The HTC One US release date at Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile is scheduled for April and has been a hot topic since its February 19th unveiling in NYC. As we prepared ourselves for the HTC's flagship to appear we were disappointed to discover the touted March 15th release date wouldn't actually come to pass as problems with the new ultra pixel camera seemed to stall the debut.

Monday however, some news emerged that we all excited to hear. According to a leaked insider tip via Engadget, Thursday April 4th is the day AT&T will begin its pre-sales for a rumored HTC One 32 GB  US release date of April 5th and finally consumers are able to see first hand the HTC One's pricing, specs and features in person.

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The tip came in the form of a photograph of an internal system at AT&T. The photograph shows white and black HTC One smartphones will be available at the mobile retailer in a 32GB versions pricing coming in at $249.99 with a contract. There is also a 64GB model that will be available at a later time and cost $299.99 with contract.

Though the HTC One 32GB model will be available at numerous retailers, including T-Mobile and Sprint,  if you were hoping to get your hands on the 64 GB model, you may be disappointed to find choice in carriers is limited. According to a video that surfaced on AT&T's official YouTube page, the HTC One 64 GB model will see a release exclusively with AT&T.

Of course many within the tech world wonder if this is a wise move on the part of HTC - releasing the HTC One 64GB version exclusively with AT&T. In the words of writer Kevin Tofel

"I'm still not a fan of exclusives on handsets or specific configurations of them: I see no benefit to the consumer, just to the carrier with the exclusive. I'm guessing that some folks won't be happy about this news as they'd prefer to have the option between a 32 GB and 64 GB HTC One on the network operator of choice ... I don't think this move will help HTC sell more phones, which is something the company desperately needs to do. Instead, it could lose some customers to a 64 GB version of Samsung's Galaxy S 4 - or even a lower capacity GS4 since it has a memory expansion slot ..."

And indeed these words ring true, for though the HTC flagship certainly comes with some impressive features, with the Galaxy S4 release date through T-Mobile on May 5th hot on its heels, HTC may have made a move they will later regret.

I mean the company has a lot riding on this one phone, and I do mean A LOT.

Last year HTC held less than 5% of the mobile market and it is rumored this may be some of the delay in the HTC One's release. Problems with producing components for the ultrapixel camera have been cited but some insider reports claim that this is because the company is no longer considered a "tier-one" customer by parts suppliers. In the last yea,r HTC had problems with unreliable orders during due to a sales slump. The HTC One truly needs to get itself out there ahead of the Galaxy S4 release and in my opinion, should have made itself more widely available for its upper tier model.

As impressive as the HTC One is, consumers nowadays value choice, and deciding to restrict choices when competing models offer a multitude could seriously harm a product's competitive power.. CEO Peter Chou in particular has a lot to lose if HTC One's release date doesn't take off. According to various reports, if the HTC One doesn't take off, he's already said he will resign.

HTC One Specs and Features

Still for those who are willing to wait, what the HTC One will bring to the table is something pretty spectacular indeed. Upon release the phone will be available in "Glacier Silver" and "Stealth Black."

The HTC One sports a 468-pixels-per-inch, 1080p display, a 1.7-GHz quad-core processor, two gigabytes of memory, and a nice 2300mAh battery.

The camera however is what has folks truly salivating as the company has decided not to go with the flow and just amp up megapixels instead it's decided to go for "ultrapixels." Untrapixels increase individual pixel size, reducing noise and allowing for premium low-light performance. Though the competitor Galaxy S4 boasts a 13-megapixel shot, The HTC One's four-megapixel images are superior to anything on the market. In the past HTC One has always beat out competitors like the iPhone5 and the Galaxy SIII in camera performance, and this iteration of the HTC One stands to be no different.

In addition, HTC One brings a lot of fun with special features like "Zoe" which turns pictures into three seconds of video that can be stitched together into a memorable slideshow of sorts. There is also a Flipboard-like app called Blinkfeed, allowing a live stream of social network news, normal news, and app alerts in colorful panels.

What ever happens with the HTC One release date, remains to be seen but I think Thursday should be an exciting day for both consumers and the HTC One smartphone company alike.


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