The iPhone 5S release date 2013 is on its way and the iPhone5 and Steve Jobs will be its inspiration. Wednesday morning, the Washington Post reported that production on the new iPhone will begin shortly, as insider sources claims the second quarter is when production will begin. This sounds about right as earlier this month we heard reports that Apple was planning a celebration of six years of Apple smartphones. However, one thing that probably won't be present is much inspiration from Tim Cook.
Though numerous rumors concerning the  iPhone 5S release date in 2013 or iPhone 6 have swirled throughout the internet, today's report seems to have reinforced some of them while discounting others. Here is a quick round up of what to expect in the next iteration of the iPhone.

iPhone 5S: Same body as iPhone5 ... only different

According to recent reports, it's very likely the next iPhone will strongly resemble the iPhone5. According to Michael Foulkes of the San Francisco Examiner, before his death, Steve Jobs' hand was in the design of both the iPhone5 and its sequel, the iPhone 5S and possibly even the iPhone 6. 

The reports came after San Francisco District attorney, George Gascon inquired about upcoming features of the next iPhone. It seems Gascon is interested in having a say in the innovation on the next Apple smartphone, hoping the company will consider creating a theft -proof device which would lose functionality if reported stolen. This suggestion comes due to the large amount of robberies in which an iPhone5 was involved.

Unfortunately, however, it seems the iPhone 5S release date in 2013 or even the iPhone 6, will likely not see the anti-theft mechanism as according to Foulkes,  the next two devices were already planned prior to Tim Cook becoming CEO of Apple.

So what will we see different from the iPhone5 when the iPhone 5S releases?

Well, first of all we can expect that if production is to begin this second quarter, there is  a good chance we will see a release date toward the end of that quarter -- in other words, June could very likely be our date. 

Rumors continue to swirl that the next iPhone will feature a variety of color choice similar to those available for the Lumia series, however, no solid proof has emerged.

Probably the biggest and most substantiated rumor we have heard to date for the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 is that varied sized and pricing options will become available. On the lobal economy front, a cheaper iPhone made of more economical materials could be an excellent plan for boosting Apple's international market sales as competitors such as the Nexus, Lumia and even the Galaxy S4 or HTC One vie for Apple's share of the market. More than once we've heard the rumor that a budget iPhone similar in design to the iPhone5 with a 4 inch screen will emerge. 

In addition, we can expect some upgrade will likely be present to improve speeds of the CPU. Major upgrades however, such as the fingerprint sensors or 3D Facetime conferencing will likely wait until the iPhone 6 release date, presumed to be early sometime in 2014.

Though know one truly knows what to expect in the iPhone 5S release date in 2013, one thing is certain. It will likely not be much of a big step up from the iPhone5.


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Check out these latest iPhone 5S and 6 Rumors!

iPhone 6, 5S Release Date Rumor 1: Home Button without Fingerprint Sensor

the iPhone 6, 5S has been rumored to feature NFC and a fingerprint sensor, however if the leaked photos we saw last week are accurate, this may not be the case. (Photo: screenshot

So everyone has been in a tizzy believing that the iPhone 5S or 6 may be featuring some kind of "killer" feature that would place the phone on top of the competition and with that, rumors have been spreading that this featured spec would be NFC capability and a fingerprint sensors. It seems pretty logical that NFC would likely be a feature included in the next iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 and there are some reports to support this. According to The China Times, Taiwanese firm Chipbond will provide chips that would allow NFC to be possible in the new Apple device.

In addition to providing chips for NFC in the iPhone 6 the same company, ChipBond has also purportedly secured a contract with Apple in which they would also supply touch screen capabilities for  fingerprint sensors in the iPhone 6 or 5S. This in concert with the NFC capabilities would allow for mobile payment while to enhancing security and providing a way to authenticate payments.

