps I'm missing the point here, but this is another item that just seems a little bit gimmicky and not really a feature I would care about all that much. But then I've never been a huge fan of 3D movies either so, maybe it's just a personal preference. In honor of these imporved camera rumors a new concept video of the iPhone 6 by designer Arthur Reis has surfaced on YouTube and is getting some attention.

The concept smartphone features a new Home button covering the entire bottom of the device - like a TrackPad on a computer -- and a Pro iSight camera that delivers 12MP and f/1.8 aperture. In addition the concpet video imagines an iPhone capable of surviving 12m drops, scratches and can survive up to 10m underwater.

This is one feature I'd happily take with my new iPhone 6 upon release.

iPhone 6 Specs Rumor 5: Fingerprint Recognition and NFC

The idea of fingerprint recognition seems to still as hot a topic as it was last time around in the iPhone 5. This time however, it seems very likely that both fingerprint recognition and NFC (near field communication) capabilities, will be featured in the upcoming iPhone 6. A recent report in The China Times, states that Taiwanese firm Chipbond will provide chips that would allow NFC to be possible in the new Apple device.

In addition to providing chips for NFC in the iPhone 6 the same company, ChipBond has also purportedly secured a contract with Apple in which they would supply touch screen capabilities for  fingerprint sensors in the iPhone 6 or 5S. This in concert with the NFC capabilities would allow for mobile payment while to enhancing security and providing a way to authenticate payments.

This is one feature I truly hope pans out as I absolutely love the ability to use my phone for payment at places like Starbucks. It'd be great to have this ability everywhere as most certainly my phone goes with me more places than even my wallet does. The electronic equivalent would be an incredible improvement to my life for sure.

iPhone 6 Specs Rumor 5: Varied Colors, Sizes and Prices

Well this year there has been all kinds of talk about the iPhone 6 possibly coming in a variety of colors outside the standard black and white. At least this is what analyst Brian White says. According to the Topeka analyst, "Apple is preparing a new iPhone in multiple colors and sizes." In addition, White feels certain the iPhone 6 models will come in three different sizes- the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Mini and an iPhone 6 XL. One of these could be potentially the budget iPhone we've heard so much about of late. I don't know about you, but to me the thought of a red or green iPhone just seems a little odd. It's not really a feature that brings anything special to smartphone and I for one would be happy to do without it. Though differing sizes could be a possibility, I'm more inclined to think differing prices will be the case and two sizes max. To be honest, every part of this rumor seems bogus, but I guess only time will tell.

iPhone 6 Specs Rumor 6: Wireless Charging

The rumor that the iPhone 6 and other devices such as the iPad 5 will contain wireless charging capabilities is fairly widespread, and one I think it a pretty good possibility. Apple has already been found submitting patents for the iPad Smart Cover which would hold not only battery cells, it would also allow for wireless charging capabilities as well as possible solar power charging. Now this is one rumor I can totally get behind and I could really see as a possibility Though in reality I'd be just really happy to see a smartphone that could hold charge for more than a day, solor charging might be just enough to make me smile for the time being. This is one iPhone 6 release date rumor I hope comes to fruition

Though there are still plenty of other rumors out there, these are probably some of the favorites, some more plausible than others. It's still way to early to know what exactly to expect from the iPhone 6 in terms of specs and features, but for now at least we can entertain ourselves with thoughts of what "could be"