iPhone 6 release date -- anyone who follows the rumor mill of the tech world knows the debut of Apple's iPhone 6 will be one of the most anticipated events of 2013 and it seems display specs are what people are most curious about in the iPhone 6. The flagship Apple smartphone will likely not be available until 2014 already the rumor mill is stirring. Indeed we know the iPhone 5S will most certainly arrive before iPhone 6 but still, with the S series often comes minimal changes to hardware and therefore it is always the next number iteration people are vying to know more about. We've heard a lot of rumors being kicked around-rumors like varied colors, fingerprint recognition, wireless charging capability and improved camera specs for the iPhone 6. In addition, rumors of new chip providers and

Though our guess is as good as yours as to when the release date for the iPhone 6 will be and what new and exciting features and specs will be included, here are the latest pair of rumors to emerge over the weekend. Then if you want to learn more about possible specs and features, check out the additional article links and the end.

Okay so what's the latest on the iPhone 6 release date? Well here are the top three rumors, features and display specs details to emerge this weekend:

iPhone 6 Rumor 1: Features 1080p Full Retina+ HD Display

Okay so this iPhone 6 rumor is hot off the presses and people are eating it up. Just last month we heard Jefferies analyst Peter Misek predicting that a Retina+ Sharp IGZO display for the iPhone 6 could be a possibility but we had kind of forgot about it in lieu of the more recent rumors that if Apple does go with the Sharp display for the iPhone 6 it will likely feature a super sensitive screen which could be written on with a regular pen or pencil. The screen is meant to be sophisticated enough to recognize handwriting placing it right up there in competition with the popular Galaxy Note Tablet's that come equipped with the trademark S Pen. In addition to adding this supersensitive writing surface, however, it seems apple has gotten the message that all the newer phones are also upping the ante in the display department. As we have seen with both the reveal of the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, both phones are coming with the full 1080p HD display. If Apple intends to keep up with the competition, the Retina display that was once considered primo is now just mediocre and may need a bit of an upgrade. As a result it looks pretty likely that the iPhone 6 will feature a newly updated Retina+ HD display in 1080 p.

We know Apple has been testing numerous iPhone 6 concepts and prototypes so the idea of a higher resolution Retina display for the iPhone 6 and a Retina+ HD display wouldn't be at all far fetched.

The iPhone 5S is rumored to release this summer along with the iPad 5 but for those looking for these updated features, it's likely they'll be waiting for 2014 and the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Rumor 2: Wrap Around 3D Display

The next really hot iPhone 6 rumor making its rounds now is that future iPhone could feature a wraparound display.

That's right, according to, a recent patent application by Apple, a full wraparound display with no buttons could be in the works for the iPhone 6. The patent calls for an enclosed "transparent housing," with a flexible display panel so content could be displayed from any part of the iPhone 6 frame.

Here's what the patent application says:

"The majority of portable electronic device manufacturers utilize a common form factor consisting generally of a flat planar form factor with a single surface dedicated mainly for use as a display surface, while the other surfaces remain largely unused, save for the occasional button or switch."

So what does this mean exactly? Well it could mean the iPhone 6 will include two AMOLED screens. With the use of AMOLED and the flexible panel users might be looking at an effect, which could be much like 3D. This seems to fall right in line with other rumors we heard recently that an updated camera and 3D Facetime conference calling was being toyed with for the iPhone 6. The patent goes on to say that touch replace buttons entirely so you can say goodbye to those. Here is what the patent says exactly on that point:

"Instead of the hold button a multi touch gesture along one of the sides could instead act as a method of locking and unlocking the hold function."

With features like this, it seems Apple is looking to make an innovation comeback in the iPhone 6. Only time will tell though. It's still a long way yet till 2014 and the release date of the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Rumor 3: Features Two Display Sizes

The final rumor that has been circulating a while but for different reasons is that the iPhone 6 will come in two display sizes. For me, a long time Apple lover, I really hope this is the case. The iPhone 5 has certainly received its share of criticism for being behind the curve on screen sizes and now with Galaxy S4 coming onto the scene sporting a 5-inch screen and the HTC One 4.7 inch screen that everyone is raving about, Apple may just need to make a major upgrade to the 4-inch screen the iPhone 5 is currently sporting.

If the new Sharp screen ends up being the face of the iPhone 6 then certainly we could be looking at a 5 inch or above display. For some of us though we're not exactly fond of the idea of trying to cram a phablet into a pocket. Certainly I'd be happy with a larger screen but let's not go overboard.

If our hunch is correct the market is probably pretty split on whether the screen should see a significant increase or not, leading many to believe the iPhone 6 will debut with two screen sizes to choose from.

Of course as we know all this iPhone 6 rumor mill concerning display specs, release date and other features are just here say for now, but either way, it's fun to explore the possibilities and hope that they all come true at the release of the iPhone 6.


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