Say goodbye to sunny Carly Foulkes , as the "T-Mobile Girl". The official icon since 2010 got ditched this week, shortly after the announcement that the iPhone5, HTC One and Galaxy S4 would debut on the mobile carriers network, contract-free.

"As T-Mobile un-leashes its bold new plans to reinvent the way people purchase wireless, we'll be launching a new brand and advertising campaign to clearly show consumers how T-Mobile is shaking up the restrictive industry model ... [we're] offering consumers a simple choice ... the company told the Huffington Post recently.

Of course, it only makes since that with such drastic changes to the mobile service providers plans, devices and service options that the marketing strategy would likely undergo a change as well, Sadly for T-Mobile's poster girl, getting ditched is just one of the messy details.

In an interview with Business Insider Thursday, T-Mobile stated that "The current campaign will not feature the character of the T-Mobile Girl, however, she is still a part of the company's brand family."

Wow, so your part of the family Carly, we just really don't want you to show your face anymore. Nice.

Some speculate that this odd separation while remaining connected to the family of T-Mobile could mean they haven't ditched the T-Mobile girl entirely. That in fact, she could serve as a kind of back-up plan in case the new marketing strategy just doesn't pan out.

Still, most time when a character is retired, according to Business Insider, it means there really isn't any coming back.

Though the T-Mobile girl made her debut back in 2010, unfortunately it appears she was terribly effective. While she's certainly attractive enough, the T-Mobile girl wasn't doing enough to raise awareness about the company or more importantly why people should consider it as their mobile provider.

According to an e-poll conducted by the Business Insider, after 3 years on the air, only 16% of participants even knew who she was-ouch, not the greatest stats are they?

If an icon does nothing at all, it should at the least raise awareness about a brand and unfortunately little Carly Foulkes just wasn't able to do that. This likely is the reason the mobile carrier T-Mobile chose to ditch the little lady in their new campaign. According to T-Mobile's webpage they've left the "clueless cell phone company building" and are headed on to bigger an better things.

"We're shooting from the hip and think you're gonna love our cage-rattling approach." A T-Mobile spokesperson told the Huffington Post.

And a rattling one indeed as starting in April T-Mobile will be offering the iPhone 5, and the HTC One, to be joined by the Galaxy S4 in May. All three phones will be available on a contract free plan and can be purchased with just $99 down and $20 a month for two years to pay the phone off. This T-Mobile un-plan is one of the best ideas we've heard in a long time and when coupled with three of the hottest smartphones on the market, it's hard to see how it could fail.

But for now, be have to say our goodbye to Carly Foulkes, the old face of T-Mobile. Though the girl's been ditched she's still keeping things sunny. I'm sure with a face like that it wont be the last we'll see of her.


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