However, some of those hopes were dashed late last week as leaked photos emerged which purportedly showed the Home button for the iPhone 5S as well as a new vibration button. The images were posted to a Japanese forum and publicized by NWE, and one thing all noted is that though there are some changes from the Home button of the iPhone 5, it seems pretty clear that if this is indeed the iPhone 5S hoe button, that a fingerprint sensor will not be included. Of course it could be that this technology is still being developed and will arrive when the iPhone 6 release date does, still it's a little disappointing.

iPhone 6, 5S Release Date Rumor 2: Indoor Mapping via WiFiSLAM

The internet has been buzzing with a new iPhone 6 rumor this Monday morning as it seems Apple has paid $20 million for an indoor location tracking start-up WifiSLAM. After the debacle the Apple iOS 6 maps feature was, this acquisition suggests the company may be working on more accurate location-based services for all iOS devices.

Though mapping may seem like nothing special in a smartphone these days as pretty much everyone on the market does incorporate some form of GPS, one of the problems with the technology is that it doesn't work so well inside of buildings. This new WiFiSLAM technology could take advantage of WiFi if you're trying to find your way around busy crowded places like shopping malls, convention centers and other places where GPS pretty much dies.

Some reports speculate that the company's upcoming iPhone 6 could receive indoor location capabilities. With Google hot on its heels having worked for the last year on similar technologies, this is one innovation Apple probably needs to make a reality in order to stay up with the completion upon the release of the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6, 5S Release Date Rumor 3: Ultra Sensitive Sharp Touchscreen

Sony's ultra-sensitive touchscreen may be featured on the iPhone 6, 5S when it releases. Photos emerged today via Patently Apple, showcasing the technology. (Photo: PatentlyApple)

This iPhone 6 spec rumor just emerged last week and has been gaining some ground as it seems Sharp Corp. is working on new display technology which would yield an eight times higher level of sensitivity to the capacitive touch screen found on Apple's next iPhone. The technology is made specifically for 5-inch smartphone displays to 60-inch for HDTV, adding one more nudge to the rumor that the iPhone 6 would feature a larger screen size. The screen is said to be sensitive enough that users could scribble notes on the screen with just an ordinary pen or pencil.

The original report came to Apple fanboys from Patently Apple, a website that stays abreast of latest patents submitted by Apple. In looking at the new patents, a larger more responsive touchscreen.

Now on Monday, images of the ultra-sensitive touchscreen by Sharp have surfaced as well on the Patently Apple website, fuelling the rumors that Apple will be using the technology upon the release of the iPhone 6. According to PatentlyApple, the new technology will allow Apple to drastically reduce the display's thickness, possibly making the iPhone 6 the lightest Apple smartphone yet. According to Patently Apple, production of the new displays began on March 15, 2013 so it's very likely this will be the face of the new iPhone 6 though it probably won't we ready in time for the iPhone 5S release date,

iPhone 6, 5S Release Date Rumor 4: June or July Release of Budget iPhone

This rumor refuses to die and has surfaced again this week that Apple is looking to release the iPhone 5S in June or July along with a new iPhone that is cheaper-in a word a "budget" model.

According to analyst Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets the cheaper iPhone will lack Apple's trademark 'Retina' screen. Here is what the report noted:

"Our supply-chain checks indicate that AAPL is working to launch multiple new phones in the June/July time-frame this year. Specifically, AAPL will launch the iPhone5s and a more affordable but lower-end iPhone at the same time, in either late CYQ2 or early Q3. The low-end iPhone will have the same 4" form factor as the iPhone5 but will have plastic casing and no retina display. With a lower price-point, AAPL will be able to target a growing and important part of the Smartphone market (sub-$400 price-band)."

Many believe that the cheaper iPhone will have a polycarbonate body and run about $300 dollar cutting the iPhone 5 price in half. In addition other reports have stated that Apple may use Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC for low-cost iPhone, instead of its own processors, allowing for the price to be kept low on that front as well.

Other iPhone 6, 5S Release Date Rumors

Of course there have been numerous other rumors to suface concerning what specs will be present in the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 when released, including the following:

  •  A variety of colors
  •  A variety of sizes
  •  Eyetracking technology
  •  Wireless or solar charging
  •  Megapixel camera
  •  iPhone projector with laser keyboard and screen.
  •  Improved 4G LTE network support worldwide.